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The definitive ex-player news thread



  • Ugwu scored again for Woking today.

  • Kidlington have named Jermaine McSporran as their caretaker manager after Martin Wilkinson's departure from the EVO-STIK League Southern's Greens.

    It says he's 39 now which makes me feel very old

  • Best of luck to him, me and my old man loved little McSporran. There's a great youtube compilation of his best WWFC goals.

  • Nathan Tyson has joined Carlisle on trial this week.

  • Junior Morias leaving his boys down to 9 late on with a stupid red card v Maidenhead at the weekend. Nice one Junior!

  • Ingram warming bench at QPR - hard to see how that helps his development. Mind you if they continue to ship six at home, the bench may be a very good place to be!

  • @Malone said:
    Junior Morias leaving his boys down to 9 late on with a stupid red card v Maidenhead at the weekend. Nice one Junior!

    And another red yesterday evening.

  • Must be racking a nice long ban up

  • Sounds like he was well and truly Wycombised

  • Ben Strevens has left Eastleigh by mutual consent,he was assistant manager as well as playing so god knows what happened there.

  • Eastleigh seem to be underperforming a little considering their budget.

    Looks an exciting year though with a lot of former FL teams battling it out. I'd personally like to see Dag and Red come back up as its another away game I can easily go to, although I have a soft spot for Aldershot.

  • Jason McCarthy has scored for Walsall against Bolton.

  • Steve Peart's piece on Oxford City's defeat last night and their terrible recent travails includes an interesting and very pleasing reference to Scott Davis(?Davies). Recommended reading.

  • See "own goal knocks Oxford City out of FA Cup"

  • Charlie Griffin appointed manager of Cirencester Town (they are short of goals apparently!)

  • @perfidious_albion Was given the post by another ex- Chairboy, Steve Abbley who is chairman of the Centurions.

    Hagan Hayrettin was appointed Braintree Town manager earlier this week as well.

  • Hakan. Didn't know Alan Devonshire had gone. I think Hakan had been a coach there. I worked in London many years ago with Lee Harding, their chairman and only yesterday discovered that he was at Braintree. Have tried to find a picture of him on-line but he seems to be keeping a lower profile than he did all those years ago.

  • Whoops! It seems that Alan Devonshire switched to Maidenhead last year. Anyone know who originally took over from him at Braintree?

  • Really pleased to see Alex Lynch sign for Chester. Felt for him when he was released as the timing of his injury could not have been worse.
    His attitude always impressed me and he has done a sensible thing by dropping down and getting a chance to come back up again rather than holding out for a move that will never happen higher up unless you are playing.
    Hope to see him progress with Chester and beyond.

  • Some deeply enlightened feminism from our illustrious ex-striker Leon Knight in the aftermath of the Ched Evans verdict:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

  • What a nasty piece of work he is.

  • Hang on. In Knights defence I often forget what an absolute CNUT the guy is. If he wasn't so kind as to tweet this kind of stuff I may not remember for weeks on end. So thanks Leon for the vital service. Normal service is restored.

  • That Twitter thread is one of the most depressing things I've ever read. Thank god we got rid of the little shitebag.

  • I'm having to avoid the news and twitter tonight for fear of damaging something. St.Ched and his adoring misogynists are re-writing our legal system.
    When he first got sent down the website that was set up to allow 'people' to pledge messages of support to him included the chance to win a car if you did. Brass Eye?

  • The jury found him not guilty so why do you think you know better?

  • Found not guilty correct. Not found innocent as per his statement.
    Anyway here's an interesting perspective

  • edited October 2016

    @TheAndyGrahamFanClub he was innocent until proven guilty. As he was found not guilty, he is therefore innocent in the eyes of the law. Unless you know better than the 12 jurors who sat through days of evidence and unanimously made that decision, of course. No one can be proven innocent, that doesn't mean any one found not guilty deserves to be tarred with the 'no smoke without fire' brush.

  • edited October 2016

    @aloysius whatever the details of Evans case, I think we can all agree that Knight is being needlessly and grossly offensive, no?

  • @Chris I've just looked at his tweets, absolutely he is. He's displaying the revolting, entitled machismo that should have no place in today's society but thanks to a certain presidential candidate appears to be more and more common. Twitter is such an ugly vessel - people seem to become needlessly offensive caricatures of themselves when reduced to 140 characters and allowed to broadcast from their bedrooms to their echo chambers. Intolerable stuff.

  • Quick reminded of the thread title folks. Leon Knight musings yes, extended Ched Evans chat should probably go somewhere else now.

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