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Match day thread: Sutton ( League cup)



  • Stupid popinjays...

  • Well done Sutton. Hope you go on to win the cup so we can feel a little less pissed off tonight.

  • What makes this even more daft is that we were excellent reverting to Ainsworth long ball on Saturday and then today we’ve gone to such an extreme we’re trying the premier league goal kicks with two centre halves on the six yard box … we need to do things more marginally

  • It's weird, as Blooms has shown he can be pragmatic. We haven't changed that much at all on the whole - we're still quite direct - but he seems very dogmatic with certain elements, such as the goal-kicks.

  • I'm all for short goal-kicks, but what's our plan? I don't see one.

  • Only 1500 Wycombe fans there. Can’t blame the players for not looking motivated.

  • As I feared at the start of the season, there are limited options and ideas going forward. That game summed things up.

    Assuming Hanlan leaves, I think we need three more attacking signings.

    More than that you have to question whether five at the back can continue. In this system you need the wing backs to offer plenty of creativity. I’m not sure our options there of Vincent-Young, McCarthy, Boyes and Leahy do that.

    Think all our loan signings have disappointed too - but do they understand their roles in the team?

  • Why? Are they only getting a third of their wages this week? Should increase the desire to get a big team in the next round

  • I think the players looked motivated.

    I also don’t think our crowd was a bad one. And the crowd by and large got behind the team.

  • It really frustrates me when teams play short and sideways and put themselves under pressure only to then lump it long. May as well have lumped it long to begin with, or even better still looked to pass it on the floor but quicker,wider and actually progressing forward!

  • The players will learn from this. Some of our younger, inexperienced players are still finding their feet outside of academy football. For me, I hope that Sutton go on and draw one of the big boys in the next round.

  • No disrespect to Sutton, but that would really piss me off.

  • I don't care about players learning from this crap result we should be winning these games, vokes couldn't hit a barn door at the moment ,we need to bring someone in asap. This team remind me of Rochdale playing football from the back teams at this level just wait for the mistake and then pounce

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    I don't keep a check on these things but that's one of your worst ever posts.

  • Genuinely worrying performance. The team were not motivated in the first half which is unforgivable. It was pedestrian at best. Second half was better. Still aimless lumps forward the main method of attack. Vokes wasted? Or Vokes waning? KVY continues to be underwhelming. Phillips could easily have come off at half time and no one would have noticed. Boyes gave the ball away more in the first half than his whole time as a Wycombe player.

    You know Sutton will get a brilliant draw in the next round. We could have had a chance for a major payday but that piss poor showing was like Tranmere all over again.

    Horrid horrid horrid. And having half the ground open made it feel even worse.

  • Just to add Insult to Injury, half the "main stand" realised why you don't sit the other side of the tunnel.

    You get kept back 10mins while the players leave.

    In the rain, after that serving was annoying.

  • Could be worse. Leeds got dumped out by Salford

  • A really gut wrenching defeat. Sutton produced a proper old school Wycombe performance. Very direct, took an early lead and played out of their skin defensively to hold onto it in the 2nd half. We were very poor for a spelll in the 1st half after they scored, but other than that we were well on top, but just missed a whole host of chances. Not quite sure how we didn't get a penalty when De Barr was completely wiped out by their defender. Guess we got away with one on Saturday, but that didn't make it any less galling!

    Some decent performances and we certainly didn't play badly in the 2nd half. Some really off nights as well though for a few. Boyes was awful, no surprise he was subbed at half time. Low was really poor at times, but in fairness never stopped wanting the ball and giving his all. I guess there's more to come from Philips. He works hard, but not really seen what he offers yet. Kane Vincent Young I'm sure is a good player, but he looks very short of confidence at present.

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    I'm trying to fight off my inner Trevor, a voice screaming "I'm not enjoying Bloomball". But still early days, have to expect ups and downs, and focus on positives like the parking was nice etc.

    Phillips is one outrageous moaner. Either today he was particularly grumpy or I'd never seen it as close up.

    He'd run off, not get the exact ball he wanted then spend the next 30secs gesticulating and chuntering off at the offender.

  • This is a very poor result. We played a strong team and still couldn’t beat a League 2 side. We just don’t look like scoring. Vokes just doesn’t look a threat at all. Clearly rumours about Hanlan. I would take the money and bring in more forwards.

  • Blooms said we were 'too pedestrian' tonight. That is how I'd sum up our season so far.

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    A game leaving you with more questions than answers. To be fair to Bloomfield, we know it's a tough gig following GA, and he obviously will give everything for this club. Also have to mitigate that he has been dealt a tough hand with injuries - Wheeler and McCarthy only just coming back into the fold, plus Grimmer, JJ, Taylor and Taf all now picking up injuries.

    However, there are some alarming issues at present.

    MB is set on this 3-5-2, but our wing backs just aren't up to scratch offensively. This is our single biggest issue and I can't understand how Bloomfield can't see it.

    I can understand the back 3 to an extent - Low, Forino, Taf, Grimmer, JJ all good options there, and we have been unlucky to lose the latter 3. Keogh for me doesn't convince, crashes into Boyes for their goal tonight leaving their player with a clear run. The most worrying issue is at wing back where we have KVY, who had a stinker tonight to put it midly, and Boyes who was no better and hooked at HT. Back up option is McCarthy, don't see any others. All 3 are defensive minded players that would be fine at full back but will not / cannot produce adequate goal/assist returns from those wing back positions. Called this out the other week but our recruitment has been all wrong and imbalanced in those positions yet our formation relies so much upon them, and it will cost us.

    Up front, Vokes can't buy a goal, Taylor now injured and Hanlan looks like he's being flogged to Wrexham. No issue with that if the reported fee is correct, but leaves us a couple light, so we're going to have to sort that as well.

    The longer serving players, Scowen, McCleary, Vokes etc all looked frustrated and annoyed tonight. The stuff I read about Bloomfield letting players take responsibility on the pitch worries me. The manager needs to lead. Watching on the main stand side tonight, he was stood pretty timid throughout, while the Sutton manager barked instructions.

    And the last issue which is becoming clear - we have loaned 5 players to come into our matchday squad. Breckin - well off the pace. Boyes - not suited offensively in a 3-5-2. Potts - flattering to deceive so far. Phillips - looks raw and could have a questionable attitude. Taylor - injured. Not a great look so far if you are going to place such emphasis on loanees.

    I can accept this as a season of change and transition, but if we're not careful we'll put ourselves in danger.

  • Pedestrian is not the word. We could have played Bayo up front more dynamically than this attack.

    We break. Exciting. We have an overload. We stop. We pass it back. We pass it level. We go backwards again. It’s over. It’s like we were saving ourselves.

    And same old story when passes start to go astray it becomes infectious and no one can pass.

    I’m not sure how many performances like this a manager gets. It certainly didn’t look like the players were running through walls for him.

  • Haha, I’ve been waiting for that. Well played.

  • Also, unless Wrexham offer us a boatload of cash letting one of our few creative players go seems mad.

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    How many complete performances have we had under Blooms? I'd argue none. Mitigating factors, of course, but we've looked sluggish in the 3 or 4 games I've seen this season - and it sounds like we very much were tonight. That should set alarm bells ringing.

  • Not really sure it's fair to say we didn't look like scoring. We created more than enough to win the game, we just didn't take any of them. That said, it did have the look of one of those nights long before the end.

    I think we did see one of the problems with having so many on loan youngsters tonight. They can look brilliant one match and then distinctly ordinary the next.

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