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Match day thread: Burton



  • Ahhhhh, thank goodness for that. Hope you had a good summer @BSE

  • Mr. Greedy is looking a bit jaundiced

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  • COME ON WYCOMBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Online abuse and body shaming is bad enough, have to draw the line at slagging off the honourable beer belly representing his brewing chums.

  • Say it loud he's corpulent and proud.

  • Thanks Dr I have indeed. Looking forwards to today. COYB!

  • This thread is a sight for sore eyes!!!

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    Blunkell, Wing, Hanlan, Wakely, Mellor, Freeman, Obita

    Come on Wycombe!

  • plus forino not in squad...well done GA on getting a back up!! arrogance

  • Wheels RB in a 4 or RWB in a 5 with Mehmeti/GMac playing LWB? Erm... attacking

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    Interesting line up!

    Wheeler right back, Grimmer cb?

    Didn't quite sort keeper out and all the Forino will be fine talk assumed he'd start 50 a season. Didn't even make it to game one with the Taf Forino combo

    We'll win though. Look at that front 4.

  • What a state that side is. I'm assuming 3atb with Horgan and Wheels WB, but we look like a team who've only done a half-arsed job of prepping for the new season.

  • shocking from GA , no GK and no backup CB and now with Forino not in squad , GA planning has been piss poor and only himself to blame

  • Interesting you chaps think we'll play wing backs when our best one Obita I'd benched?

    I've not followed the friendlies though.

  • Irrelevant for the next couple of hours, but i'm sure no one is more frustrated than GA to be starting the season 2/3 players light.

  • Without Obita it must be 4 at the back - so Wheeler, Grimmer, Tafazolli, JJ?

  • Can only imagine Obita carrying a knock or upset someone.

    Wheels played RWB then RB at Southampton

  • That's what seemed obvious to me? Why try and play wing backs without either specialist?

  • This is much more like it. Should be fun! Probably not the exact 11 GA would have liked to put out today but it’s only a game.

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    I'm beginning to see why Gareth doesn't update us on the injury situation. I presume Obita and Wing aren't match fit, along with Forino, Thompson, McCarthy, Kaikai... and a non-existent goalkeeper.

    It's not been a vintage summer: no comms for ages, non-season-ticket prices up, no home friendlies, lose three senior squad members and only replace with a couple of youth teamers. Let's hope we win today at least!

  • Wheels not a specialist at RB or RWB and Grimmer not a specialist at CB or LB , weird but all will become clear. JJ Taff Grimmer as a back 3 has been used a fair bit in pre-season I think but he might go back to 4.

  • It's a good job GA has credit in the bank, as his pre season planning has been woeful. If Tafazoli got injured we will be scrabbling around desperately for central defensive cover

  • Oh dear, that is not going to be a good look if we don't get three points today. Regardless of when the window closes, this has not been the traditional preparation of a automatic side.

  • Wing, Forino, Thompson and McCarthy didn't feature at allin pre-season. Kaikai was hurt against Oxford City.

  • Dickinson looks comfortable distributing with either foot during the warm up

  • he and club treats fans like mugs , curios with rhe depth of our squad , Grimmer CB? this is all on Rob and GA , this is not good enough and part if me hope we lose today. .Grimmer is a RB not a CB , this is going to be a dangerous game to ome of the poorest teams in the league...

  • I’m sure it’s a back 4 with Wheeler at RB. No chance Horgan would be LWB with Obita sat on the bench.

    Interesting that Wakely couldn’t get in ahead of some of the options there, not sure that bodes particularly well for him.

    It does pretty much confirm we’ve been messed around by Man Utd with Bishop. I won’t dig up my post at the time but I remember thinking it was starting to look dodgy as soon as he went on tour with Utd. I’m not sure we should have let that happen, at that stage we should have either insisted he joined up with us without going on tour, or moved on to a new target.

    As for CB, I think at this stage it’s either Mawson or an unproven squad player, teams won’t be moving on quality options at CB now that the season has started.

    I think we’ll have enough for today, but without core additions we’ll be struggling to keep up with the pace of the teams at the top / playoffs.

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