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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • Seemed to either see it late, or was blinded by the sun. Either way, nightmare stuff for a keeper in such a big game

  • I haven’t seen the highlights (and can’t quite bear to yet) but the Beeb site says it hit Stocko on the shoulder.

  • He struck out his arm at the last minute when he realized he’d moved over too far. It was a horrible mistake but we wouldn’t have got there without him.

  • What a day (apart from chiltern railway, who are an absolute shambles !) We just wasn't quite there today which was a bit disappointing considering the way we have played sometimes this season. Buy hey ho, we go again next season and I couldn't be prouder of this team and club... I absolutely love them !

    Fair play to Sunderland, they deserved it on the day.

    Also I was great to see fans mingling, which made a mockery of splitting everyone up and giving certain pubs to certain groups... let all fans be together

  • Just watched the highlights on Quest and to be fair that was a fantastic shot for the first goal. Taff did a decent job to shield one half of the goal ( as he was left one on one with the goal scorer) that meany Stocko has to guard the other half and missed the flight of the ball by half a yard…fine margins.

    The second goal was a shot through Stewart’s legs.

  • The first shot was hit really hard and may well have swerved. Nine times out of ten it would have been saved but today was the other one in ten. Stockdale has been superb all season and made several other good saves in the game. Best keeper we have had in my opinion in almost 40 year of supporting the Blues.

  • A great day out! Have to say that Sunderland were the better team and fully deserved the win. Good luck to them and their wonderful fans who where great both before and after the game.

    Not our day at all, for whatever reason (partly down to the Sunderland performance I'm sure) we didn't perform to our usual standards. I've no issue with that that though, as we've excelled through most of the season. So disappointing to be missing Mehmeti, his quality on the ball was sorely missing. We've got away with it over the last month of the season, but today against a top team, we were very much missing him.

    So pleased with the overall season though and absolutely no reason we can't build on this next season.

  • Well done Sunderland👏🏻

    You came in numbers and in fine spirits and your team stopped us playing. We only had a couple of slim chances during the whole game but more possession.

    I stayed for about 30 minutes after the Final whistle to take in the atmosphere and applaud the Sunderland players and fans. They were all excellent today and fully deserved the victory and promotion to the Championship.

    Same again next season with a few more quality signings and we should be knocking on the door of the Playoffs which for us would be like Sunderland finishing in the Top 4 of the Prem in 2024/25. We’ve never had it so good.

  • Felt like a strange day - almost like intruding on someone else’s party. Very much Sunderland’s day.

    it has been an amazing ride - three years ago I would have said that the thought of reaching league one playoffs was ridiculous - somehow we reached two in three years and had a year in the Champ. Ten years or so ago we were struggling at the bottom of Lg2. As a kid watching games against Clapton and Staines, it would have been extraordinary to think that one day we would be playing Sunderland in front of 70000 people and be disappointed to lose. This period has been An incredible achievement.

    Time will tell whether yesterday was another step along the way or whether history will record it as a high point. Either way what a story.

  • Only downside for me yesterday was the bloke in the family section (105, row 18) who spent the entire match stood up, pissed, shouting obscenities at the top of his voice surrounded by kids. My mum had to have a word with his wife but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Balled his eyes out at the end too.

    If that was you, grow up and have some dignity.

  • I don't think we can have any complaints about the result, it was a disappointing performance in a game where we needed to be right on our game if we were to get any change out of Sunderland playing anywhere near their potential. Moments like Vokes fluffing his lines when through on goal summed up our performance on the day sadly.

    An unfortunate end to what has been an incredible season in the history of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club. Our points tally would have been good enough for automatic promotion another year, who knows we might go up with fewer next season. The off-season offers a chance for renewing the squad, it'll be interesting to see who we can bring in and how we can evolve our game.

    Well done to Sunderland, as well as the team having shown their class on the pitch, their supporters were excellent today and were very gracious in victory when having to cut through the thousands of Chairgirls and boys left stranded by the utter shambles that passed for a "matchday special" service from Chiltern Railways. Hopefully the old boys who passed out when left on the packed footbridge for an interminable amount of time were OK in the end.

  • My row (and the ones behind us) missed the first 8 or so minutes due to the 5 rows in front of us in block 109 all standing and blocking the view.

    Managed to get a steward involved to get everyone sat down eventually, but some of the expressions towards us were really needless, and not what you want from your own fans.

    I suspect many of them were day-trippers, as I hadn’t seen any of them before.

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    As others have said Sunderlands day on and off the pitch, so I'm happy to add my congratulations to them, and wish they luck in the Championship.

    I can't help reflecting not just on what a fantastic season it has been for everyone involved in to promotion race, but how it was such a sort time ago that Wycombe got promoted from League 2 with the aim of survival, followed by consolidation. That first season it was a matter of survival, but ever since it has been top end of League 1 at minimum.

    It was great to see Bayo come on and give a superb swansong. I thought his touch and control was a cut above every other player on the pitch. His presence around the club will be missed.

    On a personal note, my day ended in interesting fashion. I had booked cheap train tickets to and from Waterloo leaving time for extra time and penalties if necessary and a meal before travelling. My train from Waterloo got delayed, missed my connection (last train) from Salisbury, and ended up in a taxi at the railways expense to get me back to Warminster where my car was parked. It ended up costing the railway more in taxi fare than I had paid for the entire days travel.

    It was just one of those days.

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    Shame to hear our lot chanting "Adam Johnson's a sex offender" in the Torch beforehand. Yeah, it's true, but that kind of stuff is never chant-worthy. Football fans' 'banterfication' of serious crimes - which trivialises them - is absolutely grim.

  • The day will come when Wembley will be sued for not ensuring that people sit down in the seats they have paid for. To be denied a look at the pitch when the stadium has been designed to give a good view from everywhere must be infuriating.

  • You wouldn't want a proper problem at Wembley would you. Didn't even see any marshals in my section.

    People wandered in with booze, a couple stood at barriers, and one kid in front was causing havoc spewing up, presumably from booze. He did look about 12 though and was with his mum, so will be cautious in case he had a different problem. But they disappeared on about 35mins for an even worse day out than most!

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  • The Stockdale retirement then this. One more and you've got your three hour shock jock phone in.

  • Do you think it's funny to chant about serious crimes that ruin lives?

  • Of course he doesn’t, he just likes following you around with snarky abuse.

  • Strange post this.

    I thought the Stockdale post was a bit emotional and one that on reflection wasn't right.

    Bit the other one is a "stop bad stuff" and nothing like like first one?

  • Oh yeah - sorry, I became impervious to that ages ago

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    Did laugh at this.

    There's two real snark artists on this forum. I think one is pure malice but I genuinely think RITM just has a very bizarre style of writing like a bastad that he doesn't realise!

  • But weird to have that style only when @ mentioning @ReturnToSenda like a playground crush though.

  • Yeah with hindsight I was prob a bit OTT re. Stocko - who's largely been excellent, although I maintain there have been moments where I've wondered if his head's been elsewhere. Tbh my bigger concern with goalkeepers is the back-ups all being unknown quantities really - but I suppose the squad size limit makes it almost impossible to have an 'established' no2.

  • Even though Sunderland deserved it I wish we had completely robbed them with some late goals, it's our specialty, sigh. League winners next season?

  • A first EFL title would be quite something

  • Stockdale is solid for another year. We just have to hope backups aren't needed.

    I'm interested how we'll move things forward. Obita and Mccarthy will surely be the full backs or wing backs of favour when we have our full attacking options back. How good was it to see Hanlan back for example?

    So JJ can be cover and rotational, but Grimmer? Hasn't had a look in this last few months.

    Wheeler similar really.

    Is Mawson possible? If so would we look at 3 at the back again?

    Do we need a physical alternative to Vokes in case he's out for any length of time? Hanlan is our only other striker really, unless we dip into the development crew.

    Intriguing times.

  • Goalkeepers do not count as being apart of squad numbers.

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    My initial thoughts were Tom Eaves would be worth taking a look at - I didn't realise he was 30! Need to be looking for the next Vokes really.

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