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The definitive ex-player news thread



  • Grumpy old man lately. iPhone crashed a week ago and have spent literally hours on landline to Apple in Brazil trying to sort it out. Hence sub-standard punctustion etc on this old laptop.

  • Scowen scored for Barnsley today

  • Being reported that Junior Morias will be signing for Peterborough United in January from St Albans City.

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    true it seems but unbelievable - couldn't even score from the penalty spot in the B&B vs Beaconsfield, never scored for us and has a reportedly tricky training ground temprment, strange move, does Lee Angol need a room mate on away games?

  • What reports?

  • @Chris said:
    What reports?

    the rumour mill as to why he left us at v short notice, pure conjecture of course, best filed under 'smoke/fire'.

  • @Chris , why ask that? Even a hint at what a lot of us have heard about his exit would be deleted immediately...

    A lot of people had forgotten that he was awarded and signed a contract with us, then "mysteriously" was let go without comment very soon after.

  • And then, perhaps most mysteriously of all, played for QPR's u21s the same week.

  • @malone my point is there are no reports, so saying he has a reportedly tricky temperament is weasel words.

  • @Chris said:
    malone my point is there are no reports, so saying he has a reportedly tricky temperament is weasel words.

    Oh didn't realise you were having a go at me Chris, in future just be a bit braver and spit it out son, weasel indeed, anyone close to the club knows what happened in the gym, don't understand what point you are trying to make?

  • As I've said to people before on this particular rumour either provide the evidence or don't mention it. It is potentially extremely libellous if untrue, and I'm yet to see anything that persuades me that it's anything but idle speculation.

  • 'Events' can't be 'extremely libellous' they either are or they are not, there are no degrees in law. As Malone points out to spell out the circumstances of Juniors sudden, post contract agreement, departure would serve no purpose here, this forum is not the place to dissuade you of your stance re 'speculation'.

  • So don't say he has a reportedly tricky temperament when there are no reports which suggest as such.

  • Morias could be a late developer but he had 27 appearances with us without scoring (albeit many short ones as substitute) and at the time we couldn't financially afford to carry those that were not contributing. He also wasn't exactly prolific when he dropped down a level to Boreham Wood.

    The times I saw him he always gave 100% but he dodn't seem to have the ability and co-ordination to be a league player. I will be happy to be proved wrong though.

    I await the usual admonishment from Herr Chris advising me I am being disrespectful to a player!

  • We must all obey The Chrismiester, in fact isn't tomorrow named in his honour?

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    @Chris , I do wonder what sort of evidence you'd like us to provide. Camera footage? The players involved doing interviews around the subject?
    Bit unrealistic really.

    I think the best you're going to get is info passed down from people who know. But that's not enough for here,so we move on

  • The evidence to demonstrate that something is reported would normally be a report.

  • Chris FYI definition
    according to what some say (used to express the speaker's belief that the information given is not necessarily true).
    "he was in El Salvador, reportedly on his way to Texas"

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    If you aren't sure it's true then don't repeat it, eh?

    Merry Christmas.

  • Repeat what?

  • Hauser on the bench for Wolves today. Has he been injured?

  • Stuart Beavon has signed for Coventry City.

  • Rendell and Kretzschmar have both just scored for their respective clubs in the Woking v Aldershot fixture

  • I just looked at his Wikipedia entry, didn't realise he'd been quite such a journeyman, or that his strike rate since leaving us has been relatively modest (albeit at a higher level than when he played for us, of course).

  • Eew, I don't realise he'd played for Brizzle, Col U AND Franchise. He's just missing Poxford now.

  • In other ex-player news, Yennaris scored a corker for Brentford yesterday.

  • It wasn't great before us either.

  • Beavon scored on his Coventry debut.

  • Alfie Mawson's just put Swansea 1 up at Palace.

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