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Bournemouth offer for Ibe



  • I think Lloyd is right. If you want to pretend that that decision is OK because you like the people who made it - well you go ahead - perhaps you may want to reflect on what you would be saying had the very same decision been made by Hayes.

    Today is a landmark day in the club, with every possibility that there may be another one with Hause before too long. The debt that could and perhaps should have largely been cleared years ago is now gone. We now have an opportunity to build again. With good quality professional management in place, lets hope that while the environment is still challenging we now have a better chance of sustaining a league future.

  • Slightly different statement emailed to trust members:

    The Trust notes with great interest the announcement today of Jordon's transfer to AFC Bournemouth, and wish him well in his move to the Vitality Stadium.

    We know that Trust members will be very keen to know more about what Jordon's move means for Wycombe Wanderers in financial terms, and how it might affect our debt repayment to Steve Hayes. We are subject to confidentiality agreements both with Liverpool FC and with Steve Hayes but we are actively seeking the agreement of both parties so that we can provide members with as much information as possible on this potentially very exciting development for the Trust and for the Club. We will make a further announcement as soon as we can, and call a members' meeting as soon as it is appropriate.

  • I've always felt sick about the Phillips deal but also feel it was done with best intention rather than incompetence.
    Personally I will always be grateful for stepping up to the plate when we needed help.
    Now let's look forward

  • Just for the record, I think it was done with the best intentions also. Best intentions and incompetence are not mutually exclusive. As you say onwards - a landmark day for the club.

  • I believe the only extra payments clause that has not been triggered from the deal is full international honours, so congrats to all involved in brokering the Ibe deal (note it was not only Steve Hayes, Mr Woodward had an involvement as well).

    This is a momentous day for WWFC, let's put all the squabbling over previous financial decisions behind us and look forwards.

  • Well, that's a relief. I bailed out earlier, exhausted by the seemingly interminable "debate" and have just returned to what, hopefully, is the grand finale.
    This is indeed a momentous day for Wycombe Wanderers. Good night all.

  • brought into sad perspective by the events in france tonight. Horrid world

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    I'm pretty sure that Phillips sold for ยฃ5 million and we were due 20% of the fee in total. Given that we had already received ยฃ700,000 from Blackpool, we would only have been due another ยฃ300,000, not the ยฃ1.5 million Dev so ridiculously claims.

  • Surely that's not how it works Bledlow. We would have got 20% of ยฃ4.3m being the profit Blackpool made on the transfer.

  • I thought these sell-ons were usually percentage of sell-on, minus the original fee, which would have given us ยฃ300,000. Meanwhile, with the team in France ATM, I consider us lucky to have a team after Nice. I know it was the opposite side of the country but still, scary thought...

  • I'm struggling to see why anyone would defend the decision to cash in on the Matt Phillips sell on fee.

    Don Woodward did a lot of good for the club at a spectacularly risky time, and I'm sure he put in an awful lot of time and effort. He deserves massive respect for keeping the club in existence when it might well have gone to the wall.

    However, that doesn't mean the Phillips cash in wasn't a horribly bad decision that cost the club a substantial amount of money. No doubt those who made the decision (likely not just Woodward but as chairman he must take the most responsibility) thought they were acting in the best interests of the club. It shouldn't really have taken hindsight to figure out that it was a bad deal though, perhaps it was made because the club lacked a bit of commercial nous in the leadership team at the time, which they seem to have addressed.

  • Think this discussion also happened earlier in the thread over the Ibe transfer. Debate as to whether you receive 20% of the profit Blackpool make or 20% of the transfer fee in total payment.

    clause 2.6. You managed to get every figure wrong, Mr Bledlow.

    But as Mr Niebliski says, there are more important things in the world at the moment.

  • @ed by Spurs like this)?
    I have often wondered though if some part of the decision making was made because of the side deal that was hovering around at the time, detailed above in the FA ruling. By dumping the deal like this was this is way to dump the problem that was brewing at the time? We will never know

    Lets close this thread this morning eh?

  • Why on earth should the thread be closed just because some scrutiny is offered on a very poor decision made by the club / trust? The last thing we need is a complacent, arrogant governing body that shirks from responsibility. What then happens is elections get fixed (rules created that suit incumbents; information withheld on controversial decisions until after the result) and the club feels it can get away with taking decisions that fans will not support without bothering to consult. Supporter-owned clubs, this one in particular, needs more transparency and more scrutiny. Not having that scrutiny or discussion curtailed when things get a little awkward.

  • Agreed. Just read through three or four pages of groundhog day stuff. Nothing new and even less relevant now than it was it was all first written.

  • Easy option for those bored by this subject is to not read it.

    As an example, I've never been interested in speculating about the starting line up of our first match a month ahead and including players I've not seen play. So I don't read the thread that's dedicated to it.

    I don't call for it to be closed or say it's not something that shouldn't be discussed.

  • We love flogging that dead horse here.

  • I click on the subject header thinking I might see an update on the subject described. Not a totally different topic.

    Not so easy to to ignore.

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    @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    I click on the subject header thinking I might see an update on the subject described. Not a totally different topic.

    Not so easy to to ignore.

    To be fair to you, I'd not realised quite how far off topic it'd gone! Perhaps we should have a permanent HAYES V WOODWARD thread and ban all talk on the subject outside of it?

  • That would be much easier to ignore. At the moment I'm just ignoring anything where DevC is the last poster. Isn't a perfect system though.

  • Right_in_the_Middle
    July 15 Flag
    That would be much easier to ignore. At the moment I'm just ignoring anything where DevC is the last poster. Isn't a perfect system though.

    Most people hit the ignore button for DevC Righty, it makes for a nicer place to be without having to look at his pompous ramblings...

  • Back to the thread, do we know if there was any news from Liverpool on the agreement? Were members of the trust board walking around in gold plated suits last night for example?

  • According to the press at the weekend ยฃ2.8m to WWFC with ยฃ1.3m going to Hayes to pay of debt.

  • Guess that would be less the 500,000 already paid. Still a fantastic windfall, what would people do with the million or so left over?

  • Put in a bid for Jordon Ibe

  • If only the Hayes debt was the only one to be paid off

  • You are right again, Righty (twice in one day! are you ill.....).

    Ibe money mostly goes to pay off debts (hayes, Chairboy funders , brewery? etc). Money from any sell-on if/when hause moves may be more available to "invest".

  • You seem very hung up on this Hause move. I don't see any reason why that would happen any time soon.
    I feel pretty sad that the last of the family silver has been sold of and the final scrappings of moneys are coming in. We have to invest in the youth because at the moment the club has run out of golden geese.

    Howard has been very quiet on the youth scheme since the PR stunt. Wonder what happened?

  • He also backtracked on the '5 year plan' this week...

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