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Match day thread: Burton



  • Okay as I still keep seeing your posts when people quote them I will bite...given that even you have to accept that we won convincingly today and kept a clean sheet...what constructive points did you post pre-match @Wanderers82 ?

  • POTD right here, the training ground line is a zinger.

  • Bloody good post RITM, well said.

  • That’s a decent post but let’s not get carried away, Burton we’re absolutely awful and we could still be playing now and they wouldn’t have troubled many league two sides. Our defence did as well as they needed to sure, but they didn’t exactly have to do much. Burton were scared about Anis from literally the first seconds and our attacking play immediately put them into panic mode. It was a decent early season stroll to victory and not exactly the famous win you mention.

    there will be a lot tougher challenges for our defence.

  • A thousand times yes! I thought it looked glorious, and seemed to suit our silky attacks on the day too.

  • Agreed about Mehmeti, GMAC name-checked him in his interview the other day and mentioned he was fired up for the start of the season. I think eventually we might have a Paris situation where he has a flying start to the season and then gets a big move in January (bigger than Paris’ move was mind), but right now it’s just a joy to have him.

  • I don’t think the “bedwetters” have ever complained about our lack of attacking prowess.

    if anything the gaping holes in our squad worry me precisely because that prowess might go to naught if the defence folds under another injury or two and we’re still waiting for the signings to appear as stronger teams rock up.

    I assume JJ’s substitution was merely precautionary after being seen by the physio? Has the club said anything about it?

  • How can you possibly have a preference if you haven't seen both play? Blackmans' injury record isn't exactly appealing.

  • Interesting that that Tafazoli hasn't yet been mentioned as one of the outstanding performers. For me, he is one of the 1st names I look for when the team is announced. Without him, I believe we do have a serious problem. So assured on the ball, excellent in the air and never gave possession away when making a pass. Excellent communicator with a defence that appears to me that revolve around his every word. Hoping he stays fit and managed well by the back room staff, which I'm sure they will.

  • I thought it looked like it was going to be a lively exciting afternoon when I saw the team but everyone turned up (except Burton) and we get a good much so that though we think despite a makeshift defence keeping a clean sheet, better teams are inevitably going to batter us, we are still worried about Anis going after one game! I love football.

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    Thought he stumbled a couple of times early on and wasn't at his absolute best tbh although that's being harsh, but he did fine and undoubtedly contributed to the result and to the others being in the right place at the right time, he's another one who is really good at this level and communicates really well.

    Difficult to go dropping people after this result maybe but they fought for their clean sheet and could well also have Bishop or another GK, McCarthy, Forino and Obita to chose from next week as well any new defensive signings and stand in Winger/Wingbacks. With Gape and Scowen screening that really doesn't look too bad for the next few weeks if the opposition steps up. Pretty decent further forward too and important to get on the front foot and get a decent lead in a way we struggled with a bit last year. Remember us saying we'd done great for 20 minutes and eventually some team was getting thrashed but it not really happening.

    Hasselbank was talking rubbish btw, all 3 goals were great.

  • Hasselbaink said the same about our goals v them at AP last season, so no change there

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    Also, have seen a lot of comments saying this our best ever squad. Come on, that's clearly not true while we still haven't replaced Stockdale or Stewart.

  • @ReturnToSenda it’s a general theme that you seem to have a bit of a problem in distinguishing your opinion from fact. It is your opinion that this squad is weaker than last season, but others are allowed to disagree with you. Perhaps the development of Mehmeti and Forino (for example) will push the team to a higher level than last season. Perhaps Vokes with a full pre-season will be even better than last term. Perhaps Tyla Dickinson will be better than Stockdale (who you yourself were concerned with looking distracted for a proportion of last season). I’m not saying any of these are true or not, but it is a matter of opinion, NOT fact. One of your posts from last season always sticks in my mind, A N Other poster had mentioned that MK Dons we’re looking good and you replied with one one liner ‘They will not finish top 8’ as if the discussion was over. That was plainly wrong. Generally your posts are always interesting and well thought out and the gasroom would certainly be a poorer place without your contributions, but football is a game of opinions.

    Anyway, excellent performance yesterday, Anis was exceptional in the first half and scared the life out of the Burton defence. Scowen and Gape top quality in the middle. Burton were appalling BUT to me I think it was a fitness thing contributing to that. We looked sharp and fit, and they looked lethargic and undercooked. I don’t think they’ll be quite as bad as they appeared yesterday when fully up to speed. They were a poor side anyway, but they just didn’t look physically right either.

    The game was well and truly won after 30 minutes and we dropped off completely. I didn’t like the 5 subs personally as it really disrupted the game, hopefully 5 subs is not the norm.

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    @Quarterman Sorry, I'll make sure to preface every post with 'in my opinion' in future. And I have no idea if I made that prediction about MK or not, but it's a bit weird for that to stick in your mind. Shall we go back through everyone's post history and see who got the most right or wrong?

  • i'm afraid I agree with @Quarterman on this one. It's not a case of micro analysing every post, it is about opinions.

    A good example was yesterday, you posted that Rob C "looked stupid" with his comments and followed it up with it wasn't an insult. In my opinion it was an insult.

    Are you OK? You have been rather pithy these last couple of days which, historically isn't like you.

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    I'm fine thanks, just find this scrutinising a bit weird.

    And yes, in your opinion, that was an insult - but I don't see the point you're making? Why does it matter?

  • Squad quality, though, is largely a matter of fact. It's just not that every team will make maximum use of that quality, as we all know.

  • Just come to this thread @ReturnToSenda so don’t know what the altercation is about. But, out of context (forgive my laziness), I’m struggling with your last comment. There is a misleading tendency for people to refer to ‘teams’ when they mean clubs and that may be the case here.

    Watching Sunderland v Coventry. The atmosphere is unbelievable. Come on you Sky Blues.

  • Of course it's about opinions. It's poor form to preface every comment with 'IMO' as it's taken for granted that it's the writer's opinion unless actually stated that it's fact. Would there be any point having this forum if everyone agreed?

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    Sorry, I do mean 'club'! But I do occasionally swap it for 'team' in writing because there's such a lack of alternatives. 'Outfit'?

  • "LARGELY a matter of fact", so you're not quite sure, lol. I agree with most of your above though - including your right to an opinion.

  • I rate Horgan really highly and feel comfortable with Tyla in goal.

    The loud man three rows behind hates Horgan and many on here are losing their minds on goalie situation

    Where is the factual element of that in terms of squad quality?

  • Agreed. Pure quality and you can see why he'd played a few seasons at championship level. An absolute beast in the air and pure ball player.

    Surprised no-one has tried to come in for him.

  • He tried to dismiss them as "coming from throw ins", as if they were some sort of smash and grab "second ball" as he was also saying.

    How anyone could put that Mehmeti run and strike, or Scowen's thunderbolt down to second ball direct play I don't know.

  • How on Earth does what I’ve said equate to not being allowed an opinion. My point is about conflating opinion and fact. All on this message board is opinion, this message is my opinion. How one communicates their opinion is the ‘issue’ I’ve questioned. Communication style isn’t always easy to decipher accurately in words alone and sometimes misunderstandings can happen, moreso than in the actual way we have been built to communicate, with words as well as tone, inflection, body language, facial expression, eye contact etc. So I believe you do need to be more mindful of your words if you want to ensure you don’t get others’ backs up. The MK example I gave stuck in my mind because it came across as dismissive and arrogant. Many posters had gone back and forth discussing MK and their strengths/weaknesses etc over a couple of pages and the one line contribution in question was ‘MK will not finish top 8’. Presented as if fact and no further discussion necessary. It also stuck in my mind as it was plainly wrong.

    On the other side of the chestnut, if you’re not bothered about your perception on an internet message board (as let’s be honest, it’s not real life, does not necessarily reflect on who you are as a person, and no-one knows anyone from Adam anyway) then that’s not a problem at all either.

    Roll on Bolton next weekend!

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    I think that's fair enough, sorry for getting snarky earlier. I don't go out of my way to get people's backs up, fwiw.

  • Apologies if this is getting off topic but I'd just like to point out that not all statements are fact or opinion. For instance: prediction, guess, estimate, preference, theory. Probably others I haven't thought of.

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