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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • Quite possibly. Just because you didn’t go straight to Wembley from an 18 hour shift on the emergency ward doesn’t mean nobody did.

  • It doesn't need much investigation pal.

    We have a singing gang of about 200, and Sunderland probably have about 15,000. It's a simple numbers game.

  • @Malone. I was just making a comment, not suggesting an inquest.

  • Wow, 17/18 year old doing 18 hour shifts......Then I take my hat off to them!

  • But you don’t know, do you. Why assume they’re just pricks instead of assuming that they’re decent people who were hungry?

    if everyone was you, there’d be no food sold at Wembley, but not everyone is you so there is.

  • It sounds like a bit of a flat day for those who were there, which is such a shame. It would have been nice for you to at least have the catharsis of a goal to celebrate.

    I am not as confident as some that we are going to stay at the top end of L1 year after year. I feel a sense of tragedy of a transformative opportunity lost - but lost fair and square.

    That being said, there is nothing but love and pride for the team and club. The run we went on to even make the playoffs was sublime. We stunted MK's own potential transformation, and who knows? It may be the playoff money that really enabled us to afford Vokes for another season.

    Football is an ever continuing story, and there will be happy seasons ahead, one way or another. This is such a special club!

  • I don't remember using the word pricks for a start, maybe you should read my piece again fella, my comment was about why would you pay good money to supposedly support your football team to leave your seat just 35 minutes after the game started to buy food, and pass around mates disrupting other peoples afternoon, and once again I'm fairly confident to say the two people had not done an18 hour shift of any kind.

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    I'm not moaning about people getting food, but I do know where your coming from. I don't go to football to eat so don't get it, especially while the game is going on. I didn't recognise one person around me in block 105 lots of young families which is great if they get into the club in the long term... not so great that the kid behind me was continually kicking the back of my seat for most of the 2nd half... until I felt I had to turn round, and look at his feet, my chair and his mum, she did her best to stop him After that, unfortunately I think he was just bored

  • I can see I’m not going to change your egocentric world view. I’m glad I’m not you, it must be torture.

  • On the contrary.......there's nothing to change.......And I'M glad your not me!

  • My not you?

  • Are there any pictures of our quarters display as the teams came out?

  • And this really wasn't your first game? It might be annoying but it happens all the time. People do the same at the cinema, very expensive theatre shows and other events where you'd surely miss what was happening and ruin the whole story.

    Comments about how bad the food used to be (I'm going with used to be) got shouted down similarly for ages as if people didn't have other commitments and long journeys, or just want a bit of food and drink on a day out in a way that benefits the club financially.

    Btw there's probably kids of the ages you mentioned doing long shifts for not much money all over the country.

  • @LochNessDrogba A very fair and accurate summing up of the key points of yesterday. Sometimes these things are in the stars. After watching the footage of the Sunderland guy interviewing fans coming out of Bolton ("It's just gone to 5-0..." "...No it's not, mate, it's 6 now...") the turnaround under Neil has been outstanding. This weekend will live with you forever and I'm glad we will always be a part of that story. On the day we came up a little short. It is what it is, we go again, blah blah. Great memories for one side, learning for the other. Fair play, you deserved it. Well done!

  • I find it very strange too, there is so many different places to buy food these days that it just seems obvious to do it beforehand, I suppose they are just not that bothered about the actual football being played and don't care about missing it.

  • You can vaguely make it out in the panorama @drcongo posted on the matchday photos thread

  • Watching the highlights on Sky,

    That Vokes chance is even more painful. To not even get a shot off when clean through like that is just upsetting.

  • Oh god, brb just subjecting myself to the same misery

  • Can't blame Hanlan for his run either, as his own strength had made the chance, but that pee roller instead of laying it back to 2 men storming in on the edge was such a shame too. Then they scored straight after.

    Looking forward to next season already though.

    Wonder how quickly they'll unleash the season ticket details. Maybe tomorrow is too soon, give us a day more to recover.

  • Sounds like my last tinder date

  • To state the obvious, if we’d scored after ten minutes and bossed the game it would have been bouncing in our end. Unfortunately we didn’t really have anything to shout about during the game.

  • In fairness they missed some great chances too.

  • Had a Chicken sherwarma from the Lebanese van on the High st yesterday. Amazing.

  • I find the youth of today are very good at ‘reading’ their condescending and arrogant elders and are especially good at knowing just how to wind them up.

    annoying but not worth the effort of getting annoyed about,

    in my day I just remember annoying people Hiscouring Loakes Park (probably while the football was going on) for empty bottles of Hubble Bubble.

  • Ok someone's going to have to explain what Hubble Bubble is

  • Not a great picture but this is what it looked like from where I sat. The light blue looked a lot better than the dark blue

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