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    September 22
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    September 21
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    September 15
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    September 12
  • bs22chairboy

    Just sat here reading the fixture list and it still seems unreal to see our name in the championship been a Wycombe fan for 40 years and never been so proud to support our wonderful club

    September 12
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    September 8
  • ValleyWanderer

    Ref: PL Fantasy League. Did you partake of an apology or participate in one there Mike?πŸ˜‰ You must be from the wrong side of the train tracks!

    September 8
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    September 6
  • OakwoodExile

    You really need to pick up some simple IT skills. If you PM me (reply to this), we could set up a video call and I could show you a couple of simple things. Like how to post a link

    August 7
    • micra
      Morning @OakwoodExile
      Typically, I’ve only chanced upon your message just now.
      I would very much welcome a chance to learn a few basics.
      Never too old β€˜n’ all that! πŸ™„
  • perfidious_albion

    It’s all back working now, sorry to have bothered you!

    September 3
    • drcongo
      No worries. Couldn't see anything wrong with your account, so just a blip maybe.
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    September 1
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