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Our own idiot element have been at it again

edited November 2017 in Football

I see the club have issued two more banning orders to our own idiotic element - I deliberately don't use the term fans.
When will they get the message?

Hopefully the more the club zero tolerance approach is advertised the more these idiots will realise they are not welcomed by the majority of fans.



  • Really saddening to hear about. What utter morons.

    Just out of interest do the club have a policy of not allowing 'highly intoxicated' people in to the ground regardless of how many pyrotechnics they are carrying?

  • The club have not issued banning orders. They can only be issued through the courts. They have however banned two supporters from the ground.

  • So if someone is standing, smoking and yelling racist abuse does that mean I have to send 3 texts? The game will be over by the time I’ve gone through all that!

  • As i walked in on Saturday, I saw some young guy being marched out by what i presume was a police officer.
    Goodness knows what he'd done to be marched out by 2.58, but he looked exceptionally proud, and shouted to some old guy to "let his old man know".

    A 3 year ban is certainly one hell of a punishment for the latest smoke bomb kid. 3 years without watching your team while all your pals can!

    Reading the bottom of that link though, "foul" behaviour might well rule half the ground out at times, depending on interpretation!

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Really saddening to hear about. What utter morons.

    Just out of interest do the club have a policy of not allowing 'highly intoxicated' people in to the ground regardless of how many pyrotechnics they are carrying?

    In fact under the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985 it is not a matter of club policy - it is illegal.

    "A person who is drunk in a designated sports ground at any time during the period of a designated sporting event at that ground or is drunk while entering or trying to enter such a ground at any time during the period of a designated sporting event at that ground is guilty of an offence."

  • @Midlander - I only copied what the club website article says, I apologise.

    @Malone - That could well have been the idiot with the pyrotechnic device. Hate to think what might have happened had he let if off in the Vere Suite.

  • So hopefully this moron is prosecuted for this too. Doesn't mention it in the press release too. This behaviour makes me so angry. It's moronic and needs to be stamped out. Send them all to any of the countries who's citizens would love the freedom these idiots seem to think it a right to act in an anti social way.

  • I mean I agree it’s moronic, but you’ve lost me with the last bit.

  • Oh well @Chris . Don't lose any sleep over it.

  • Yep - I think RITM wants to deport all our criminals or at least the anti-social ones. [ I'm not sure there are any crimes which aren't anti-social]. An alternative to national service I suppose.

  • Not the case @Baldric . Don't put words in to my mouth.

    The 'honour amongst thieves' concept is one I do admire a little bit. There is an intelligence with certain crimes that is simply not in evidence with a drunk person with a pyrotechnic trying to get in to a football ground. There is no lack of education and freedom in this country so, for me. there is no excuse. So many others in the world are desperate for one of both of freedom and education yet this moron has wasted both. I wouldn't wish him on any country in the world.

  • Well you did mention sending people elsewhere - sorry if you really meant that they should be sent temporarily just to broaden their minds, and appreciate their freedoms. Lots of evidence that flares and worse are a phenomena at football grounds across the world, regardless of the political regime.

  • My mate from Le Havre got banned once after bringing a cockerel into the ground. Fowl behaviour.

  • Why can't those banned be named?

  • @mooneyman -Sadly naming them is just the sort of "street cred" the idiots are after I suspect.

  • I guess it could prompt legal action, so the Club are staying mute on this by ducking it

  • Pretty sure I saw the lad outside the Vere suite, being spoken to extremely firmly by stewards and police. A regular behind the terrace. Not part of the brains trust, I think it would be fair to say.

  • Don't be so sure. Cyril Joad openly boasted about how he fare dodged on trains

  • @LX1 I enjoyed it even if no one else did. Your cockerel joke that is

  • A couple of thoughts on this:

    1. It is very sad that supporters are being banned from Adams Park. I’m not sure the club can afford to be taking such action, especially in the racist language away from the ground where the fan showed apparent remorse. Surely education is a better policy (although with pyro fans have been given enough chances).
    2. I’m not sure why the Grass a Fellow Fan policy is so complex. If there is a major issue report it, if not don’t. Our stewards should have enough intelligence to solve the problem if reported without the need for guidelines which could prevent a serious issue being brought to their attention.
  • @Midlander, are you seriously suggesting racist language is ok if it's not in the ground itself?
    Laughably bad stuff.

  • @malone no of course I’m not.

  • zero tolerance is a fair approach towards racism I think

    to even suggest considering whether we can "afford" to ban such fans is pretty poor. That shouldn't even come into consideration.

  • People make mistakes. If they are genuinely remorseful I’d much rather they are educated so they don’t make the mistake again rather than a “zero tolerance” approach.

  • if you reach adulthood and think it's acceptable to get tanked up and shout racist abuse, you think it's because of a lack of education?

  • also looking forward to your explanation of how you tell if someone is "genuinely remorseful" about their actions or being banned by the way

  • I don’t think it is acceptable. But Wycombe Wanderers are a football club, not a court of law. I’d rather have fans at the club abiding by rules and learning from their mistakes than fans shunted away for doing something they now realise is wrong.

  • you're making yourself sound foolish

    what sort of Damascene conversion do you think this individual has undergone in the last fortnight?

    why do they only now realise that racism is wrong? Had no-one ever explained it to them before?

    this is an adult you're we're talking about, not a child

  • @Midlander - bit puzzled as to why you think racism should be subject to a 'light touch' anywhere. Adams Park is a public place. You would be banned or removed from most pubs for similar. Do people not know what racism is and that its wrong before they are caught being racist?

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