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Nathan Bishop set to sign



  • Is it possible for admin to rename this thread?

  • Livingstone goalkeeper!

  • No games above non-league level in England - I imagine a short term loan until Man Utd realise that having Bishop on their books won’t save their season.

  • Only 8 to go to 1000 posts. Will something happen to avoid getting there?

  • Maybe Bishop will be in the Man U first team next game up.

  • Maybe some kind of random name generator would do the job

  • How about 'Life, The Universe and Goalkeepers'?

  • If I tried to include all the subjects covered in this thread we’d hit a character limit.

  • Am I the 1000th?

  • I am now

  • Gareth says we'll have a new keeper for Barnsley. I'm going for Bishop on a 3 year deal.

  • It's Max Stryjek from Livingston, who doesn't sound like the most 'Wycombe' signing.

  • We’ve obviously waited this long for Bishop so if it meant waiting until the end of August to get him I think we should hold fast on that one now. Otherwise we’ve waited essentially for no reason. But we would have to know for sure it was going to happen.

    Lets be honest, Stryjek is a worry purely because none of us know anything at all about him and it feels a bit second choice/panic buy. In reality he could be a better keeper right now than Bishop, who knows!

  • It’s good to see the saves he’s made but the goals he’s conceded would be the more telling video, that’s a true indicator of what to expect.

  • If Bishop ever does sign for us can you organise a party please @drcongo? We can all dress up in bishop garb and drink Bishop's Finger ale

  • Watched 3 minutes of the nine. Outstanding reflexes (and the ball bounces a long way off him) but didn’t see him in a crowded box at a set piece, the situation that has mostly been the undoing of Tyla Dickinson and his defence.

    Any evidence of his ability in that respect later in the showreel?

  • Not really - there is one claim and quick throw out which was good but not under much pressure

  • parsons out on loan, new player incoming?

  • I’ve seen a few comments from fans who stated they would be underwhelmed by the signing of this keeper, based on stats they may have seen online.

    It’s worth remembering that a) stats do not tell the whole story, b) stats can be manipulated and c) overall statistics such as clean sheets are not just down to the keeper, or even just the defence, but the entire team.

    I can’t say I’ve heard of him before but then, not many of us had heard of Mawson or Eze until they signed for us.

    In terms of signing ‘bigger’ names, let’s not forget the likes of Harper and Lennon who were largely underwhelming.

    Whoever we sign to play in goal, I’m pretty certain it will be someone who we’ve kept tabs on and even if they turn out to be an ‘unknown’, we should trust our management team.

  • Max Stryjek sounds like a futuristic space pilot, so I am quietly confident.

  • The Boeing 737 Max hasn't exactly inspired confidence. Just saying.🙄

  • It’s about time for a havewycombesignedakeeperyet Twitter account isn’t it?

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    I think the level of expectation of level of goalkeeper that Wycombe will get in the short term is utterly ridiculous. When people say that Stockdale has not been replaced, which Stockdale are they talking about? Do they mean the one that signed at Wycombe, overweight, and both physically and mentally unfit for first team football, or the one that left as Golden Glove winner?

    At best Wycombe will sign somebody elses No.2, but far more likely a keeper that is out of favour, young and inexperienced, from a lower level, or not playing regularly. What Wycombe will not get is the first choice keeper from any league 1 or higher club. Whoever is to be the Wycombe No. 1 goalkeeper this season, it will take time for them to settle and get up to speed.

  • "Whoever is to be the Wycombe No. 1 goalkeeper this season, it will take time for them to settle and get up to speed."

    All the more reason not to leave it until almost five games into the season to sort!

  • @ReturnToSenda you do realise everyone has been trying hard to sort this for months don't you?

  • @ReturnToSenda , I wonder if I could ask you to do a small bit of analysis. If the 48 Lg1 and Lg2 keepers who started last league game, how many were on loan from a) premier b) champ and how many owned by their club.

    Have to say I was always in favour of the idea of loaning a premiership kid each season as your main GK rather than owning your own but obvious risks with a) what happens if he is not very good b) with the Bishop thing we have seen where he appears to have been caught up in "big club intrigue".

    Not sure how prevalent this practise is but honestly dont have the time to do the work. Wondered if you would like to?

  • We hope so, but no professional team should be four games into the season without an adequate goalkeeper. I've never known anything like it.

  • It’s been clear for a number of weeks that if we were going to get Bishop , it was going to be closer to the end of the transfer window because MU were looking for a goalkeeper to replace Henderson as No 2 . It appears we had no Plan B and now seem to be scrabbling around to find someone as the risk of playing Dickinson has backfired. It is not a criticism of him but he is not ready at the moment to play this level of football and his lack of presence and confidence , has had an impact on our defensive ability.

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