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Match day thread: Sutton ( League cup)



  • if the rumoured £350k is true I'd be taking that, and I expect Hanlan would want to go too if he's getting more football.

  • Someone on here said the players showed the intensity of a PSF. They weren’t the only ones.

  • Blooms' interview all but confirms Hanlan on his way out.

  • Just looking at our goals this season: 5 in total - 3/5 from set-pieces, 2/5 vs 10 men, 1/5 on the counter vs a team chasing the game. We've had spells of attacking threat but nothing sustained, I don't think. Lack of intensity is worrying.

  • The atmosphere wasn't awful considering half the ground was shut.

    Plus of course the players are, you know, paid to be there whereas the opposite is true for us

  • I don't think anyone should criticise attendances given the price of... everything at the moment.

  • I'm no expert of course, but I'd imagine playing in a 15% full stadium would affect performance levels. Whether it should or not or not is a different question.

  • And he doesn't sound very happy about it either...

  • This is quite an interesting discussion given that I was there and you weren't!

    But "bants" aside I think you're wide of the mark. I didn't see any lack of effort from the players. If matches were decided on effort we'd be ok.

    Unfortunately for us, matches are decided on goals scored, and that would appear to be a bit of a problem for us at the moment

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    I was on the fence with Uche (if our interest is even a thing), but now I am on Team Uche - let's use the Hanlan money to grab him, if possible. It would be tremendous fun, if nothing else - Uche is quite happy to make his own chances if no-one else does it for him!

    Edit: I know he is a free agent, so by "use the Hanlan money" I mean to pay his wages.

  • I'm encouraged by your second para, although it doesn't seem to be the general consensus.

    Blooms sounds furious about the Hanlan situation doesn't he?

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    Well, that wasn't fun ! Tbh I thought the atmosphere was OK tonight. But the match itself oh dear. I thought a few of the players started to show their frustration tonight, Vokes and Phillips up front definitely did, sorry people can moan all they like about the strikers not getting goals, but they are getting no service !! Don't get me started on those stupid goal kicks in our own 6 yard box ! How long have we taken the mick out of other teams doing it ? Now we are !? We'll end up giving a goal away, Max was another who looked really annoyed tonight. Boyes has had a decent start so I'll forgive him a bad one tonight... but once again KVY stays on, sorry he looked even poorer tonight than the other games he's played, I'd consider leaving him out Saturday and giving McCarthy a go if he's fit again, he can't do any worse ! Finally the ref. I'm not normally one to blame them for everything, they have a hard job.... but he was absolutely dreadful tonight, worst I can remember for a long time.

    Probably more I want to say but it's late and tbh after that I can't be bothered.

  • Very strange call from the club’s media to keep that section in. I’m not sure how much anyone wins from that bit of the interview

  • Judging but that, it doesn’t look like Hanlan’s departure was/is Bloomfield’s decision.

  • Yes please. Ikpeazu is similar to Hanlan (ungainly, a menace to defenders, decent pace, yet very poor aerially) but with better finishing.

    The medical record is perhaps the concern - but the guy could score in the championship against better defenders than this level has to offer, and often created chances out of nothing, which could prove huge in a team which has yet to consistently provide good service to the frontmen.

  • We need someone given that in their last two game Sutton have shipped six against Wimbledon and Newport County.

  • The defensive kerfuffle that led to their goal was unfortunate. Without that I think pens would have been the decider.

    Which against not overly impressive league 2 opposition is concerning. If we are going wingbacks we have to get better wingbacks or coach the ones we have to be better.

    We also don’t seem to want to really keep hold of the ball - it’s pass it around sideways, backwards, and either lose it or play it into forward areas with balls that don’t find the target or are too easily read by defenders. No-one seems to want to carry the ball for more than a second or so.

    Is Uche the answer? I wonder how high his frustration tolerance is because for how at least, I think he may have to feed off scraps. (Assumes he’s coming. Cue Hanlan money being spent on a defensive mid)

  • A lot of players are doing good things individually.

    Phillips has a great engine and looks capable of playing an O'nien type roll bursting on to knock downs from the centre forward. But we aren't really winning that many knock downs.

    Potts can spread the play well but when we get it out wide our wing backs don't really look threatening.

    McCleary to me looks sharp and our most dangerous attacking player, but we aren't feeding him many balls in really dangerous positions.

    Scowen isn't doing anything wrong as such but doesn't look entirely comfortable playing further forward.

    Max is being asked to participate in passing it out from the back and doesn't look like he really has the range of distribution to play that way.

    Both Low and Leahy look like great permanent signings (the latter offers our best crossing outlet and I wouldn't be disappointed to see him start at LWB ahead of Boyes, who has a lot to work on in my view) but the loanees are really struggling to make a serious impact.

    In summary, there appear to be some good ingredients but they are coming together into a final product that appears to be less than the sum of its parts.

    Quite frustrating. Although with some better finishing that could have finished 3-0.

  • I would say of all our frontmen in recent years, Uche would be second only to Stuart Beavon in terms of creating his own opportunities.

  • Oh lord, Blooms has started talking about bloody "xG" in post match interviews

    I'm afraid I'm not x-ing too many Gs at all

  • Sure Blooms talks in coaching cliches but we already know that.

    More worrying is his body language - he appears really deflated.

    Looks like that isn’t all about this poor cup performance.

    The inclusion of the last segment of his interview is very surprising given WanderersTV is in essence an ownership propaganda tool.

    Suggests some of the back room team feel the need to share Blooms frustration as well?

    ’all is not well in the state of Denmark’

  • You have to say a poor performance makes the Gasroom an entertaining read if nothing else.

  • Yeah, it did seem odd to include that, I mean the speculation is already out there, and it’s obvious that the club can’t officially comment on the process until it’s signed, sealed and delivered.

    That said, I suppose when @bluntphil got the club job, there were people on here (myself included) that were slightly concerned that he might have to toe the line too much as a club employee and never ask any awkward questions…so perhaps that’s not the case.

  • I checked out Facebook...yikes! There is gainful employment to be had in putting toys back in prams everywhere so that they can be thrown out again next time we have a shred of adversity.

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    The current system doesn't work well without effective wingbacks. Boyes looks promising but it's a mystery how Vincent-Young gets near the first team never mind starting every game. Personally I find our current style of play really boring compared to what we've been used to. it's also less successful. It will be interesting to see if MB persists with the formation or is prepared to mix it up a bit.

  • On a more serious note, if you're getting downbeat I am even more worried.

  • I think this is a really good take all round, although I haven't seen enough from Leahy yet.

    What were asking of Scowen seems to be a bit of a reducer on him. He looks a bit, dare I say, ordinary how were using him, instead of a game changing defensive player.

    Still want us to ditch the wingbacks. What we gain from them seems a lot less than what we lose having a body less further forward.

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