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Ainsworth leaves QPR



  • I agree with this. Amazed anyone would kick 'Mr. Wycombe' to the curb to try and run it back.

    What is more, GA has a basically unblemished history with us. I like the idea of that always being the case.

  • Or Bristol Rovers... Or even Reading. That would be really tough to take.

  • He’s thrive at Bristol Rovers (and so would they) but I’m not sure anyone at that club is sensible enough to employ him.

    I don’t understand the Reading talk, geography notwithstanding. Surely he’s had enough of hoop wearing basket cases for a lifetime?

  • Bristol Rovers' owner loves a 'celebrity' manager anyway

  • I hope GA & Dobbo get another job in the near future. Their time at Adams Park will always be fondly remembered.

    However, it’s Matt Bloomfield now in the hot seat and, for one, I think he’s doing an excellent job. He’s lost a couple of key players, working on a lower budget than last season but has also changed the style of play to a more expansive one.

    Considering Wycombe have one of lower home crowds in League One we are doing very well to be in with even a shout of getting into the play-offs. And it’s great to have a manager who cares passionately about the club too.

  • I believe that Graham Coughlan - who was recently in charge of BRFC and resigned with them in 4th - was actually quite unpopular with the fanbase for not playing pretty football, despite the results.

    Of course, thankfully for any club, the fanbase doesn’t appoint the manager, but I think he’d be on an uphill battle there - plus would inherit a squad not so suited to his style.

  • If MB gets poached to go to a club higher up the pyramid I can't see any problem with Gaz coming back.

  • According to some on here at every club other than Wycombe the length of contract and financial arrange gets emailed to all the fans along with a full page advert in the local rag. Didn't you know?

  • Womble Fan in peace, we’d take Ainsworth at a drop of a hat. His stock is still high so couldn’t imagine he’d want to rock up at Plough Lane. Would be an amazing coup if it did happen though.

  • There is no vacancy at Wimbledon, though? Just like Reading.

  • True, but if our form deteriorates like it did last season who knows. Good luck for the rest of the season 👍

  • Maybe the timing will be perfect for GA to decompress and then take over there.

    Good luck to you too!

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    This may not be a popular opinion, but when the dust settles and GA is ready to jump back in, I think L2 may be a better bet, because even at L1 level there is a lot of snobbery about "playing the right way", and he would probably be on a shorter leash. L2 clubs don't tend to be as uppity about style if results are there.

    GA really needs to be a success at his next stop, and taking a scuffling L2 club into L1 might be a better path.

  • His passion and desire to infect everyone from top to bottom would certainly be more suited to a ‘together’ club like your own. First job sell AAH2.0 for 5million a n January

  • Hard to see Gareth dropping to Lg2 and rightly so in my view.

    might well be good for him to take a few months off and recharge but if he wants a club he can reach without moving house and both Bristol’s and probably Reading available, he might need to jump in quickly.

  • I make it seven current managerial vacancies. Seems like a lot, even for a notoriously fickle sport!

  • GA will always say he doesn't regret his decision, but I wonder if deep down, he does.

    I really like what Blooms is trying to do though, and I can see an identity about us. I was in a Peterborough box with Posh fans last week and they all said that we were the best team they've played. They were getting so frustrated with their sideways and backwards passing and I heard numerous shouts along the lines of - "see, when Wycombe play the long ball, they look dangerous every time".

  • When I said Gaz would have learnt his lesson...I meant learnt from the experience. I think a L2 club looking to progress would be ideal for him...simply to avoid the L1/Championship management merry go round. Firefighting at a club you love is one thing but picking up the pieces at another L1 club with disgruntled players is another unless you like getting the tin tack every six months. GA had lots of goodwill in the bank from a lot of us (who drank the kool aid) that got him through the dodgy periods. No such luck at a lot of clubs. I know he put up with our financial hell as he was already here but if Reading aren't paying wages and/or tax I cannot see the attraction of voluntarily going there myself.

  • I'm going to let GA and Dobbo make their own minds up. Only they know their motivations and personal situations.

    "Never too high and never too low". Seems like they'd do well to remember that phrase right now. Opportunities will come along that suite them, either jointly or separately, of that I'm pretty sure. They are both too good at what they do for it to be otherwise.

    Good luck to the both of them I say.

  • Well the Bristol City job is also up now so how about GA going there rather than Rovers?

  • I’d doubt you would see much of AAH if he went there

  • Why is Gaz being aligned to "hoofball"? I thought we were a club in transition when he left, our football became a mix of both progressive passing and lump it. I seem to remember many of us being miffed when other teams supporters put us in the category of lump it up to a big man when it was clearly not the case. Were not the Leicester supporters saying that QPR gave them a hell of a fight and were glad the final whistle went? Possibly when Bloomfield came in at first, he tried to change too much to the "purist way", without the playing staff to cope.

    As @glasshalffull says, it's very difficult to change an image once it has been painted and let's not forget GA had to work within a very poor budget and could only work with the tools he had! 🤷‍♂️

  • Whilst I am genuinely happy to see the strides being made by Bloomfield in this new era of ours, it really does feel like the whole experience of early 2023 has ended in tears for all concerned.

    Fella who’s name escapes me pisses off to Brizzle City and blatantly gives the inside knowledge on Mehmeti contract and suddenly he’s off to what personally always felt wasn’t the right move for him. Surely our brightest talent since Guppy. Gone, and it never quite sat right.

    We were literally in our hottest streak of form under Ainsworth in his 10 years and with the strongest squad he had built and looking good to crash the playoffs. Gone.

    Dobbo, visibly upset over the gut wrenching decision to leave in an interview which stood out as something I’d never seen before and doubt I will again having given even more than 10 years to us. Gone.

    This season Mehmeti is literally an unused sub most weeks to the point I was even thinking we would have a chance to get him back on loan in January.

    Gaz and Dobbo have an absolutely stinking start to the season.

    Brizzle sack Mehmeti’s new manager and Gaz and Dobbo then out on their ears all within 24 hours.

    I fully expect to see Dobbo watching from the main stand over the next week or 2. Not saying to return to the staff in any way - this would be totally on Matt Bloomfield (and rightly so) - but simply because he loved us.

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    Things feel very settled here now and I particularly like the way Matt Bloomfield has introduced so many young players this season, albeit (apart from Pattenden and Low) on loan from much bigger clubs and therefore not expected to be signed on a permanent basis.

    They have come to Wycombe mainly to gain regular experience of the more physical aspects of senior football but they also bring with them valuable grounding in a rather more cultured playing style than, generally speaking, we had become used to watching.

    Watching all these young players growing in confidence and performing so well is a real pleasure and the immediate future with MB and his staff looks very bright.

    Having said all that, I hope Gareth Ainsworth and his staff will enjoy a couple of months rest and recuperation before returning reinvigorated to face new challenges who knows where. We wish them well.

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    I enjoyed GA's teams as much as the next fan, and thought we mixed it up on a good day, but I would assume we were usually the most direct team in the division, and probably ranked near the back for passing and possession stats. Also, there were plenty of games where we did insist on hoofing it to Bayo/Vokes ad finitum, as I remember many a match thread where this approach was being bemoaned.

    That all being said, I loved the tenacity and (often) the directness of GA, and it was funny when opponents whined about it because it meant we were probably getting the better of them. Most of all, winning is fun, and we won. A lot.

    However, QPR fans came into the relationship with a fairly blank canvas. They wanted GA to do well though had question marks over his style. Subsequently, there have been many, many assertions that the football turned out to be dreadful and one dimensional, and of course they lost. A lot.

    My point is that memories of GA's style are likely to be colored by the success or failure achieved with it. If you win with it, you enjoy the directness and tenacity. If you lose almost every game, I can't imagine it being quite so much of a blissful watch. And to be fair, that goes for any style.

  • @username123 no way Dobbo will be seen at AP. It’s just not the done thing and in any case he loves our club and his instinctive man management skills will tell him that his sheer presence would be destabilising.

    I would think the one good thing to come out of this is that he will be spending more time with his family, which has always been paramount.

  • Agree with this observation. Apart from being a very shrewd coach and tactician, Dobbo is a top class person who would never do anything that might be misinterpreted as angling for a return to WWFC. Blooms has put together his own back room staff and they deserve the chance to show what they can achieve together.

  • Out of academic interest because I don't think it would ever happen that Gareth or Dobbo would return to Wycombe but has there ever been many examples of managers returning to former clubs and succeeding second time around. Jones at Luton I believe but any more?

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