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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • Oh nice, missed that. Well that’s my main worry over

  • they go hand in hand don’t they? Especially in the GK spot. While I’d agree that if there’s someone better then they might take the spot but when you add all of Stockdales parts up, they equal much more than they should.

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    Also, stocko has one of the best penalties I have ever seen in his locker.

    Had it gone to pens I would have put my house on him taking one. That’s the sort of leadership and guts you can’t buy.

  • Dissapointing but im sure we will bounce back already looking forward to next season.

  • A disappointing first goal but David Stockdale is one of the reasons we made the play-offs. It seemed to be just one of those days today unfortunately but that’s football for you! You have to credit Sunderland for the way they prepared against us. There are always 2 teams in a contest.

  • Is Stewart OOC this summer?

    the start of the season I though he was on another level. Second half, after some time out, didn’t seem he ever got back to his consistent best?

  • Ah, well, it wasn't to be.

    Best be arrogant in defeat and humble in victory.

    Gareth, Dobbo and the mighty, mighty Chairboys finished with the highest points per game in EFL 1 in our club's history.

    Having witnessed The Miracle of Plainmoor in May, 2014 when we went to mourn the passing of our hard-earned football league status, and for us to be disappointed that we lost against Sunlan in the EFL League 1 Final, shows what an amazing club this is, how lucky we are and how brilliant Gareth, Dobbo, Lee etc have been.

    Same dressing room as against Sarfend, just saying.

  • Yeah - Stocko, Stewart, JJ and Gape the big ones OOC

  • Great day and still in it until the second goal. Had this not been Hanlan's first game for a while he might have had at least one goal. Got to be Automatic next year. 😉

  • Well done Sunderland - one of the best opposition performances I've seen this season; completely agree with those saying that they didn't let us play. I also think they'll adapt to the Championship under Neil.

    Win together

    Lose together

    Stick together

  • Did you not see his performance in the second leg against MK? Complete nonsense from you.

  • Have to say, releasing the golden glove winner would be a very odd move.

  • Before the game I felt if Pritchard played well it would be a hard afternoon, but also felt Vokes would dominate their defence to an extent that we could still get the win. With hindsight, no Stocko mistake and a fit Hanlan from kick off and we might have sneaked it. Brilliant effort, and my 6 year old son actually wants to bring a Swan next time because of their arm breaking capabilities.

  • You wouldn’t renew the golden glove winner? The guy who single handily got us past franchise less than 2 weeks ago? Wow. Tough crowd.

  • I’d have to watch it again to work out how, but it felt like Sunderland totally nullified us. We weren’t ever a real goal threat. The front 4 really didn’t have much impact at all. On the odd occasion when we got into position to cross we delivered some poor balls.

    Only for a few minutes when Bayo and Hanlan came on did it feel like we might get back into it. And then Sunderland scored their second to kill off all hope.

    Once again I thought Scowen was our MOTM.

    Overall a great season and really encouraging that we finished it so strongly. Great wins against Plymouth, Wednesday and MK in the final few weeks probably the highlights.

  • Did you go see the game and soak up the atmosphere and support your team @trevor ?

  • It did all feel a bit flat really but I do think that is down to Sunderland. I thought they played us really well. The actual first goal was a bit of a fluke (error) but it was coming and if they hadn’t scored then I’m sure they soon would have.

    they then sat of us and let us take it too then, which without Mehmeti to add that element of uncertainty we didn’t really look like breaking through.

    in hindsight I think It may have helped to bring Bayo on a little earlier as for a few minutes when he first came on it was quite fun.

    but nothing to be too down about. Playing a team like Sunderland for a place in the Championship is still insane for Wycombe Wanderers FC.

    genuinely prouder than ever to support such a great club.

    my one regret about not getting promoted today is that it means we are less likely to experience the words of wisdom from our great sage @trevor on here next season as often. Oh well

  • Try looking beyond isolated performances - and a Golden Globe award is pretty much equally down the players in front of the 'keeper. I might think differently in a few days, but that's where I'm at right now. He might not want to carry on anyway.

  • *Golden Glove lol

  • Yep any anti Stockdale talk is just post game emotion.

    Nailed on new deal if he wants it.

  • A great season as a whole, but just one game too far today. So disappointing, and Sunderland should probably have been out of sight earlier.

    If only Vokes had got a proper shot away when clean through at 0-1, or Hanlan had been a bit sharper in a couple of plays it could have been different, but not to be.

    Train queue took hours too.

    Shame Bayo didn't quite get his perfect last dance, but at least couldn't ask for a better place to play his last game.

    We should be a decent force again in league 1 is the positive, and there's loads of good aways, plus Derby, Peterborough and Bristol Rovers grudges to add some spark as well.

    Will be interesting to see what signings we now make. I hope losing today hasn't scuppered any we had set up. Mawson?

  • Sunderland fan here, Only joined up to say that before the game reading different forums etc I bought into this dislike with one another

    However after the match hearing Ainsworth post match interview and the big lads Bayo I have to say massive respect! They were so gracious and respectful it's really hard not to like them.

    They're a total credit to your club and I genuinely wish yous all the best next season.


  • I have to say l thought the ref was excellent. Chiltern Railways...not so much.

  • Trains going out of London after games at Wembley are always dreadful. They fail to get enough people on the platform and the trains end up leaving nowhere near full.

  • Seemed a right old mess didn't it.

    One huge bundle and taking ages to move at all, and when you get near the zigzagging bit, suddenly you notice people are simply wandering round the outside and cruising into the queue ahead of you.

    Plus weird stuff like loads of Sunderland fans having to cut across the 1,000s of us stood in the queue. Lucky it was such a friendly atmosphere.

  • I wasn't amused that my mate texted saying he'd managed to get back to Lane End, before I'd even got close to the zigzag bit of the queue!

    He did leave on 89 though, which isn't a good look.

  • Pretty standard Wycombe Wanderers to be honest, we have always been a great club that cares, despite what other fans repeatedly say about us. Until recently we have basically been a league 2 club that occasionally gets promoted to League 1, so I will never forget this current success.

    And why Ainsworth is still our manager and not at a bigger club is beyond me, he's brilliant.

  • If nothing else, I'm sure we can all agree our crossing from the right needs serious improvement. Either get that out of McCarthy or upgrade. Especially with Vokesy sticking around.

  • Suppose it's the security he's got, it's rare you find a club and manager that have a bond like they have. I think it shows though what can be achieved when you give a manager a chance to stamp his authority on a club.

    We know more than anyone the shit show that happens with a manager merry-go-round.

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