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Realistic Signing(s) for the Summer

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I know we have the traditional "Summer Transfers" topic but before that kicks off and the Transfer Window opens with the 1st July (Free Transfers) comes around, who do you think the club could realistically sign?

(PS. Discussion created just to annoy @wingnut 😜) But a serious discussion too!



  • Well Lewandowski says he's done at Bayern

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    If I could choose 2 players to sign they would be Alfie Mawson and Scott Twine. Even tho he (Scott) was a pain in the a*!e when Wycombe played against him, his stats from last season were impressive and would add to the creative force we have going forward

  • I thought this was a realistic signings thread!

  • I'll await for your "realistic signing" suggestion then @ReturnToSenda

  • Scott Twine 😂

  • Vadaine Oliver is available on a free, but I doubt he would want to be second string behind Vokes.

  • I don't have any as I never really think about it - which is testament to how bloody briliaibg our recruitment is

  • It wouldn't be a summer signings thread without a mention of Dave Tarpey...

  • I am never any good at this game. Probably 3 of our best signings under GA came with most fans saying 'who the .... is this?'

    Mawson, McCarthy, Gape all arrived with most people never hearing of them before. I don't think many of us would have been scanning a relegated Hearts side for a striker as we prepared for our first season in the Championship either and that worked ok.

  • Mawson, Pierre, Uche, and there have to be a couple of other old boys, as we do love an old boy back.

  • Bearing in mind there's some Premiership and Championship clubs prepared to bid millions for Twine, I don't fancy our chances much

  • Charlie Austin? - released by QPR - used to play alongside Sam Vokes - lives fairly near

  • Charlie Austin to Swindon I believe

  • Like others, I find the speculation painful but, in for a penny, Alfie May from Cheltenham...he was here there and every ****ing where for that game at least!

  • Harry Smith from Orient? Although we’d have to pay a fee, and again he’d be competing for a place with Vokes.

  • I thought Alfie May was terrific against us, and might just play well off Vokes.

    I've always liked Anthony Scully at Lincoln, and of course Sean McConville at Accy, although he's probably a bit old now and I doubt he'd leave there anyway

  • oh, Ayoub Assai at AFC Wimbledon as well if we could get him

  • Harry McKirdy, right little $#*t Houser who would get right under the oppos skin.

    Great lower league striker, probably too uncontrollable for Gaz, but he is certainly allowed to be ‘his own man’ at Swindon.

  • Alfie May feels like a Martin Bullock type signing.

  • No offence but the suggestions so far are absolutely miles off the mark. They'll all be at much bigger clubs except Harry McKirdy, who I don't think would pass the Gaz/Dobbo background check.

    I'd like to see us try and get Shayden Morris in. The Fleetwood winger that came off the bench and ripped us apart second half in the away game. He's young enough to not need registering (only 20 years old still), so doesn't 'displace' an existing squad member or a more established / higher profile signing. Give him a 2 year deal. 1st year have him play under McCleary's wing. If he's ready he can play a season in his position. If he's not ready he can rotate with our existing wingers or a new signing. He's London-born so you'd imagine he'd be keen to move to a side like us - local to home. That's my realistic idea of a signing.

  • John Bostock has just left Donny, he impressed me at Adams Park a couple of months back

  • I'm with @frequentstander I think we need someone like the Fleetwood winger who can run directly at defenders and scare the life out of them - we had that in Fred - that said I wonder Connor Parsons might fit that mould - he did well in the Villa Pizza cup game and scored a cracking goal whilst out on loan

  • I liked briliaibg myself.

  • impressed me also however I think stevenage picked him up....they are a team that will do well next season.

    would love to see Mawson coming in as well as a quick winger

  • Got the distinct impression Fred had burnt his bridges here.

  • I feel bound to join in in view of what's been said so would suggest Alan Sugar's favourite player Carlos Kickaball

  • I know that Man Utd have to get rid of a lot of players but is Fred really one of those to be released? And what's he done to offend WWFC anyway?

  • Fred, yes. Muswke, never heard of him.

    I wouldn’t normally come on a thread trying (and 95% of the time failing) to second guess GA and Dobbo but Fred was such a big loss that I had to chip in. Extremely unlikely that he’ll return for a fourth time.

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