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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • @Loob82 congratulations. I spent an hour wandering about the sea of red waiting in vain for the train queue to shrink...great fans and created a great atmosphere. I was almost happy for you all. Don't come straight down and we'll see you again in a season or so!

  • @ReturnToSenda give the players a night off before you start assessing their value.

  • Agree with most of the posts on here, SAFC definitely contained us well and shut down Vokes and McCleary effectively - there was a few times where I wondered who decided McCleary had become a target man, he’s ok in the air, but generally not the player to lump long balls to, I feel.

    It was frustrating that I don’t think we played to our full potential, but the endeavour was there as always.

    The Bayo cameo was great and far from just a token run-out, he had some very skilful touches but the ball just didn’t quite fall for him.

    I don’t feel anywhere near as deflated as I did after the Southend playoff final, just that the game was a bit anti-climactic.

    But all in all you’d have to be pretty bloody churlish not to recognise this season as a success, as others have said we need to savour what a great time it is to be a Wycombe fan.

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    I left shortly after the final whistle and was heading into London, advised a fair number of fellow Chairboys to do the same and get the train back from Marylebone as it would be quicker than that ludicrous queueing system. (The cop at the front of the queue for the London platform was advising the same...)

    Got back to Dover at 7.40 & in the house just before 8

  • Think I might have missed Horgan out of the OOCs. Interesting to see what happens there, but I think he'll stay (assuming he's offered a new deal, of course).

  • Dover! Wow. I think I got back to Wycombe not far before that!

  • There was an encouraging number of Wycombe shirts on the train as it left Bicester and headed towards Oxford

  • Now this is a brilliant photo nicked off fb.

    Gotta love Kashket coming along in the gear!

  • I think Horgan might have to be sacrificed to bring others in. He’s shown glimpses but as he’s one of our top 5 players he’s not delivered enough (for me). Pay cut and new deal sure. He’s not a spring chicken so maybe. Same or improved terms, not for me sadly.

  • Scotty Kashket was wearing a Gape shirt…brilliant

  • Sunderland played really well from the kick off. High press and we never had time in the ball. Two men on Vokesy, a pacy winger up against JJ and they won the midfield battle as well. Basically nullified all of our weapons.

    Beaten by a better team on the day…but what a season to go out at Wembley in front of 72,000.

  • Dominic Gape is Scottie’s best mate at WWFC.

  • I think he’s the most likely to leave. I can see the other 4 you mentioned earlier all staying, but Horgan I’m not sure GA will keep around with Mehmeti / Young coming through

  • Read a couple of rival forums saying about our "aging" squad.

    I'd probably say our squad is perfectly composed age wise.

    Only really Stockdale, JJ and McCleary are close to the end.

    Goalie doesn't really matter in the same way as outfielders, we have Obita as a strong player in JJ's position, and Mehmeti and Hanlan as young attackers too.

  • Without turning this into a wild transfer thread (we’re less than 4 hrs gone from the final whistle), I could also see Kaikai moving on. Think he’s probably been under-utilised at times this season.

    But the core of the squad next year I really can’t see changing much.

  • Absolutely gutted, feel we didn't lay a glove on them really.

    Absolutely love this squad and management team though, couldn't be prouder to be a Wycombe supporter. We'll lick our wounds and have another crack next season. There's no team on earth I'd rather be supporting come August.

    A word too for the Sunderland supporters. To a man, woman and child they were absolutely brilliant, humble and gracious. A reminder perhaps that we should judge fans as we see them, not as they come across on social media.

    Painful night ahead, and a painful few days while we process it but please just know, there's no team on the planet it would be better to support. We are the lucky few

  • So right that @eric_plant . We couldn’t be arsed with the train queue so went to The Torch, which was a good post match vibe.

    Walking back I lost count of the number of Sunderland fans who shook our hands and wished us all the best. No smugness at all - classy.

  • Anyone know why the 4G was so slow/unusable at the game today? Thought Wembley was meant to be 'connected by EE!'

  • As low as we all feel this evening, I think back to the evening of the Southend game and a comment I heard

    "The players will be feeling even worse. For them it's not just a game, it's their livelihood. A potentially highly beneficial pay day didn't pan out as they hoped."

    We can all agree that things have progressed since that night and I'm confident, in time, we'll look back on today and be able to say "You know what, we've come a long way since that defeat by Sunderland".

  • Firstly, what an experience to see us play in front of a 72,000 strong crowd at Wembley! Thanks to the players and staff who made it happen, enjoy your Summer and can’t wait for the new season already.

    I thought the team selection was exactly as predicted and, for me at least, was not our strongest 11 which was frustrating. I was also baffled by the first 2 subs to be honest. I really felt we could’ve given them a better game than we did today but in the end it was quite flat from our side performance wise and it was a pretty comfortable win for Sunderland in the end which was a shame. There are some changes needed to the squad which I think we can all see, but as much as I disagree with some of our tactics and team selections at times, Gareth is THE man to strengthen the squad as he has a tremendous eye for talent and bringing in the right player and personality - will be an interesting few months.

    Have to say though, Sunderland were excellent, thoroughly deserved to win, and I know people baulk at the term ‘premier league support’ but the Sunderland fans really were today - they were fantastic and they deserve to see their team succeed. I heard a very happy chant on the way out saying ‘Sunderland..Championship’ and I just thought even that is just not enough for such a big club. They should be in the Premier League and good luck to them trying to get back there.

    Thanks again to all the team and staff - it’s a special club and you have done everyone proud.

  • 85 minutes today until we got our first corner. Somehow feel that sums up perfectly the lethargy of our performance but also the hugely professional job Sunderland did on us. We just couldn't get going and truthfully, barely looked like scoring.

    When we've been beaten by the top teams this season the overwhelming trend has been being completely overwhelmed in the middle of the park. There were huge similarities in the first half today with the MK away game - we have to find a way to better support Scowen in those moments as ultimately he ends up doing the job of 2-3 players.

    Overwhelming feeling of pride tonight though. A wonderful season and the most likeable squad we've had in my supporting lifetime. It was also so heartening to see so many kids there today in Wycombe tops, and people piling onto trains from across Bucks and Oxon. This club really is going places and bumps in the road like today will be quickly overcome.

  • Just got back to Stockport and I don’t usually allow myself a drop of single malt after a defeat but the journey home let me reflect on the great season that has culminated in today’s spectacle in front of 72,000 fans. Sunderland shaded it today and were deserved winners but we will go into next season stronger than we started last which was stronger than we started the previous - let’s not forget that - there maybe some bumps in the road, as today, but we are on our way - I love this journey. Roll on next season!

  • Oh, and for any Sunderland fan who may read this, that rendition of "I can't help falling in love with you" at full time was one of the most amazing, spine-tingling things I've ever seen in a football ground. Whoever cut it off after one chorus should be sacked!

  • My son and i are incredibly proud of the boys, it was one game to far , GMac did not turn up and Vokesy missing that chance was massive , however sometimes you just have to applaud the opposition who were simply. better than us today . so excited for next season and we need to build a team around, Taf, Anis and Hanlan

  • I agree with the overwhelming majority here. There are a few ‘what ifs,’ that will bother me all summer, but we’re in a great position to give it a real good go again next year. I’m sure GA and his staff will learn from today, and those lessons will make us stronger for the future.

    we’ve got some great memories to look back on, and a team we can be proud of. Wasn’t To be today, but we’ll get there.

  • Well. Fantastic day out on a personal basis. Fair play to Sunderland, the better team on the day. That first goal was a horrid thing, allowed him to walk trough Wembley to score. Stocko to blame? Maybe! Stocko a key part in us getting to Wembley? Yes.

    we go again. We are Wycombe!

  • Anthony Stewart is an absolute Rolls Royce of a centre back. A definite must keep.

  • He’s been brilliant for us this season and I’d love him to stay, but what was Stocko doing for the 1st goal?

    No deflection, he just seemed to stand there.

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    An amazing day. I congratulate Sunderland on the win, promotion and playing better than us. Respect to their fans who were excellent. Their singing was spine tingling. Good luck next season.

    I feel full of pride for this fantastic club/team/squad. Full of thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears the club/team/squad have given, in particular to the legend that is Bayo. Finally, full of hope for our next chapter. What a wonderful club in its entirety. COYB!

  • He just missed it. If he’d stood still the ball would have hit him, but he misjudged the flight and moved at the last second.

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