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  • Has Dobson left as well ?

  • Yes, according to that article.

  • Offer Dobbo a contract asap

  • Sadly, anyone that goes into that job is doomed. QPR are a mess from top to bottom.

  • Next manager of Reading

  • Disappointing how difficult it has been for him, but I am sure the hefty compensation package will somewhat soften the blow. Might even be a relief to be away from that basket case of a football club.

  • Bizarre timing.

    The 4-0 home defeat against a fellow struggle right before a 2 week international break was surely the time.

    Not playing a team with a near 100% record!

    Sad it went this way, but everyone knew it was the risk, but Gareth had to take it or forever regret not knowing.

    Real shame for Dobbo who surely doesn't have the same compo security and also the young analyst they took there.

    Wonder what happens with him? Can't be that easy to get a job like that in football.

  • Really feel sorry for GA, his personality has the power to change the worst of days into bearable days but football is a results game. I hope that another club takes him on. His stock / standing in the footballing world has taken a massive knock after taking on the QPR job.

    Too good to turn down but was on a downward slope when he signed

  • Who in their right mind would want the Reading job? QPR were an exception among basket case clubs as he had the personal connection there.

  • Reading works on sheer proximity to home, plus picking up a club at their utter lowest ebb.

    Could be a , well not giant, but quite a big club to get out of the duldrums there.

    Next move has to be absolutely spot on though.

  • This might turn out to be a good thing for Gaz. QPR job was always going to be near impossible to succeed in. At least he's out early enough that he should find a new club this season.

  • Forino swerved one for sure. Could have been left high and dry there.

  • I imagine John Eustace will get the QPR job

  • They love him at Lincoln, you get a lot of house for your money up there!

  • Local for him , have a decent squad who are not getting results

  • Cowley for Lincoln , that's what I think from listen to Matt Cecil on commentary today

  • They will follow Gareth to his next club. He'll have another job by Christmas.

  • edited October 2023

    Inevitable with the results but no reflection on his effort there or ability with a reasonable project or club, hope he doesn't become a dagger hanging over Blooms head every time a draw could have been a win or that he doesn't go to another club that also isn't right.

    There was a saying that you can do something right, quickly or cheaply and probably 2 out of the three but rarely all 3.

  • Thankfully we've clearly turned the corner with Bloomfield or that could have been quite the noise.

    But you feel we're very close to becoming a very good team in this league, nip and tuck from getting more points from 4 of the top teams recently.

  • I could see him pop up at a League 1 club, maybe Stevenage if Evans moves on. After his travails at cash-strapped QPR, you'd imagine he'd steer clear of Reading.

    I'm sure he'd ideally want a club he can fashion into his own image with players who buy into his methods. It's unlikely he'll get that at any Championship clubs, quite a lot of the bigger League 1 clubs would think themselves above his way of doing things.

  • Bristol rovers, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday,Lincoln, Bradford City...Gaz truly on the managerial merry go round now.

  • Bradford could do a lot worse, I think they probably think they are bigger than him but league position suggests otherwise. He might not want to rush into anything anyway, last few months will have taken its toll.and he's not likely to be desperate for money.

  • Really sad for Gareth. We have to remember QPR was his dream job and, not only has he lost it, but his future chances of landing another job in the top two tiers look to be somewhere near zero. He must be absolutely broken right now.

    To go to Reading after the QPR debacle feels like career suicide to me. Just because that is the closest club to him geographically, I can't see him taking that job on.

  • I think we are doing well under Blooms...inconsistent but perhaps with a bit more attacking style...had we not given away that third goal just after equalising we were good for a point against Bolton. Even if we are not winning not losing is good. GA needs to find a club he can rebuild. I think if he finds a League Two club to get promoted he will be laughing.

  • Crikey, imagine how popular he'd be with the Sheffield Utd fans if he went to Wednesday.

  • Sorry, have I missed something? Is there a vacancy at Reading?

  • Good point!

    Sheff Utd are so toxic against him, that back in 2011/12 we chose the political "rested/slight knock" angle for him to miss both fixtures against them.

    You'd dread to think about the atmosphere turning up there as manager of the opposition anyway, let alone as Wednesday manager!

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