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Lyle Taylor Signs



  • On the subject of 1-0 wins when we played a level above equally-matched (on paper) opposition in front of a decent crowd. Also in my top 5 of great matches was the 1-0 win at home to Kidderminster during our rise up the conference table under Kelman. Seemingly from nowhere about 5000 people turned up at Loakes Park (about 3 times the average) for our first real test in quite a while during an extended unbeaten (winning?) sequence. Kiddy were top or thereabouts but again the quality of our football that day was sensational and it was days before the buzz from that performance went away.

  • Always felt sorry for Tony Hemmings as he was the ultimate super-sub - almost always brilliant when brought on late in a game but rarely lived up to it when he started. I wonder if he's the fastest player we've ever had - certainly made my jaw drop the first time I saw him knock it past someone and shoot off after it.

  • Stockdale v Franchise in the play off 2nd leg.

    Probably the only person in whole stadium who thought we were going to go through during that game. Worst 90 minutes of my footballing life, I aged a decade

  • Tony Hemmings, Jermaine McSporran, John Williams, Nathan Tyson (v1)….would have been a good race!

  • @bookertease that Kidderminster game was a good one! Some great memories. The Andy Kerr bow in front of an ecstatic Gasworks End. Also some kids scuffling at half time being called out by the PA. Think that day was the most packed I ever experienced on the Gasworks terrace. Always made me wonder what it was like when there was 16k or whatever it was against St Albans back in the 50's!

    That Grimbsy game was indeed the peak of Gormania and one of our finest performances as a league club. The 0-1 scoreline doesn't really tell the story of what was an excellent match. Also notable for an Andy Lonergan save that was perhaps one of the best I've ever seen live. I think it might have been his debut and Preston immediately recalled him!

  • Anton Vircas when he returned to Wycombe and made his debut versus Slough (I think).

    I had been banging on to the dad as we walked to about what a ludicrious signing Vircas was due to his age. What a muppet I looked when after Andy Kerrs sending off, Vircas held the side together and pretty much ensured we won that game.

  • I saw Hemmings make his debut at Bury as a sub, his pace and close control was breathtaking and got us the win there. I've always thought that Jocky was our fastest ever player but Hemmings had a more explosive burst of pace, perhaps more difficult for a defender.

  • Fred must be up there?

  • I reckon Aaron Pierre would have been hard to beat over 100m

  • Hemmings would have been sat down looking sarcastically at his watch waiting for Fred and Pierre to catch up.

  • John Williams won a football league competition for fastest player in his time.

    Hard to remember if he still had the same level of pace when he got to us, but would surely take some beating.

  • Scotty K pre injury had blistering pace

  • I can still see John Williams in his (short sleeved) red shirt with the whole ColU half at Layer Road to himself. He obviously wasn’t offside so he must have been quite quick!

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