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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • Dodgy memory on my part - Hubbly Bubbly. Came in these cool bottles with ‘bubble’ recesses in the glass. Used to get money back on the bottles so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one picking them up.

    yep, actual glass bottles at football games (mid to late 1960s). Maybe @wingnut has a point!

  • I'm actually more excited about the new kit than anything right now! A bit early for a thread, but there is nothing quite like the smell of fresh quarters in the summer...

  • Agreed.

    Didn't buy the current home as the first year was the no fans one, but look forward to getting the new one.

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    Me and my wife go to Cheltenham, my team, and Wycombe, hers.

    We were both a little apprehensive about being in London with 50,000 northerners we've seen described as arrogant and entitled, etc.

    In reality it was a joy to share the city with them tbh. We wore blue, met our son in Trafalgar Square on Friday night, we drank in London before the match and sat opposite a huge bank of red.

    We didn't experience a moment's hostility, not even a glance and didn't hear a nasty chant inside or outside the ground. Despite the silly comments from the Wycombe chairmen there was nothing about not selling all the tickets or whatever.

    The Wycombe supporters were great but Sunderland all seemed decent, passionate and humble. It wasn't the uncomfortable experience we'd feared. Good luck to Wycombe and good luck to them although I fear they might have kidnapped our son.

  • I remember this being the 'Pop' that was on offer in the Marsh Legion on cock Lane. The lime green was my favourite, the name just encouraged you to put the straw in and blow, and make your drink a frothing volcano.

  • Better side on the day won. My shouting at the telly for you doesn't seem to have worked. Hope you go one better next season.

  • I've only just summoned up the courage to work my way through this thread. I have nothing particularly new to add to what has already been said, I'm just gutted we were unable to give a true account of ourselves on the day. Congratulations to Sunderland, they fully deserved their win and their fans were the epitome of class and humility. Stocko will have nightmares about the opener, but he owes us nothing after the season he's had. I was just as disappointed that Embleton was allowed to progress so far up the centre of the pitch unchallenged.

    As for the day out, it was a privilege to be able to share the experience of watching Wycombe play at Wembley for a place in the Championship in front of 70,000+ fans with 3 generations of my family, as well as catching up with old friends not seen in years. I think I've felt more emotional about it all today than at any point over the weekend. Who knows when such an opportunity will arise again? All we can say for sure is that this group will continue to give it everything they have to strive to take us further than we've ever been before. It's quite a ride.

  • I've seen people heading for the tuck shop at about 40 minutes in at AP. I don't understand people eating their dinner at footy either...but they do and I think they have been since the 1920s. I can understand people going for water. It was scorchio.

  • I can't speak for any else but I purposely waited til we were attacking and then went for a p at about the 35 minute mark. That's because we normally score when I'm not looking. It's called 'taking one for the team'. Obviously it didn't work on Saturday.

  • Not been around for a bit but would like to take the opportunity to apologise for eating food in the stadium.

    By the time I’d navigated a three trains, 140 mile journey involving a fair bit of queuing, fuelled by a bit of toast scoffed at 6.30 am, I shamefully purchased a hot dog at 2.45 pm instead of DISPLAYING MY PASSION BY TURNING ROUND, GESTICULATING WILDLY AT PEOPLE WHILE SHOUTING ‘FUCKING SING UP WYCOMBE’.


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    You've got a real thing about people moaning at ground eaters haven't you Arnos 🤣

  • We all choose to live our lives differently and that’s fine.

    I was working in a stressful role until 0130 , in bed at 0230 , up at 0700 for an 0800 start to a 250 mile drive (not helped by them shutting the bloody M4) then parked an hours walk away but I took enough food and drink with me on the trip to avoid needing to buy anything there.

    no problem with you buying food before the game but I did find it hard to understand the choices of those who had drunk so much they missed much of the first half on the loo and those so desperate for more drink at half time that they left well before half time and returned well into the second half. It was a massive game and an expensive ticket. Odd not to watch it. Each to their own I suppose.

  • And I knew you’d be one of two who’d pick me up on it 😉

    I just get cheesed off with it from people who probably travel about 3 miles to get to a game.

  • Would that cheese be Horganzola?

  • With Jacobson crackers, WensleyStokdale and a bunch of Gapes.

  • I was certainly regretting not eating enough last Saturday.

    But then I wasn't expecting it to take quntil about 7.30 to get back to Wycombe!

  • Hubbly Bubbly - I had completely forgotten about it - rare for me to completely forget a food or drink product. My dad's family were from the West Country and my gran down there in Wiltshie used to sell Hubbly Bubbly in her little coronership - probably as late as the early 70s. Maybe they disappeared from the South East first and you could only get them in more provincial areas. Cheers for putting them up and jogging my memory.

  • I's obviously still upset about the result but not as down about everything as I thought. I think being there at Wembley battling for the Championship with the massive Sunderland support made the whole day one of the biggest and exciting Wycombe have ever been involved. Remember Sunderland are up there with Newcastle as some of the most passionate fabs in the country and even the Sunderland supporters were shocked at the size of the turnout and the scenes in Trafalfar sQuare - I've never seen any other team take it over like they did. And patriot

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    For those of you caught in those 2+ hour queues at Wembley, you can quite easily get a refund as long as you have your original ticket.

    Unfortunately this site won't let me post the link but google "chiltern railways delay repay compensation" and you'll find it quickly enough.

    Pick the train time (5 onwards), post details including a screenshot of the ticket.

    Your initial claim will be rejected as technically the train itself wasn't "delayed", but appeal it and it'll go through.

    Quite tidy.

  • Unfortunately this site won't let me post the link but google "chiltern railways delay repay compensation" and you'll find it quickly enough.

    Can't blame the site for your spam hands mate.

  • They're taking the full 10 days (aim) to reply to my refund request by the looks of things...

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    Maybe a phone versus laptop thing? If I were on my home laptop rather than work one which is pretty nifty, I'd think it was my end for certain 


    I can paste the link in no worries, but it simply won't let me save the comment with it on.

    Never mind, my good deed has helped at least 1 poster.


  • It'll go through in a few hours amazingly. I've even got the money added back to my bank total today, even though it'll take 3 days to properly arrive.

    Never seen a transaction happen that way round. Usually outbounds only.

  • To be fair they are usually good at refunds. Sadly, I never thought of that and binned my ticket with some relief when I got home!

    You lose, you learn.

  • Cheers @Malone . Initially rejected but £16.50 refunded on appeal within the hour. Will have to buy you some half-time Haribos next season 😉


    "I'm rooting for Wycombe. For a team that appeared well out there depth they were really unlucky to go down last season when you consider the terrible luck with refereeing decisions and last minute goals in the first half of last season. If one of about seven weird instances went there way they would have survived".

    From a Palace fan.

    Seems most neutrals were on our side.

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