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Ainsworth leaves QPR



  • Matt has done an incredible job taking on a team that had such a strong identity and remoulding it .

    I wish Gaz every success and thank him but I think we’ve made the leap to our next footballing stepping stone and we can’t look back.

  • Eddie Howe and Tony Pulis

  • probably Neil Warnock sometimes.

  • Jimmy Sirrel managed Notts County three times.

  • Mourinho at Chelsea - won the title in both spells

  • Graham Taylor at Watford

  • Ancelotti at Real - won the UCL in both spells

  • As Monty Python said in Life of Brian ‘But apart from Mourinho, Taylor, Sirrel, Warnock, Howe, Pulis……’.

  • Gaz 10/1 for the Bristol City job, the same odds as managerial genius Frank Lampard

  • At least Mehmeti will be getting some game time if he does go there

  • I think one thing that will play in GA's mind will be his family. I know they are very settled, his children are in the middle / end of the exam years so expecting them to move or for him to disappear for several weeks at a time, I don't think will work. This was one of the reasons why he turned down the Sunderland job.

    He has often said that he only wants to go to clubs that he's got a strong link with. Preston, Lincoln, Port Vale, Wimbledon will all be high on his list that he'll want to return to.

    He has been / will be given a payment from QPR so I don't think he's in any rush to jump straight back in. He'll prob take a long, overdue holiday and come back with new and exciting ideas for his next club. In that down time he might do some things for Sky or other sports channels.

  • He hasn't got the glamour for most Championship clubs. There is a misplaced arrogance (with fans and in the boardrooms) in that league that they are all Premier League clubs in waiting.

    Everyone wants a star like Rooney to take them to the holy land and all the riches that entails.

  • Did he actually turn down the Sunderland job though? Is that fact?

  • Port Vale Lincoln and Preston are a hell of a daily commute from Reading.

    Feels like if he wants to live at home, Bristol R, Bristol C, Swindon, Reading Oxford and Wycombe, maybe Portsmouth and Wimbledon are only realistic options.

  • This seemed to be claimed in 'Close Quarters' though as I don't think the club was actually named, you had to connect the dots.

  • Please don’t include Wycombe. For good or ill, we’ve moved on. I think to a good place.

  • I think he may rock up at Maidenhead. Close, a club on the rise which has stalled. A club with a new stadium on the horizon…

    Oh wait. Scrub that…

  • I was just looking at clubs within reasonable catchment area of his home. I don't think it would be a good idea for Gareth to return to AP even if one day the job became available again.

  • You never know he might do an Eddie Howe and return to take us to the promised land

  • He has often said that he only wants to go to clubs that he's got a strong link with

    Citation needed.

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    I'm an ideal world, he'd be able to get a job fairly local, unfortunately football doesn't work like that. If he wants to stay in management he will probably at some point have to be prepared to move or travel. Also try not to leave it too long, time moves quickly and new people come along and you could very soon be forgotten. As it happens I don't think Gareth will be out for long as people will see what he did here with us. But there is a very long list of former managers without a club.

  • In the perfect world think he would do well to take a breath, get over a very difficult experience at QPR and decide next summer whether he wants another managerial job. I do think if either Bristol job or possibly Reading made contact and he does want to stay in management but doesn't want to move house, not sure he could refuse the approach.

  • No way will Gareth be out of work long, he’s too well respected as both a person and a manager. For whatever reason it hasn’t worked out at Rangers but there could be many reasons for that, including players not aligning with his approach. I know he’s well respected here in the North and in fact was well fancied for the Wanderers job by fans before Evatt came in. If his kids are on exams at school he can do what many have to do and live away from home for a spell. There are enough teams around where he lives for him to return home when playing them at all EFL levels.

    At the moment though I can’t see any NW clubs needing a manager so that may not happen. On the style of football, the media always used to use the long ball nonsense around Big Sam but although against the top clubs Sam had to use more physical tactics some of the football we played was sublime. I mean can you imaging the likes of Djorkaev, Okocha, Hierro, Campo and Speed playing long ball? Ainsworth like BSA had to live within a budget and from where I sit he did a fantastic job because he’s basically a good manager who I’m sure if went to a bigger club with a bigger budget would play better football with better players. Good luck to him.

  • He could always focus on his music career.

  • The only attraction I can see for going to Reading will blame him if they go down.

    He might not want to go back to not getting paid, or having to buy the nets for the training pitch though.

  • Interesting point, seems if you keep a team up you then often get the "reward" of having to do it again,while if you can go down keeping your job you might get a tilt at promotion the next year and be regarded much more highly. Same as how managers can be victims of their own success if the team does badly having got them promoted.

    Pearson was the second longest standing in the Championship having done 2 and a half years, lunatic industry.

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    I see Gareth and Dobbo as builders rather than firefighters. I think a solid league 2 side looking to improve, win games whatever it takes will be perfect for them. Trying to get another manager's big time Charlies to knuckle down is quite another.

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