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3 wins in 21 games 10 conceded in the last four games 7 yellow cards today ...

At what point should the manager be deemed as unfit for the post ?



  • It's actually 10 conceded in our last 3 League games. Personally i can't see things changing if we don't do something soon,give him until the end of next month and if we are still near the bottom 2 then wave him goodbye.

  • some people would be happy for use to be relegated the old fans would love a conference reunion .

  • The club are still spinning the "it's early days / we have injuries" line, totally ignoring how far back this run stretches. Those of us who pay to watch are long since sick of watching rubbish.

    I'm not advocating sacking Gareth btw, but we all know this problem has deep roots and needs fixing. By the time the injured brigade (assuming they don't then get injured again) return, we could be too far adrift for it to make much difference.

    Plus the disciplinary issue is extremely poor and will come back to haunt us very soon at this rate.

  • I've finally come round to that GA is not the way forward. Who would the gasroom like as a replacement ?

  • There's a lot of unemployed poor ex managers out there so let's be careful, i wouldhate to see Hayes get the job as i reckon it would be the same shit we turn out. IF we do get a new man in it has to be someone who doesn't make his teams play like Stevenage or us for the last couple of seasons. I can't wait to see what names will be put forward.

  • I desperately want GA to succeed and am still prepared to stick by him for now, but it's getting increasingly hard to support him. I think maybe I'm more forgiving because I don't get to go every week and am not having to witness our performances every Saturday. I genuinely can't remember the last time I saw us play well.

    To be fair, I'm not necessarily alarmed at losing to Portsmouth and at least we scored a couple of goals, but it's yet another defeat in a string of poor performances and I am sick to death of seeing/hearing about us time-wasting and deploying cynical tactics and aimless hoofing. It's taking away all enjoyment from our games, even if we do win (which isn't often).

    Will things suddenly improve with Weston and PCH on the wings and Onion Boy in midfield? Maybe, but I'm not hugely confident. It seems unfair to judge GA too much with a third of the squad out, but he has got to find a way to get the players he does have available playing football and getting results, or he may not be around by the time they return.

  • The 7 yellow cards thing is a bit worrying. Must be close to being a record? Either way must be a fine on its way to us.

    Maybe the 20-30strong sweary mob could run the team.
    Big Paul could shout a name out, and then the players that get the least swears or "banter" would automatically form the first 11

  • In response to Mr Bray, I would like Gareth Ainsworth to be manager of Wycombe Wanderers, hopefully for a good few seasons yet.

    I would like a good few "supporters" to be replaced. Does that count?

  • The discipline record has to be improved urgently, as we haven't got money to waste on paying the inevitable league fines for all these bookings. This is ultimately the responsibility of the manager and these costs should be deducted from his salary, but it won't happen!

  • so if we went down you would still want him as manager devc?

  • its September. Most of the first team are injured. The club IMHO is likely to finish in a higher position with GA as manager than anybody else. When times are tough, supporters should support.

  • has been tough for the last few seasons

    1. What happened to Rock n Roll football?
    2. DevC - what are the grounds for your optimism?
    3. In terms of unquestioning support, do you consider your approach to be closer to mindless Maoism or a strict devotion to Stalinism?
  • That will be two fines in space of three weeks. Hopefully the poor fans and volunteers won't be forced to pay out again!

  • The biggest issue I've noticed is the 2nd half drop-offs we have almost consistently had. Something desperately flat is happening at half-time, there's no 'geeing up' that you'd expect from the manager Ainsworth seems to be.

  • So all I have seen of today is the highlights. But...2 good finishes from Hayes today. He never had any pace...he has proved useful in a No. 10 style role as he provides good chances for others. But finishing skills are hard to come by, and L2 strikers are generally shit, if they're on target at all then they're straight at the keeper most of the time.

    So I would like to see a set-up designed to feed Hayes for now, if that's not working after say 70 minutes, then bring on Akinfenwa. No?

  • lets try and keep the door closed at the other end, feed hayes ? get a grip.

  • But in a recent poll wasn't GA voted our 2nd best ever manager?

  • Good point on the second half thing though. We seem to come out extremely flat with what seems like no real game plan.

  • Worst disciplinary record in Div two? According to FA stats, 72 Fouls, 19 bookings so far, yes it's wonder our reputation goes before us. Bound to come back and bite us. Big players out until Christmas and the ones we have will be suspended by then! We are being undermined by the way we play, how we play and the gamesmanship and tactic's we play. Sorry, but something has to change. That means the manager or he changes everything, now.

  • 3pens in 2games it seems the discipline is non exsistant in every sense

  • So let's sum up .3 wins on 21, lousy cynical football which isn't even effective, hence 3 wins in 21.players who seem to get injured at the drop of a hat (lousy training methods?) but serve as the managers only excuse for the appalling playing record.Poor disciplinary record which will mean even more players absent,thus giving the manager even more excuses for more defeats.the lousy hoof ball which isn't even effective will mean less pay on the gate customers as who's going to watch such rubbish.. So diminishing gate money followed by relegation ,The argument about not being able to afford to sack the manager should be outweighed by we can't afford not to.

  • What did we play like yesterday, was it hoofball again?

  • The AH / GA love-in is hard to sustain in the face of stats like those. GA seems to have put last season down as history and is only looking at August as year zero. If only i could expunge January to May so easily.

  • I've given up believing anything Ainsworth says. He's now in the deluded stage of his time in charge of us. Pinning your budget and hopes on players with flacky injury records was always risky and I never had the same optimism for this season as others seem to have had.

    I really hope he turns it around but he needs to want to and have the ability to do it. At least letting loads of goals in is a different plan.

  • Ainsworth squad planning for the left back spot ? With Joe Jacobson suffering from a back and other injury problems and a dip in form since last Christmas, it seems very strange that no cover was brought in.
    It's clear Gaz doesn't trust Sam Wood to fill the role that he often did at the start of his WWFC career, so the only option it appears is to shuffle the predominantly right footed Sido across to left back.
    It's hard to argue for Ainsworth's tactical or planning strategy, where the only requirement seems to be workrate and effort.

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