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The definitive ex-player news thread

edited June 2016 in Football

Am I right in thinking there's an ex-chairboy involved in the Euros tonight?



  • Not thinking of Saint Martin by the way.

  • Richard Keogh ??

  • That's the one. Remember his OG at Darlo.

  • Get in Ireland! Martin does it again!

  • Dont forget Steve Guppy was also on the bench in Sir Martin's backroom staff.

  • And Steve Walford. Forgot about those two earlier on.

  • Nick Arnold joins Waddock at Aldershot.

  • Beginning to get quite anxious to see ex-player threads on other message boards reporting that XXX has joined Ainsworth at Wycombe. first pre season friendly in two weeks - shall we make it five a side.

    Getting rather nervous about the season ahead.

  • Player contracts from the last season only expire on Thursday. I would hope that by Friday we'll have had one or two more announcements and then a glut next week.

    Is anyone hearing any rumours about players linked with Wycombe? We heard about Southwell a couple of days before he was announced. Hopefully a bit more chatter is materialising somewhere.

  • Aldershot must be desperate. I'd have thought that the main advantage of signing players you'd worked with before is knowing which ones aren't good enough.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if we have a couple of deals in the bag ready to be announced at the launch party thingy in a couple of weeks time.

  • Also in ex-player news, Charlie Horlock has left Hitchin Town to join Conference South side Eastbourne Borough (captained by Ian Simpemba). Apparently Horlock did very well at HItchin and was highly rated. Pleased for him as he always came across as a good guy.

  • Hes from East Grinstead so its a lot closer to Horlocks home than Hitchin.

  • @aloysius Here's a roundup of all the rumours I've heard/seen online. They're probably all bollocks.

    We've been said to be 'front of the queue' for 20 y.o striker/winger Diego De Girolamo who has been released by Sheffield United. English-born Italy U20 international. Also heavily linked with hometown club Chesterfield though, which seems more likely.

    One which I really hope is true (but is from that stupid rumours website so probably isn't) is that we're 'set to sign' right sided defender Christian Ribeiro from Exeter. Amazed City would let him go to be honest. Former Welsh international, still only 26. Plymouth and Swindon said to be after him as well which doesn't bode well for our chances.

    We were apparently one of a number of clubs after Dover's 26 y.o defender/midfielder Jack Parkinson, but that's all gone quiet. Gillingham, Orient and Wimbledon also interested.

    Matt Tubbs has been mentioned, transfer listed by Portsmouth, but if they want money for him that would probably rule us out. Wimbledon and Crawley also want him.

    Also 28 y.o Maidenhead forward Dave Tarpey and Marlow winger Samuel Bangura.

    In the other direction, QPR, Barnsley, Burton, Fleetwood and Sheff Utd all said to be after Pierre. Rowe linked with Portsmouth, which sounds highly unlikely. Joe Jacobson apparently wanted by Peterborough.

    Chalfont's top scorer Tony Mendy, mentioned a few times on here as a possible target, appears to have joined Marlow.

  • Great stuff, thanks @Jonny_King. I guess we lost interest in Jack Parkinson when Bean signed - and any move for De Girolamo, Ribeiro and Tubbs will be dependent on us selling Pierre first. I'd love to see us sign Tarpey as competition for Wood - that strikes me as a reasonably likely proposition and may help explain why Sellers wasn't given an opportunity at the end of the season and was then booted out.

  • Ribeiro's signed for Oxford - who have release two keepers, Slocombe (not very good), and the rhyming Crocombe (big, young, local - maybe a possible?).

  • When does pre-season training start? Some teams started today.

  • Barnsley are close to signing Curtis Nelson from Plymouth. Cant see them signing two young promising Lg2 CBs. Surprising though, that's where I thought he would end up.

  • @leapfrog Dammit! Always impressed by Ribeiro. Why on earth did Exeter release him?!

  • @leapfrog said:
    Ribeiro's signed for Oxford - who have release two keepers, Slocombe (not very good), and the rhyming Crocombe (big, young, local - maybe a possible?).

    "Max" Crocombe (real name Maxime) was on loan at Southport last season. He is 22, 6' 4.5" and is a New Zealand U23 international. He has previously been on loan at several other clubs including Barnet.

  • Wouldnt be surprised if we sign Sam Slocombe, if memory serves, didnt he play at Scunthorpe with Hayes & Thompson?.

  • Courtney Senior from Brentford to ColU. Interesting one as I thought he could have been one of the players on GA's list.
    Hoping that maybe this is a sign PCH could be on the horizon

  • He may well have been. Perhaps col u offered more money.
    I'm getting concerned. Would bite your hand off for mid table as it stands.

  • The key really is the start of pre-season training. GA said that last season his was hampered by our late start to the business due to the play-offs, this season we are even later in our signings.
    I was/am a huge fan of A Trialist during the pre-season friendly period and over the years we have picked up some cracking players that way (Luke O'Nien & Steve McGinn last year for example) but I still think we would all like to see one or two more signed before the gambles are considered. Otherwise we will be looking at the Ugwu's of this world.

  • Enjoying the abbreviated DevC posts. Has someone hacked the account?

    It's pretty clear we're not competing in the market for the players we need to push towards the top of the league on ability. It's now down to Ainsworth to build a team greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Maybe Gaz is waiting on getting a few of the England squad on the cheap - League 2 seems about their level.

  • To be fair, Yeovil currently has a smaller squad than us - 12 men compared to 14. But they do have a keeper. So maybe a score draw.

  • But we have a promising young keeper who made his debut last season against Plymouth! Could now be ready to become a regular.

  • No, no, no @mooneyman - he is still a couple of years away from being ready!!

  • @aloysius Sorry to be picky but it is 13. We can't really include GA or Bazza.

    I think it is a real risk for GA to contemplate a rush goalie for the season ahead and I am not sure the EFL has ratified spider keeper yet even if they have other mad ideas.

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