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Tottenham priority ticketing structure



  • Its a very significant change because now its possible that no tickets will get to general sale if majority who bought in 1 & 2 come back in window 3 for additional ticket :(

  • Also anyone know if you can buy ticket for collection at WHL ??

  • Yes indeed we were offered that option on the phone today @DublinChairboy

  • 3361 now sold apparently, only 674 remaining

  • This decision to allow people who bought in Windows 1 and 2 another chance to buy again in Window 3 has really screwed people who were waiting for general sale. Made all the more bizarre by the club's reasoning behind the decision on social media, which appears to be a complete lie. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come from the new General Manager.

  • Block 38 row 23, I hope everyone in front of me will be sat down on there hands so I can see and not singing as I get bad migraines

  • You have to feel for fans who cant afford a season ticket, but attend reguarly. The changing of the rules to purchase tkts after they were clearly published is nothing short of shameful.

  • Shame the chance to see a 4th round cup game turns into an utter debarcl.

  • I can accept it "might" have been in our interests to guarantee we sell them quicker with a change of policy on analysing how sales were going.

    BUT, to LIE about it, is incredible scenes.

    Truly incredible.

    To try and write it off as "badly worded", when it's obvious from their original projections on how many tickets would go to general sale is incredible.
    It would take breathtaking naivety to think that next to none of the original Window 1ers would want another to hit those general sale figures

    674 left, i'd wager most will go tomorrow for sure.

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    I'm surprised this is still in the FAQ on the website:

    Q) How many tickets will be available on general sale?
    A) The club anticipates that a minimum of 500 tickets will be available on general sale. If all 2,000 eligible supporters purchase tickets in phases 1&2, then the availability would be approximately along the following lines:

    250 tickets sold in phases 1&2 + 3,500 tickets sold in phase 3 = 250 tickets available on general sale
    500 tickets sold in phases 1&2 + 3,000 tickets sold in phase 3 = 500 tickets available on general sale
    750 tickets sold in phases 1&2 + 2,500 tickets sold in phase 3 = 750 tickets available on general sale
    1,000 tickets sold in phases 1&2 + 2,000 tickets sold in phase 3 = 1,000 tickets available on general sale

  • @Chris , are you the Chris who tried to get the truth out of WWFC official on twitter? Couldn't believe they refused to admit the change

  • @Malone said:
    Chris , are you the Chris who tried to get the truth out of WWFC official on twitter? Couldn't believe they refused to admit the change

    That was an appalling piece of chicanery. You can forgive the odd balls up when trying to do these allocations, but this is a deliberate and shady change of policy that someone doesn't want to explain.

    I'll be surprised if there will be any left for general sale. A couple of less social media savvy STHs I know are going back tomorrow for the 2nd ticket they thought they weren't allowed. And even worse, one of the tickets is going to someone whose last game was (you guessed it) the play-off final v Southend!

  • They bottled it because sales slowed to a dribble due to the lower tier shambles.

  • From day one pretty much everyone here identified that Windows 3 and 4 would be where the rush for tickets occurred. There was never any doubt that we would sell out...

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    @arnos_grove , terrific call, and use of the word chicanery!

    A pal asked me was my second ticket spare as he needed one, and I told him I couldn't get another one! I was slightly surprised he seemed a little surprised at my response.

    Roll on 2 days, and it's very obvious why now!

    I feel a bit guilty now, and have been trying to urgently get in touch with him. Long time supporter, good guy etc.
    Hopefully if he needs one he can still get one, as 674 is getting into last knockings territory.

  • From @DJWYC14 (page 4 of this thread) - "The reason i am confident it will reach general sale is because a fair few fans will buy in windows 1 and 2 and therefore ONLY BE ELIGIBLE TO 1 TICKET."

  • Very disappointed hearing the change in policy today, feel like semi-regular to regular match going supporters who don't have STH mates like myself have been completely ignored.

    Wouldn't have minded missing out on tickets to regulars who have been a bit more than me this season, but suspect under this new policy there will be plenty getting tickets who will just be going along for the day like @Malone has already highlighted. I can't believe the stuff I've read on the Twitter page today either.

    Feel like cancelling my trust membership tonight although I'll probably have gotten over it by the time October/November comes around!

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    I wager we will see the four tickets per person limit originally announced for the general sale window rescinded - maybe one max for non-STHs?

  • From the 13 tickets left on Wednesday, I think I agree mate :-)

  • It really is quite shameful the way the ticket allocation policy has been changed like this.
    It's been so bad that you almost think the club have done it on purpose.
    In effect all STH, 500 club and Share scheme investors have been allowed 2x tickets and s*d the rest. A cynic would say the club are trying to encourage people to be season ticket holders next time round.
    While I can understand the desire to get as many STHs as possible, this fiasco has only served to annoy a number of people.
    The problem is that the club now has a reputation amongst its own supporters for being incapable of running a ticket allocation process in a fair and consistent way.

  • I don't mind the club incentivizing season tickets, half season tickets and 500 club membership as much as they can, but it really is poor this time around.

    It'd be great to hear something from @AlanCecil or @DJWYC14

  • I am not sure what has happened / why at this stage, trying to find out. Will revert back. Sorry I cannot help more at this point

  • Social media manager has gone rogue for the second time in a week, Dale. No need to revert mate.

  • @DJWYC14 Thanks for the quick response Dale, are we to understand that the Trust wasn't consulted about the change?

  • Unlikely Dale will be told anything more than Alan Cecil when he promised to come back to us.

  • It's a shame that the club has 'tweaked' its rules like this halfway through the process.
    What is even more of a shame is that Spurs haven't made all the tickets available for the get go. Any idiot could have looked at our away attendances at Premier League grounds for cup matches in the past 10 years and worked out we would easily take 4,000+ if the game was on a weeknight, nevermind a Saturday 3pm K.O.
    Allowing supporters to get tickets in the block they want rather than doing it block by block at Spurs's convenience would have made the situation a lot easier for WWFC and our supporters.

  • I think Dale is one on the most genuine on the Trust board, and reading between the lines, he has no idea about why they have blantantly misled supporters over this ticket fiasco.
    I wonder if any individual/s will take responsability for what appears to be a deception ?

  • What's worse is it now leaves fewer tickets for those poor souls who have actually been to some games but didn't meet any criteria, they could well be stood behind a local spurs fanot in the queue and miss out, why was there no criteria at all for purchase history before general, may have even added to the recent gates if there had been

  • @DJWYC14 cheers for your efforts as always, but someone will need to explain this nonsense once the dust settles. It's fine to incentivise ST sales, 500 Club, Share Scheme etc, because that's about financial survival, but coming up with a very complicated selling structure and then changing it via social media and website is hugely out of order.

    As an example, my mum and her mates are ST holders. If I'd not contacted her this evening there's no way she'd have known anything about this change of position.

    As someone has mentioned above, this now means that ST holders are heading back in (to their surprise) and getting additional tickets. In real life cases I know of, these tickets are going to people they know who weren't hugely bothered about going 'but might as well if there are some spares going'. As I mentioned above, I know a confirmed Spurs attendee who has not set foot inside AP in their life. Their one and only game, the play-off final against Southend. That cannot be right when there are even regular supporters hanging on for ever decreasing scraps.

    The staff at the club do a top job when the chips are down and I'm in no way having a go at them. But someone in the upper ranks has made a definite decision to amend the rules of this sale and that is unacceptable.

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