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  • His next one saying how we aim to plot an "assault on promotion to the premier league" i think guarantees it's legit.

  • Here we go ! Love transfer rumours ! Keep them coming

  • Obviously its nonsense, but it would be great to have Crouchy at the club! Him and Bayo together would be incredible on and off the pitch

  • If he just wanted a year for pocket money, more likely to get a game for us than most other clubs

  • Reported to be worth around £27m so he only needs to go to the hole in the wall to get some pocket money!

  • Good to see the quality of insane rumours has gone up in line with our new status

  • Is it insane that we'd sign Peter Crouch? He'd fit our long ball style to a tee, like Bayo he's not the sort of player that needs to stay supremely fit to function on the pitch and I'm sure he'd be attracted to a club that would allow him to maintain his media commitments inbetween matches. As long as he hasn't let himself go too much in his retirement, he might fancy one last hurrah in the Championship...

  • He retired from playing. For one slight flaw in the plan.

  • I saw somebody who looked a lot like Joe Hart getting off a National Express coach at Handy Cross.

  • I understand that the Cressex petrol station cannot be used as a guarantor of a signing as you can't always manage to get a Hummer into the petrol pump bays. We now have to start scouting the station near Wycombe High School.

  • I don’t think any Gasroomers should be scouting around Wycombe High School.

  • Without wanting to shatter anyone's dreams of Peter Crouch signing for Wycombe, 'Transferbot' is a bot that randomly generates transfer rumours based on a lexicon of various players and clubs.

  • That sounds excellent. Probably only a matter of time until it generates the "Wanderers to sign Lee Hodges" rumour that me and @eric_plant have been anticipating for too long now.

    (That's not the Lee Hodges that The Adams Family compared to the FA Cup during his loan stint with us, but the one that played like a young Brian Flynn.)

  • aka Lee Hodges (the good one)

    We might be able to afford Chris Greenacre now as well

  • Wont let Tony Agana escape our clutches this time.

  • Seems this is dead in the water.. No promotion campaign next season

  • @WidmerWanderer said:
    Seems this is dead in the water.. No promotion campaign next season

    It was a tall story from the start.

  • Yes, never had legs.

  • Would have been a good feat

  • This twitter account is a simple word substitution thing, however, I asked GPT-3 to generate a tweet length sentiment about Wycombe Wanderers and got back this...

    “When I’m old, I’ll follow Wycombe Wanderers. They’re like the England football team; one set of supporters and everyone used to losing.”

    Artificial intelligence still needs some work I think.

  • Kieran Sadlier?

  • @Croider I saw we’ve been linked with him. Would be a great signing. Guess we’d play him more as a forward?

  • Dave Tarpey?

  • Surely it's time for the long-awaited return of Marcello Trotta? Currently rotting in Serie B, loved his time at Wycombe, promised he'd be back one day (if only "as a fan to cheer on the team")...

  • Omar Bogle ?

  • Who was that Chalfont striker people kept banging on about 5/6 years ago? Think he went to Marlow in the end, but doesn't appear to be there anymore.

  • @Jonny_King said:
    Who was that Chalfont striker people kept banging on about 5/6 years ago? Think he went to Marlow in the end, but doesn't appear to be there anymore.

    Not sure but i remember a guy at Marlow ages back who reckoned he was Matt Philips level (when at Wycombe) but reckoned the difference was "professional training"

  • Ben Gladwin ex Marlow been around a few football league clubs but more a midfielder than striker.

    Only prolific Chalfont st Peter striker I can remember recently is Tony Mendy, but he's just doing the rounds of local step 3/4 non league clubs, dont think he is football league standard.

  • Charlie Strutton but that’s going back a bit further now

  • Charlie briefly strutted his stuff at AFC Wimbledon about eight years ago. I used to hear all about him at the time because mrs micra was very friendly with his aunt.
    Smiling at that because (and it never crossed my mind at the time) my grandmother used to take me up to the West End during the Christmas holidays to various pantomimes and I’m not sure it was strictly a pantomime but one of the shows was Charlie’s Aunt.

    Charlie began his football career at Chalfont St Peter and between 2006 and 2012 he scored 81 goals in 125 games. He had a couple of seasons at AFC Wimbledon following that but was never a regular and spent the rest of his career at various non-league clubs, the most senior of which was Maidenhead. He is only 31 but appears to have dropped out of professional football about four years ago.

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