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Match day thread: Sutton ( League cup)



  • First game I'd seen since the Exeter debacle. After the recent improved results, I expected a lot better, but didn't see it. Bloomfield seems to have picked up two mates from his Suffolk home patch who are more of a problem to the team than a solution to WWFC's needs. Keogh clearly was an excellent player, but in wanting everything that comes out from the back to come through him, he slows an already lethargic build-up to training pace. Defensively, he seems to want to prove that every ball is his - when often it plainly isn't. Last night's goal was a case in point: Boyes was set to knock the ball back to Max, Keogh charged over, took him out and left the Sutton player with a run-in. As for KVY, much as a few Ipswich fans predicted, he tries hard but to little avail. There was a reason why Ipswich let him go, and we're seeing it quite clearly.

    Last night's team were caught in a trap of not knowing whether they were meant to play the slow build-up stuff (I agree it's boring), or just lump it to the horrendously out of form Vokes. The young lads have been brought up on tippy-tappy with time to spread those glorious raking passes. A few wise old L2 heads completely knocked them off their stride last night meaning that most of the possession we had was harmlessly 40 yards plus from their goal.

    In sum, I saw a wrong formation, poorly played that couldn't break down a defence that's currently 91st in the League. If the Hanlan cash enables Bloomfield to bring in two or three experienced L1 pros, I may be more enthusiastic, but I'm not confident the Couhigs will be too liberal with the purse strings this week.

    Finally, it was the first time I've sat in the 'Main' stand for years. The legroom is awful (not helped by the man-spreader (in shorts, yuk!) beside me. Having the Family/FA stand closed was a complete atmosphere killer - I understand the cost issue, but the benefit of a few hundred people in the Family stand may have lifted some of the lethargy on the pitch.

    World-wide goal-shy phenomenon...

  • I did not see the game but it's not like the Gasroom to be so down so early in the season worried about the players and the manager. Let's hope we are all proved wrong.

  • Of the guys we have brought in my observations based on the games so far

    Keogh is indeed too slow & does tend to slow everything down too much, on the plus side he mostly reads the game well.

    KVY seems so low on confidence that nothing works for him, the coaching staff need to find a way to pick him up, dropping him won't schieve that.

    Boyes has generally looked good & has a decent cross in him, albeit not all the time, he plays better with Leahy in front of him as they seem to have started to build an understanding.

    Potts needs to grow into playing men's football, sometimes he makes a poor choice of pass, but generally looks to be a class player.

    Phillips has something I'm just not sure what as we haven't seen enough of him yet.

    Taylor's confidence was clearly growing & he was building an understanding with Vokes that looked like it would deliver before his unfortunate injury, lets hope he is back soon.

    Low has been the stand out player so far and looks like he will be our player of the season if we hold onto him.

  • Just watched the admittedly limited highlights but again can see a good number of chances created which on another day would have allowed us to when the game comfortably. I was not at the game but still do not understand the constant negativity this season. We seem to have created a social media society where everything has to either be the best or the worst with nothing in between. We are in between at the moment - has our previous manager’s “never too high never too low” taught us nothing.

    On a plus side, even though the crowd was below average, I heard some good home support for the team throughout the game via the excellent commentary from @bluntphil and JJ last night. And support is what the team needs not negativity. COYB

  • What’s disappointing to me is we’ve lost our identity as a hard working, never say die team who are all in it together.

    There was far to much complaining amongst players last night, an alarming reluctance to chase the second ball and a real lack of belief

    I thought Bloomfield’s appointment would ensure these Wycombe defining traits would survive the management upheaval, but he seems to have abandoned some of the key elements that brought us success in his time as a player.

    Let’s see what Saturday brings.

  • You don't even need any sort of membership, it's just on his post game interview available to all.

    Basically - management about rolling with the punches. Hanlan not available, can't say much more.

  • A stat of how many goals you should have scored from the chances.

    So last night we "should" have won quite easily on XG.

    But it's utterly pointless, as we didn't win, and looked utterly pony

  • Can't believe it took a whole 1min for you to take that bait 😋

  • Re: the post match interview, I was encouraged to see Matt looking so down not certainly matched my own mood. And the tag was weird, but we were worried that Phil wouldn’t be able to ask the hard questions when he started working for the club, I’m glad he still can.

  • For the mathematicians out there, here is a detailed explanation of how xG works: What is xG? How is it calculated? | StatsBomb | Data Champions

    However, it is only a calculation of expected probabilities of a particular shot resulting in a goal, there are no certainties.

    According to the BBC, we had 17 shots at goal, but only 4 on target. That ratio needs to improve.

  • I'm still hugely disappointed with the result, but the performance itself wasn't as disastrous as some have said. We were poor for a 20 minute spell after they scored, but other than than we were very much on top and created some very good chances. On another day we could easily have scored 2 or 3. Wheeler was bright when he came on, but perhaps lacked the match sharpness to take the 2 excellent chances he had. We should of course have had a penalty as well. Just not our night! We will without a doubt need to strengthen our attacking options in the next few days though.

  • For me it comes down to how come the sum of the parts didn’t equal a better whole? For example Phillips was so unproductive it was almost amusing. And he’s such a talented player.

    KVY is a worry to me. Teams seem to know overloading him is a great tactic. He is not the player I was hoping for.

  • On the BBC site someone was demanding Bloomfield's head...calling for an end to this 'shambles'. I wonder sometimes how some football fans get through the ups and downs of their daily life.

  • On Hanlan, I suspect he's refused to play in order to force a move. It's not the first time and it won't be the last.

  • Not sure I agree that Vokes is horrendously out of form. His main job for the last year has been to knock down any aimless ball that's been lumped up to him, which he does largely successfully.

    Also, in the 2 min highlights, there is a showing that playing it out from the back can pay dividends, as we move it along the floor to GMac in the box in about 10 seconds.

  • Agreed, I think Vokes is trying his best but is a square peg in a round hole. I don't think Bloomfied's tactics play to his strengths at all. The crosses and diagnoals for him to get on the end of are few and far between.

  • Lol, why is this such a wild suggestion? Players do it all the time.

  • It isn't impossible but it's a bit unpleasant as it's only guesswork.

  • Until we know otherwise i'm choosing to believe that the Couhig's had their head turned by a larger second offer having previously promised Blooms he wasn't for sale.

  • In any case, I think we can safely say he's off. And if we get any kind of six-figure fee, very good business imo.

  • More pressingly, I think we need two strikers - and we've got two days...

  • Because he would be in violation of his contract and that’s a serious accusation to make unless you have solid evidence to support it.

  • edited August 2023

    It wasn't an accusation; it was speculation. And yes, any player who did that would be in violation of their contract - but it doesn't stop them.

  • Hanlan ran over Pete Couhig's cat and so, still angry, when Wrexham rang he gave them a verbal agreement without speaking to Blooms who said..I'll splash it all over Ringing the Blues and Wycombe sound in a deadpan roundabout way if he has any contact with them. Hanlan said I want to meet Deadpool whatever you say so I'm calling in sick on Tuesday.

    I don't know for sure, but I think that's how it panned out.

  • So what is you ‘supposition’ based upon? I quote: ‘On Hanlan, I suspect he's refused to play in order to force a move’

  • Literally what is the point of a forum unless it's for wild speculation.

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