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Match day thread: Sutton ( League cup)



  • Incredible seeing people on Facebook/Twitter calling for the manager's head in August.

    However, the next game is in September so Two Minutes Hate will be acceptable if we lose on Saturday.

  • Matt did look dejected when talking about Brandon but there’s no suggestion that the board have made the decision for him. It could be that the player has asked for the move instead and Blooms has reluctantly accepted?

  • Hanlan has scored 9 league goals in 70 appearances for us. I'm not sure he is the answer to any striking woes

  • He seems quite frankly furious by his calm measure. I can’t blame either party if they want the transfer to happen. Hanlan must be excited to go there (and I’m guessing a pay rise) and I’d the owners see the kind of money being spoken about they will be thrilled too. Not many days to find a replacement

  • He'll have spent the whole summer looking for possible upgrades and replacements, question will be if he's given all or even most of the Dosh. People are talking Uche but if we couldn't agree terms for Kone and there's interest from higher up it might not be on.

    Reasonably relaxed about young loanees being inconsistent and learning in a slightly rotated team, and as much as a cup run would be nice the league is the most important. Hopefully we can do things better on Saturday.

    Inflexibility seems to be an issue though, we should be moving from a 5 to a 4 quickly in games when we aren't winning or seeing enough chances created and we'd get a much better idea if that's the better option longer term.

  • Normally the Media team do a fantastic job but airing the Hanlan bit in Bloomfield’s post match interview, is a PR disaster for them. Clearly Bloomfield is not happy. What we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Has Hanlan said he wants the move, won’t sign a new contract in the future and the hierarchy have told Bloomfield, we’re going to take an inflated amount( if rumours are true) for a player who has scored a handful of goals in a lot of games because it makes good commercial sense and Bloomfield disagrees. From my perspective, this looks like good business for the club, but we do need to get 1 or 2 forward players in before the end of the transfer window.

    On a separate note can anyone explain what KVY offers the team ? Nothing if the evidence of the first few games is anything to go by.

  • The interesting thing about the post-match, is that there is an edit right before it. So it looks like something else has been deleted, and the Hanlan answer has been kept in, or re-added later to provide a little clarity to the situation.

    I'd imagine the later it gets in the window with Uche not going anywhere else, the higher the chances he'll sign for us are.

  • The transfer window is not directly relevant to Uche.

  • I suspect he'll know where he's going to end up before the window closes.

    While he'll be available after it closes no team who has a real need for a striker could really take the punt that he won't go elsewhere and leave them with no other option.

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    Christ alive am I reading the Facebook page?

    We lost 1-0 but we dominated the majority of the proceedings. Denied a stonewall penalty on Tjay De Barr. Hit the post twice. Had numerous other headers/shots from inside the box fly over the bar. We were unfortunate not to win 3-1 let alone 2-1. Matt is right about the XG to an extent.

    I agree with the tactical evaluation of the posts already, but why are we having a meltdown? The majority of the new players have only been in the building for 4-6 weeks. Some of those have never played professionally before. I can still see the individual quality in them, but they clearly lack professional experience. Their lack of grit / determination to get to second balls is very frustrating.

    Bloomfield’s decided to push them straight into the starting XI, perhaps to gel them in faster via competitive games, so of course we’re going to find things a bit more difficult to begin with.

    This was always going to be a squad that hits form slightly later in the season.

    As long as Hanlan is replaced adequately we’ll do well this season.

  • I watched the post match interview with Matt again this morning. Half expecting it to have been taken down it is refreshing that it is still available.

    I like the honesty of Matt’s emotions. I’m also encouraged by the apparent editorial independence on display.

    A ‘peep over the garden wall’ is a rare thing in these bland media trained times, this is a little gem. A recommended watch.

  • I don't see it that way at all. The price between Wycombe and Wrexham has still not been agreed (as is reported). MB is playing the perfect game by being absolutely distraught that his star asset is being sold against his better judgement. If he had responded 'I don't rate him, can't wait to get a decent replacement in' I think Wrexham might have been in a position to say 'here's your price so do one'. The Wycombe position is now 'he's our diamond striker, the manager wants to keep him, we had better get a price that reflects'.

    And seeing Blooms showing that emotion is fine with me. It might be different if the owners say 'cheers, but you are not having any of the $487,000, we need that for the Trump 2024 fundraiser'.

  • I thought Blooms was very professional in the interview after the match. He was clearly so disappointed with the outcome but he has to remain positive. He is the leader of the team, the decision maker - positivity has to come from the top.

    ‘Don’t believe, don’’t succeed’ being a good mantra.

    We deserved more last night. But for a defensive calamity where two of our players collided leaving the Sutton striker one on one, I felt that the game was going to penalties.

    Patrick was really good for Sutton, gave us a lot of problems down our right hand side.

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    Early days, new squad, manager, give them time, young players etc etc yes

    But what makes you confident on your last line out of interest?

    And how do you define "well"?

  • Not sure many people would see him as our “ star asset”. Other clubs are not that naive also.

  • Early days, new squad, manager, give them time, young players etc etc yes

    But I don't think he'll be keeping McCarthy out for long based on the offering so far.

  • Naive would be saying "he's gone, we're moving on" before a fee has been agreed

  • Because I see a lot of individual quality in the players signed and we have improved as a team across the 5-6 games this season as they have gained experience playing together. ‘Well’ = within 3-5 points of the playoffs at the end of the season.

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    i’m firmly on the “are we romanticising one of the championship season players” bus with Uche.

    47 first team goals over a 12 year career - including 19 at Cambridge and no goals score since his loan period at Cardiff in 22 - hardly screams of the solution to our striker problems.

  • I'm not a member of the Uche is the Saviour cult. He plays in purple patches. Has shown he is unplayable (Middlesborough) but clearly since then has not achieved anything of note otherwise he would have settled. I'm also not sure how we play him and Vokes. We can't get someone to play off Vokes at the moment and I'm pretty sure Uche isn't that guy either.

  • If Taylor isn’t going to be out for too long then let TJ have a proper run at it for a few games. It’s time for him to show if he is good enough in my opinion.

    We haven’t replaced Anis yet, maybe impossible, I would be using the Hanlan money to somehow do that

  • I'm glad he references xG, but almost half of our total last night came from two of our 17 shots. A lot of speculative efforts, which is indicative of the game state - we were chasing.

    Again, most of our threat this season has been vs 10 men or from set-pieces - I don't see a whole lot of promise from regular play. I'm not convinced the minimal progress will become great/quick enough for us to have an entirely comfortable season.

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    We got promoted to the championship via set pieces when our open play XG was that of a bottom half side. Disagree about speculative efforts when we hit the post twice and generated two chances of XG greater than 0.5 each. That’s not speculative at all. That’s a fairly regular blend of chances for a side that would typically win this game.

  • What’s XG ?

  • As far as I can see, more than half our shots were 0.05 xG or lower. I'd have expected more incision vs such comparatively poor opposition. In any case, we haven't got anyone to put away the good chances we do create.

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