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Said that we can do a Burton next season. Also said this season has been the best of his footballing life! Perhaps he will be staying. Lets hope so!



  • Hope so.

  • I also hope he stays. He is a real good player who can get a goal.

  • He wont stay unless he gets games.. He's not a player who is happy to sit on the bench and feature for 10 minutes.

    Also, Accrington and Morecambe captaincy is available, every chance this could tempt him.

  • Really really hope he stays. I rate him a lot.

  • Why on earth would he go back to Accrington ? one of the smallest clubs in the league and a step back to say the least

  • Closer to home?

  • Closer to home and guaranteed games

  • Interesting one really. He did not play more as his form fell off a cliff. Either he can choose to buckle down and work to get back in the team or try elsewhere. Players often have this career choice to make and I hope he thinks the best thing to do is to work and force his chance. He is more than capable.
    It would be different if he had been dropped due to personality clashes etc but this is a good old fashioned reason.
    I was no fan of Steve Craig but he kept his head down and when given a chance I could not have been more impressed. Never thought at Christmas I would want Stevie to sign in again.

  • I think the dip in form was as much down to Scowen's departure and a switch to a three man midfield. Not so many Sam Wood crosses to get on the end of.
    I'm puzzled by all this talk him 'staying'. He's under contract so why would this be up for debate?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle : I agree entirely - horses for courses. Changes in personnel determine to some extent who lines up where. Thinking laterally, in the event that Alfie moves on (and I sincerely hope that he doesn't) a candidate for replacement would be someone whose early career was as a central defender and who has a record of getting forward at set-pieces to score goals. Peter Murphy anyone?

  • The only thing that would prevent Murphy from being a good centre half is his lack of pace.

  • Chairman (Howard) is detached from team selection matters, and unless another team make a bid or pay his wage while on loan, I can't see Murphy going nowhere, as per his contract dictates. Murphy will be at AP till the end of next season.

  • Play exceptionally well and may get some reasonable bids?

  • Agree with right in the middle in that the change in midfield due to Scowens departure was a factor.

  • I think Murphy has as much pace as either Gary Doherty or Leon Johnson (and those two partnered each other for a good few matches, I think. (Too busy - lazy - to check!) But I do recall a very shrewd observer -an old friend who follows Charlton home and away - saying that Doc was fine until someone turned him and when that happened he lacked the pace to recover. A Gillingham supporting friend made a similar comment about Leon all those years ago when he joined us. "Still grabbing shirts because of his lack of pace, is he?" was his comment. Well, both did pretty well for us and experience/positional sense compensates to an extent for lack of pace and I don't know how many games Murphy played as a central defender. Interesting conjecture, though.

  • Didn't think Leon lacked much pace. He was our quickest defender at one point.

  • Bobby Moore was hardly Hussain Boult either.

  • is that the slower brother of Usain?

  • sorry my error, Bluebottle you were talking about the Boult family not the Bolts

  • I was rubbing my eyes a bit when I saw the 'MURPHY HOPES WYCOMBE GO FOR A BURTON' headline in the BFP! There were rumours and conjecture that his relationship with Ainsworth had deteriorated, but not to quite that extent!

  • 'is that the slower brother of Usain?'.

    Serve me right for using Google to spellcheck my post. But I should take care you get everything right in future...

  • do you mean 'correct'?

  • 3 Complying with justice, correctness or reason; correct, just, true.
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    Is this the right software for my computer?

    Right seems perfectly right to me.

  • then I stand corrected...

  • Shame if true, he was huge in the first half of the season.

  • A real shame, we can ill afford to lose such quality, but there's no point in hanging on to an unhappy player, as he clearly was. He looked upset at not being selected in the second half of the season, and not having a starting place at Wembley wouldn't have helped either. I suspect he'll be back up north where his heart is. Whatever happens, good luck to him, he was an excellent player for us. His freed up wages should allow a reasonably good replacement though.

  • Called it multiple times.. Portsmouth, Morecambe and Accrington are my 3 guesses too where he will end up.

  • Off the pay role I guess, find the decisions worrying, but if your from the North West, not getting sufficient game time or opportunities, why stay hey, but thing is he did :(

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