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Ainsworth leaves QPR



  • Have they got the footballer for I'm A Celebrity yet?

    If Beery Nigel is asking for a mill, nice little pre-Christmas earner for Gaz, if Joey isn't looking for some high profile reputational rehabilitation

  • I normally can tolerate one t**t in I'm a celebrity but Farage and Barton would be too much for me.

  • Hancock killed it for me...I used to find the spectacle of low rent celebs being humiliated amusing...but paying Beery Nige a million to broadcast to the nation what a man of the people underminer of the Elites the public school educated failed banker made good by scamming the EU he too much even for my low standards in television viewing.

  • I obviously intended to comment on this little gem at the time but decided against it. You can delete an unwanted quote as much as you like but it still comes bouncing back (like a rubber ball, as opposed to a rugger ball which has a life of its own.

  • Tit tut, no closing bracket.

  • edited November 2023

    Tut tut, (parentheses), [brackets].

    Or is it ‘tit tut’?

  • Dont forget {braces}

  • Interview with GA here. Does not sound bitter at all, which does not surprise me for such a top man. This past Saturday was his first out of football since 1987!

    #91 The Gareth Ainsworth Interview - Building a culture and environment - YouTube

  • He looks and sounds well. Good to see.

  • For anyone who does not want to listen to the whole thing, he talks about his future a little at the end. He said he has turned down a couple of clubs who reached out tentatively saying "not yet". He wants to learn guitar and perhaps spend a holiday season at home, but other than that, he is wide open, and is willing to listen to anything down to L2 and also abroad, if it comes to it.

  • Yeah, Good positive interview. He's no fool, will have known in good time what was a possibility there.

    Good Jonny Gregory one here too:

  • Whilst lots of QPR fans loved him he was set up to fail from day 1. Any manager joining QPR at that time was. If he made a mistake (IMHO) it was trying to take too many of his Wycombe values into QPR from day 1. The haka was a huge mistake. It gave bullets to people, it put pressure on him, it polarised certain players who could be seen pulling faces. This kind of thing is great if you know everyone in the room is on the same page as you - it makes you look like David Brent if they are not. He is a manager and person who will learn and will be a great asset to a club, team and fanbase who have similar beliefs to him and buy into what he wants from people around him. I hope he chooses wisely.

  • To take time out to consider the next move is a mature strategy. That said it is a fine line, memories are short in this game and success vs failure is relative. Yes he needs the correct next move but the ‘train has left the station’ for a number of well qualified ex managers who left it too long waiting for the ‘right move’. Hope it all goes well Gaz

  • I agree with the posts above. His next job is very important, and for me I hope it is a club who already line up with his ideals enough, and are not an absolute basket case. I have been saying Reading would be a good fit, but seeing as they fail the basket case test handily, maybe I am getting caught up in geography!

  • He seems keen to get back in and there are only 92 jobs in the league, half of which come up in a year and many of which wouldn't consider him, I think we should be aware we probably aren't going to like or necessarily appreciate where he pitches up next

  • He should manage a Venezuelan club (His wife can translate for him). His time at QPR will make getting kidnapped every week in Caracas a cakewalk.

  • Very true. Only he knows his own motivations and family situation, too. I have been assuming (among many others) that he does not want to uproot the family, only for him to say he is open to moving abroad!

  • Depends who the new owner is going to be. A sale seems imminent.

  • He's always been very clever with what he says and how he conducts himself.

    With that interview he's already planted the seed that he's sought after with clubs contacting him already, plus he's very open to where he'll go next, L2 through to championship and not the narrow range our fans are assuming, half based on their own prejudices.

  • The new manager at QPR is showing what is possible with the same group of players, and potentially making GA borderline unemployable, other than perhaps another shot back at Wycombe? 

    Unfortunately, having had a look around the QPR fans online it seems GA dug his own grave with a series of poor decisions, extremely late / ineffective subs (think we have we heard that before?), wild team selections, and worst of all for the QPR fans, it seems belittling the club in every interview he gave. It was almost as if he had never left little Wycombe in his mind. 

    Some of his decision making like not selecting Chris Willock - one of the divisions outstanding players - and demanding the team play long ball when the entire squad had been built in a highly technical passing style under 3 years with Warburton and then 6 months with a Beale was to be fair pretty baffling. I guess it was because Ainsworth doesn’t have any other coaching experience, and is wedded to his beliefs as we know, but it was still a big mistake. 

    The question is how many would want his long ball / direct football back at the club now?

  • I would imagine Gareth and Dobbo will find a L2 billet at a club eager for success and willing to back them and will probably get back into League One with them.

  • I'd have good money on GA being offered the Port Vale job at some point this season.

  • I have gone on a lot of forums for clubs whose jobs have come up or may come up. Apart from the Championship sized clubs in L1 (or clubs like Oxford who think they play like Real Madrid), Ainsworth has retained his reputation with most L1 fans, and would have been a fairly popular appointment at clubs like Bristol Rovers and Cambridge, and would still be at Port Vale and Reading if those jobs come up. Some fans even stated that it would be pie in the sky to think they could get him!

    L2 fans (I think I looked at Wimbledon, Grimsby and Bradford) generally think he is way too good to drop down that far.

    In summary, GA needs to make the next job count in the positive column, but based on fans (and who knows what the owners would do) he would have a lot of takers at L1 and L2 level.

    As for the Championship, I can't see him ever getting back there unless he takes a club up from L1.

  • Did "the entire squad (that) had been built in a highly technical passing style under 3 years with Warburton and then 6 months with a Beale " stink out the division for Beale's last couple of months and the entire reign of Neil Critchley, or was that Ainsworths fault too?

    He might have rubbed them up the wrong way but the players didn't have any interest in trying what he asked so I'm not sure you could blame his system, or apply it to us.

    I don't mind them so hope the new guy has either hit on some magic, is a genius, or just had the luck that Gaz didn't .

  • Borderline unemployable? I think you are very much mistaken with that comment. His record at Wycombe was brilliant and you can’t judge a manager by one brief hiccup in an otherwise excellent career.

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