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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • BBC website says we have a fully fit squad...


  • I love the way our swan looks as though it’s so full of confidence and unmoved towards those pesky playful cats

  • I thought I’d be much more nervous, but I’m just really excited. We’ve got such a good chance of winning. What a time to be a Wycombe supporter.

  • I am 99% sure it is going to penalties, but proud of these boys no matter what!

  • No penalties please, not after 2015 and especially with Sam Saunders as the main Sky pundit.

  • I’m awake early with no chance of going back to sleep. I’m not sure if it’s more nerves or excitement.

    The dog is now going to get an earlier than expected walk and then I’ll be on my way. COYB

    Don't believe the fully fit squad line BTW

  • I think I've slept 5 hours at best, yay

  • Up and ready for the drive down from Sunny Stockport - COYB!

  • Woke just after 5 from a horrible dream in which Stocko didn’t play and we were hammered. But I’ve never had a psychic flash in 50 plus years so I put that one down to undigested beef or a crumb of cheese.

  • Comfortably relaxed about today at the moment. Expecting my usual 2-0 defeat but hoping, as always, to be pleasantly surprised.

    Whatever happens though, we have done brilliantly this season and the financial rewards from today alone are immense.

    i was a little apprehensive about next season when (if) we lose, but Sam Vokes extending his contract is a massive boost.

    Two (confident) predictions:

    Scowen WILL get sent off (probably after 20 minutes)

    and I will hate VAR by the end of the game even more than I do already

  • Or..

    VAR spots a ridiculous shirt pull on Bayo who scores the resulting penalty. We go on to win and we all love VAR.

  • The usual disturbed pre big match sleep. Already on board a trundling East Midlands Railway train from Nottingham to Skegness, crossing the Trent to intercept fellow exiles in Lincs for the drive south.

    Safe travels to all.

  • Hope everyone has a great day! I can’t wait to get going and soak it all in.

    I’d love to see Anthony Stewart score the winner!

  • I think this is the most emotional I've ever been before a game, which is saying something because I always get emotional

  • I woke up at 2.30 and it took soooo long to get back to sleep.

  • Buzzing this morning

  • Morning all.

  • We can do this…….BELIEVE!

  • Know what you mean, with the Bayo sub plot particularly. It's going to be a very draining day whatever the result. COYB!

  • at the station in Leighton Buzzard. COYB!

  • My nerves are all over the place, but days like today is what supporting a lower league football team (or any football team for that matter) is all about.

    So win or lose, enjoy the day, and give the boys the energy they deserve.

    Now I’m off to the train station a few hours earlier than expected as I can’t sit still at home.

  • Best of luck to every single Chairboy.

    F.A.O. Dr. Congo - the new site is absolutely fabulous, top skills.

  • So excited for today. Nerves will kick in as I enter Wembley I'm sure!

    As others have said, we've had a great season whatever happens today and we've got much to look forward to. Would be wonderful to finish the season in style today though...

  • So here we are. Exceeded my expectations and even hopes for the season. Once again this little club and this group are somewhere I never thought we would get to and looking behind us at some incredible teams who would give a kidney to swap with us today.

    I’m quite relaxed and looking forward to today. It’s the free hit syndrome. Come 2:59 it will be different. Worse case scenario an early goal followed by a hideous game of attack v defence. I’ve just recovered from Franchise. I would just love to be relaxed for 90 minutes as our team comfortably went about their business. Sadly I chose the wrong club 45 years ago for that as I’ve long realised.

    Enjoy your day everyone. Drink it in. See you on the other side.

  • Man, I’ve been up since dawn and can’t settle. I’ve cleaned the coffee machine, noodled on guitar, rearranged my sock drawer but am still frantically pacing around wanting to set off.

    I’ve got some ferrying about to do with kids Saturday morning clubs etc, but hoping to get a train at about 12:30.

    Godspeed Chairfolk and BELIEVE!

  • Not actually seen it confirmed anywhere yet, are we playing in blue or gold?

    Just deciding on an older season home kit or current season gold.

  • edited May 2022

    Home kit

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