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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • Who was that guy Gaz was really making a fuss of after one home game where we'd battered his team?

    Can't remember much more than we won nicely. But he sought him out and was mentioning him in press etc.

  • I just see no reason to give any oxygen to it as those who chant that rubbish do it for a reaction that you have randomly given in a thread about other stuff.

    of course it is awful but far more people know about it from your post now. If greater knowledge would led to greater education I’d be all for it but let’s be honest it won’t so I’d have left it where it was.

  • You don’t need to post that every time. I just generally disagree with the poster and don’t see why I shouldn’t question just because it happens so often. There is nothing snarky about it.

  • Ah yes, the 100% successful 'stick your fingers in your ears and hope the bad stuff goes away' strategy. What utter nonsense. Do you have the same attitude towards racism, for example?

  • Let's not get carried away about a real tilt next season.

    Last time we lost in the playoff final, the following campaign was a real mid-table affair.

    Albeit, our signings that summer were Garry Thompson and Myles Weston. It goes to show a strong window is needed as, which has been mentioned, we're due a turnover. Let's hope the Couhigs plump more cash than we were able to I'm 2015

  • If it was being chanted by a few lagered up lads in a pub then I think I would be questioning them. Trying to stop it. The bigger picture is, of course, different to my original comment.

  • Whole match rerun just started on Sky

  • Too soon.

  • Possibly Luke Matheson after he conceded a late penalty when we beat Rochdale 2-1 (hardly battered them).

  • Just two quick things to add about yesterday: The DJ blaring music before kick-pff and at half time looked a complete wally. But the moment @bluntphil appeared on the giant screen in his mardi gras shirt to welcome us was absolutely marvellous. Might have been the biggest smile I had all afternoon, and a great moment for someone whose provided the soundtrack to so much of the season for so many.

  • Yep I agree. Initially the underdog inside of me was ready to be fuming that SAFC had been granted 10 minutes on the big screen and we would get nothing, but then hearing Phil was a real tonic.

    Prior to kick off I actually found myself quite emotional at various stages, had a tear in the eye multiple times, but that was the biggest moment where I nearly went.

    Must say that was a nice touch from the event organisers, but it didn’t half intimidate me when I heard the roar from the other end when the ‘Till the end’ black cat eyes emerged on the screen.

    It was also a bit of a shame you couldn’t really hear the audio on our video with Bill. Watched it this morning and it was great, but at the time it wasn’t really clear.

    Was also quite funny that a good 30 seconds of the 2 min montage video was dedicated to a pretty horrendous second leg at MK.

  • In other random news, my new gym is the Fitness First opposite Stadium:MK (don’t worry, I live in one of the surrounding villages, not MK itself).

    Actually made me slightly happier today passing the scene of the second leg.

    Start of the new season can’t come soon enough

  • We're overdue an away season opener - last one Crawley in 2016 - Charlton would be good! Very early start next season too, weekend of 30 July!

  • Obviously I'd rather start the season at home, but our luck has got to run out eventually!

  • Take your point, but that post Torquay season felt more a one off unexpected delve into the unknown. We were working off about 15 players as the main squad and had to supplement it with loanees etc.

    This season felt more secure and almost expected to be up there.

    A couple of key signings and we'll be back stronger as Bayo aside and with all due respect he was a bit parter this year playing wise, we probably won't lose any key players.

    That playoff season we lost Mawson, Saunders maybe a couple of others too.

  • Nope. Different season. This was a striker and this season.

  • Let's have Derby early before they fully build their league winning squad.

  • Derby, Peterborough, Oxford, MK, Plymouth good job we purchased those blue seats from the old Boleyn Ground!

  • Did anyone see the ‘massive flag’ that was crowd funded? I missed it, was it any good?

  • As a 68 year old season ticket holder I just felt the whole experience yesterday a bit of a let down, I guess the main problem we have is the day trippers who might be waving a flag or wearing something blue but really didn't get behind the team from the start. I was in block 110 and tbh most of them around me seemed to have no passion whatsoever, sitting there like shop dummies, and something I never get is they get up after 35 minutes to go and get a frigging pie or the young girl in front of me her 6 chicken nuggets and chips which she proceeded to pass around to the people in the row behind me!! What is it with people when they feel they have to miss the game to get a pie ffs?!! These games don't come up very often......why can't people eat before they come into the stadium?!!! I just don't get it.......rant over!!!!

  • Is it really that hard to imagine that other people’s lives might be different enough to your own that they do things differently to you?

  • What, they can't go 90 minutes without eating?

  • I get where you're coming from but we should be encouraging newbies if we want the club to exist in a few years time.

  • I think part of the problem yesterday was that while Wycombe went for a day out, Sunderland came down for a weekend party, and by the time of kick-off were already in top gear.

    On the way in yesterday, I was talking to one Sunderland fan who'd been at Trafalgar Square on Friday night, even as a veteran of the Roker 'roar' and the Stadium of Light crowds he said he had never seen anything like it, and that there were 20000 more on the way down on Saturday morning.

    Maybe we were all a bit overwhelmed by experiencing Wembley on a different level. We live, we learn, we grow stronger ready for next time.

  • I don't know how you got home, but it took us about 2hours 30 from the final whistle back to Wycombe.

    I was feeling utterly knackered having not eaten since about 11 myself!

  • Entirely agree, I've got my son in law and 2 grandkids into WWFC the last few games of the season, so much so they are buying season tickets next season. I'm just saying why would you go to such a HUGE game to wander off at 35 minutes to get a pie?!! Obviously I'm just an old person who doesn't understand other peoples dietary needs! And I should point out grandkids needed refreshments and dad got them......At half time!!

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