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Burton protest

Been on the phone to my Burton mate up here. Wanting to organise a united chant against the bbc. Similiar protests are going on around the country. Sometimes results don't matter.



  • Whilst the BBC/government/right of centre press & their owners have not painted themselves in glory over the handling of the "fallout" from the personal tweets of Mr Lineker, my own view for what it is worth is that if you want to chant & protest at the BBC &/or government there is a whole host of bigger things you should be shouting about, not least inflation, energy prices, lack of decent pay round settlements to public sector workers, crumbling infrastructure, sewage being dumped in rivers & the sea, the deliberate destruction of the NHS, corruption & sleaze, flagrant wasting of government (i.e. our) money, boys club culture in most police forces, the plight of refugees & asylum seekers, the collapse of the asylum system, the continuing erosion of our civil rights etc. etc. I mean the list of things that are utterly unacceptable in the UK today is almost legion.

    It is interesting to me that the usual mantra of keep politics out of football suddenly disappears when it is "one of our own" being attacked...

    Though to be fair to Mr Lineker, he & the likes of Mr Rashford are currently offering a more incisive & effective opposition than the supposed official opposition party are.

  • For once I'm going to disagree with you @Erroll_Sims - I think it's fine to take a stand against any and all of those things and this. I barely watch Match of the Day anyway, but this is a yet another tory step toward totalitarianism / fascism. This is North Korea / Russia / Iran level bullshit, and we should be shouting about every step the tories take towards fascism.

  • @drcongo it would be a very tedious place if we all agreed with each other on everything.

    Notwithstanding that I actually do think the stance of the BBC (now essentially a state broadcaster in the mould of the countries you mention) is morally repugnant & ethically dubious given their total lack of action over Alan Sugar, Andrew Neil & Fiona Bruce & the way they vilified & lied about Corbyn & other left wing politicians over the years.

  • Gary Lineker is 62 years old, born Nov 1960. Minute 62 sounds like a good time.

  • I have some sympathy with @Erroll_Sims point that a presenter of a TV show being strong armed off his duties is distinctly small beer compared to the dire state this country has been left to fall into in the last 13 years, but the Tories' insidious undermining of standards in public office as well as their utter hypocrisy is neatly summed up by this whole sorry affair.

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    I would certainly join in, regardless of there being more pressing concerns. Sometimes it takes a huge overreaction to a perfectly reasonable comment to make the wider population wake up to how sinister this country is becoming.

    It’s been fairly obvious for some time that the BBC’s news operation is seriously compromised, and pretty much untrustworthy.

    Our ludicrous voting system allows a powerful government to be formed from a minority vote, and then it carries on as if it has the backing of 90% of ‘hard-working, right thinking people’. From an impartial standpoint, it’s not just this government that’s benefitted from this of course, but this lot are utterly despicable.

  • I do believe that every chance should be taken to demonstrate that the so called populists do not fact represent the silent majority as they are so fond of claiming but actually represent a tawdry fairly small group of loudmouths.

    they have done untold harm to the country already. About time decent ordinary people made it clear “not in my name”

  • I wouldn't want our club to get involved.

    Right or wrong in whoever's opinion - if there is any iota of controversy that can be caused from a protest or a statement, in a professional capacity, it's best just to remember who you are, what you are paid, why you are there, and steer well clear of it.

    We live in a crazy world. Whilst at work (or in the limelight in Lineker's case) - get your head down, do your job, vent your frustrations to your family and get on with it. In the big wide world, our opinions mean F all!!

    I think the protest should be against a 62 year old man deciding that it's the right thing to do to post that on Twitter. Whilst I don't have a view on his comments, just grow up FFS!!

  • Agree that there are better things to chant about. Agree that the 'outrage' is a government and press ploy to distract from real issues. Disagree with those who want to use the dimwittery of (Boris loan arranging) BBC management handling of this to bash BBC news coverage or the idea that if you have a platform and you think you hear fascist overtones in the language used to describe government policy you should keep your head down and keep quiet. Even some Tories have called out some of the language used by the Home Secretary. We all know the only way to effectively tackle immigration is a massive investment in Border Force...which is not going to happen. Unworkable Rwanda policy is just a nasty little soundbite to give the impression something is being done for the base

    Richard Keys and Andy Gray seen packing their golf clubs and heading to Doha Airport.

  • We live in a crazy world. Whilst at work (or in the limelight in Lineker's case) - get your head down, do your job, vent your frustrations to your family and get on with it. In the big wide world, our opinions mean F all!!

    @thecatwwfc I take it you’re not a fan of trade unions?

  • I still don’t fully get it. Lineker is a private contractor. Whilst he is bound no doubt like any contractor to a code of conduct there has been no agreed breach. So what’s he done wrong? I cannot think of a better fuck up than this current situation.

    Do I want sporting pundits getting wrapped in politics. Not really I like sport as an escape. Do I care what pundits tweet, no I don’t read them. That’s my choice, and I’m sure they care zero jots about me. So it’s a non issue for me

    As for a protest, not for me. There’s things to protest. And I’m confident Lineker would agree he’s not one that needs support. Anyway not seen MOTD for years. I’ll tune in when we get promoted no doubt.

  • You may as well chant about the Mail, Express and Telegraph who manufactured many of the conditions being rallied against and the fake outrage that lead to the decision.

    If tomorrow is the start of (legitimate) anti-Beeb chant's that's double your money time for the papers who can then point and shout at them when they basically want rid of them anyway for both the limited scrutiny and the competition they provide. Right old state we've ended up in over the last decade or so.

  • Oh god, I forgot about the anti-BBC nutters. You're right, this would play right into their hands.

  • It is a horrible situation we are in. And the above are horrible. But we can do something about it

  • Tomorrow's front pages are already out, are they congratulating the BBC for doing exactly what they were pressing for? Nope. Strange that.

  • No I disagree.

    there has indeed been a campaign of vilification of the BBC by the authoritarian populists seeking to eliminate all checks and balances and scrutiny.

    The head of the BBC was appointed by Johnson by corruption to further the agenda of turning the BBC from an independent speaker of truth into a propaganda arm of government.

    In truth it’s coverage of Ukraine has also been shameful. it has parroted the official black and white agenda rather than reporting also the Legitimate concerns of Russia and people who identify as of Russian heritage. Many (including me) would argue that those concerns do not justify the actions Russia took but they do at least explain the conflict. The BBC ,cowed by the Government and tabloid onslaught and its agenda lead leadership has failed in its duty to give us the facts. The Lineker incident is another example of its failing. It is entirely appropriate to protest to demand that our BBC remains independent and doesn’t surrender to the populists.

  • I agree with the last sentence if people realise that's what they are protesting and not against finishing off what's left of an organisation put on its arse by the Tories.

    Not sure what the Russia waffle is for. If they have legitimate concerns let them stop bombing their independent neighbour flat for a bit and talk about them.

  • Honestly, I don't know enough to comment on it. But it's caused controversy. So at 62 years old it must cross your mind that it's stupid to post on twitter. I'm all for freedom of speech but come on. Common sense must prevail.

  • May I suggest something simple, such as:

    "Gary was right, the Tories are c**ts"

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    Do people still even watch match of day ... been ages for me. Let's be honest one of the most annoying things about it is the pundits in the studio, will probably be better without them

  • The sooner people realise that the cat is out the bag on Twitter etc and stop seeking out stuff to be offended about the better. You don’t like Lineker, ignore him. You find Farage repugnant, block him. They can spout whatever they like* it’s up to individuals to come to their own conclusions as to truths or opinions. There’s a lot of grey out there people it’s just being ignored by 90% of the population.

    * terms and conditions apply surrounding hate speech etc

  • Yeah, probably would be better without presenters, commentators. It’s amazing that major sports broadcasters worldwide continue with the ridiculous spectacle.

    That’s why early ifollow was so good. Before they ruined it by introducing Catchpole and ‘his mates’.

  • I generally watch MOTD on iPlayer on Sunday morning, and fast forward through all the chit chat.

  • I’d like to hear a chant about the conservative immigration policy. I have being doing some work with the migrants in the Best Western Hotel in Buckingham. Whilst there have been some problems, in there is a group of people who are traumatised and terrified of being killed if returned to their country of origin. I’ve heard their stories, seen the marks of torture on their bodies. They fled to survive.

    If you were wondering whether they are living in luxury, it is a hotel in name only. I’d describe it more as an open prison that would fail inspection in terms of facilities.

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    It must have been terrible in the 1930's witnessing so much economic and political upheaval without having the technology to know what Stan Laurel thought about it.

    Though his tweet 'This is like Germany in the present' would have been as baffling as people still watching MOTD when all the highlights are on Youtube five minutes after the game.

  • Please explain what this has got to do with the Tories? The decision was made by the BBC.

  • Surely you already know the answer to that.

  • If Eric’s comment was aimed at the government’s immigration policy then he’s entitled to his opinion, but the government has no direct involvement in how the BBC makes decisions regarding their talent.

  • Alex Scott has refused to do Football Focus,

    Shit just got real.

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