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Ainsworth could be gone soon.

Rumours circulating that QPR are among a number of Championship clubs targeting Ajax coach Michael Reiziger to be their next manager. Reiziger is set to leave at the end of the season when his contract expires. He is keen to get into management. Apparently QPR are eager to replace Ainsworth who has failed to settle down the club. Despite being a club legend Ainsworth is getting plenty of abuse on the fans forum, and with the club ‘s track record of replacing managers after short periods, you could see this happening. Absolutely nuts.



  • I fully get why he wanted to take the job, but he's got to have so much regret right now. Not to mention how Dobbo must feel.

  • Even for QPR that would just be horrible.

  • Here's the story. It's legit.

  • Am I overly sensitive or am I detecting a note of glee on @davecz post?

    I’m hoping Gareth has a long and successful reign at QPR. We owe the man so much.

  • To be fair to both parties it would be nuts not to at least give them (GA/DB) a transfer window & 12-13 games into next season to see if he can pull it round.

    Having said that I think QPR (& their fans) are total basket cases & he may be lucky to last beyond the final game of the season especially if they do not avoid relegation, escaping the drop might get GA & DB those first 12 games or so for next season to show what they can do.

  • He said it's "absolute nuts", so I'd say you are massively over sensitive.

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    Whoever's briefing that from QPR - presumably Les Ferdinand - is basically announcing an open-season on Gareth. Players will take it as read that he'll be out the door soon - without even a chance of shipping them out in a transfer window - so won't deliver for him. The few fans that are still giving him the benefit of the doubt will stop doing so. The media will have license to write stories about how he's on the precipice of losing his job, which generally becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's hard to see how Gareth will be able to turn round the form now in the last few weeks of the season. It's so stupid - especially when they're flirting with relegation and need everyone to pull together.

  • The problem Ainsworth has at QPR is that even if he turns around this season and survives, and then starts next season OK, a bad run will come around eventually and he'll quickly be sacked. He was always a bit of a streaky manager with us - we had some chunky spells without winning games - and QPR will simply sack him during one of those runs whilst Wycombe always held their nerve.

    I really hope he can somehow get them going and make a success of it, at least enough to get another Championship job, but it just feels like QPR was such a bad choice for a man who needs time and patience to build a dynasty.

  • I saw someone on fb declaring that Ainsworth "always struggled in league 1". And went on to say something about look at our finishing positions "since 2008" and there weren't any 1st or 2nds.

    It only takes a certain number of fans making such nonsensical points, often the vocal minority and suddenly the pressure ramps up.

  • We never wanted GA and Dobbo to leave so we’re bound to feel jilted and looked at QPR unfavourably but jeeeeeeez.

    We all knew it was likely to end in tears and I can’t help but feel more sorry for Dobbo in this shit show.

  • That's the sad thing. Gaz will be fine with a bumper pay off, but will an assistant and even the analyst chap get anywhere near the same?

    And the utter limbo of suddenly being totally out of the game, and having to give serious thought to, with all due respect clubs like Lincoln, who might be a nice club etc, but geography and status won't be particularly motivational.

  • Christ that’s a sad story if it comes to pass.

    Gaz made his bed and clearly negotiated something to get the others to join him in it. I hope it was decent severance pay.

  • West Brom away tomorrow and a trip to Burnley in a few weeks, a couple of real thumpings and that could be it for him.

  • Well, I know this is throwing “what if…” upon “what if…”, but maybe if GA gets the can from QPR, the Reading job might also become available, and presumably that might be more attractive.

    I know if Reading go down, it’ll in part be because of the points deduction rather than purely because they’re shite, but their form’s been poor as well.

    And GA loves his target men, so the chance to deploy Andy Carroll (at least for the 3 or 4 games a season that he’s fit) might be tempting.

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    It depends whether reasonable chairman understand that QPR is a bit of a joke club like Watford, and not to look negatively on him for being the latest in a huge line not to do much there.

    However, there are still about 5 clubs battling to avoid that 3rd relegation place (assuming the bottom 2 are gone).

    It probably won't take a huge amount of points from the last 6 games to come 4th bottom.

  • The game has gone crazy - 10 PL managers sacked, 15 in the Championship. There’s far too much panic after a few poor results instead of clubs holding their nerve and accepting that form and results fluctuate.

  • True, but if you were expecting any club’s board to be a bastion of rationality and restraint, I don’t think QPR would be at the top of the list.

  • If Michael Reiziger wants to leave Ajax and go to a smaller three-letter club that is going nowhere it would be a lot easier for him to stay in the Netherlands and hope the likes of VVV, MVV or ADO come calling.

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    12 PL managers sacked this season, plus one leaving of his own accord (Potter, who then went and got sacked). I expect Forest will sack Cooper soon, too.

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    Chelsea and Southampton have both sacked two managers. Utterly bonkers season, although it has been incredibly entertaining.

  • If / when Gaz & team gets the chop I could see Dobbo returning to AP. I’m sure he would be welcomed home by all.

  • I was chatting with a QPR supporter yesterday. He was firmly in favour of Sir Les being the man to go. He was also really angry about the attitude of many of the players.

    Thinks GA is not to blame but can’t see him being given time

  • I can only imagine the crushing stress there currently. The thing is, GA was always going to bet on himself - he is such a positive man, and for all we know he knew the budget at Wycombe was about to be cut and this might be his last definite shot at being a Championship manager.

    Dobbo, on the other hand, is more analytical, and I can imagine the rumours about him not fancying it being true, as he probably saw the horror show in all it's lurid colours up front. All I can say is that is makes me think that much more of him that he was willing to take the risk to back his friend.

    I just hope things work out for both of them in the long run - two of the best people in the game, and wherever they are I will be wishing them success and hoping that the stars align for them to come back someday, albeit not in place of MB, who will be tearing up the Championship with us.

  • If anything did happen, I really really hope we take Dobbo back in some capacity

  • I’ve kept my eye on the QPR forums since Gaz moved over and what really surprised me was how quickly the weight of comments turned against him. The whole club is in such turmoil that they are campaigning to get the next manager out as he’s pulling up in the car park.

  • Interesting take. I hadn’t really considered this possibility but could see it playing out. Bloomfield will be given time in the job so there is no route back for Gaz. I’m also not sure he’d want to come back, at least in the near future. But Dobbo might feel differently.

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if Gaz were sacked before the end of the season. If QPR drop into the bottom 3 I imagine they’ll just pull the trigger and appoint one of the players or something on an interim basis in the hope of on a new manager bounce to save them.

  • Wouldn't surprise me if he pitches up at Reading in L1 next season.

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    QPR’s run-in is tricky as well, still to play Coventry, Norwich and Burnley (all in the top 9).

    Sacking GA before the end of the season would really be classic QPR, but I still can’t quite see them being *that* stupid. I could certainly see them moving on from GA as soon as the next shiny manager becomes available in the summer however.

    Looking at the table, despite being on such a horrendous run, QPR I’d say still have a very good chance of staying up. There’s only really 1 relegation spot that they’re likely to get sucked into, and there’s 4 other teams who could feasibly finish there. So suddenly finding a win from somewhere could quickly change things.

    The main gripe I’ve seen is just how inept they look going forward, but maybe now that they’ve got some key players back that’ll change.

    Anyway - there’s no way for GA to come back here, so it makes no sense for us to wish anything but good luck for him.

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    What a sad fiasco for all three clubs. The PE teacher brothers seem to get jobs regularly while having no great success. If Gareth and Dobbo find the right berth they will be fine again. There are regulars on here who will be chuckling away as they always thought we had all drunk the Kool Aid about that Ainsworth. I hope we treat Bloomfield with the same patience as we did Gareth.

  • That haka really hasn't done him any favours

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