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Match day thread: Bolton

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  • Thank god for that.

    Cheers @BSE - always starts the clock ticking for me

  • That is a thing of beauty, right there!

  • OUT TODAY! Pick up the brand new edition of The Wanderer fanzine from the WWISC stand on the left hand side of Hillbottom Road, just before you reach the Adams Park gates (in front of the Righton building). Free to WWISC members and just Β£1.50 to everyone else.

  • just seen the .. Bolton are 11/1 to win !!

  • When I looked last night on Oddschecker you could get 14 / 1 on a Bolton win and we were as short as 1 / 4.
    This will be an unusual and hopefully memorable fixture - may be a quiz show special in years to come.
    I am sure we can and I hope we do create the sort of atmosphere to rival that which their 1700+ fans will produce.
    3 points will be just as critical to our team as theirs Very possibly more so, in the way it does start a new era for us, whereas they are transitioning.

    Misquoting Gareth: "Let's make more noise in League One'

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    Every WW game this season will be live on BBC3CR 98FM and also on iFollow too.

    Looking forward to it all and please do hit me up on Twitter/Facebook/insta during the games and have your say.

    More importantly, have your opinion voice put across before and after games on BBC3CR too! This really helps the coverage of the club. Here is how...

    Twitter - @BBC3CR
    Text - 81333. Start your text with 3CR, then leave a space and continue your message as normal.
    Phone - 08081008800

    First episode of Ringing The Blues will be out next week. Please do come and say hello if you see me after the games as I’m looking to get fans voices heard on this. Thoughts on the game, the new Cajun burger etc or life in general are all very welcome.

    Enjoy the game and COYB!

  • A free gift for Wycombe today. Three points a +6 GD will be a huge advantage compared to those clubs who play them later.

  • @TheComebackKid said:
    A free gift for Wycombe today. Three points a +6 GD will be a huge advantage compared to those clubs who play them later.

    Let's hope our players don't think that. Its quite possible that they have a very good youth setup and team used to playing together, augmented by a couple of old pro's , youths getting the chance of their lives backed by the biggest, most supportive crowd they have ever played in front of.

    We need to work hard and approach it properly then have some fun if we are 2 or 3 up.

    Wouldn't be the biggest shock ever if it didn't go our way would it?

  • The assumption that we're going to walk this as if we're playing against the dog in the back garden is making me feel a bit uneasy. I don't doubt Gareth will fire the players up, but our crowd really need to treat this as if we're coming up against a full strength side and get behind the lads.

  • Got to take advantage before they sort themselves out. Three points for free although if they finally go under and we lose those 3 points later it could be tricky

  • Record league win?
    Clue: A team from Lancashire starting with a B, founder member of the Football League, with Premier League track record. Not Bolton.
    But that 5-0 record could be gone by five this afternoon!

  • Chickens are being counted here I will settle for a win 1 or 2 nil and 3 points

  • Burnley.

    Their manager actually went onto the supporters coach after the game to apologise.

    (I think we’ve also matched it against Hartlepool & Northampton, no?)

  • Bayo laughing, on Sky, as he said he is looking forward to playing against kids, does not help at all. When they see how many fans have turned up, Bolton will be fully motivated.

  • Anyone who thinks all we have to do is turn up today clearly doesn’t understand the very reason we all love football. Nothing is a given in this game and I expect to face a very highly motivated team, regardless of who they put out. Some will want a move and some will just want to show what they can do.

  • Can't believe people are getting their excuses in early!

  • Its always best to get your excuses in early! This has the potential to be a very strange game indeed. Our attitude has to be absolutely spot-on otherwise we could end up looking very silly. For the fans and players after the past few months today has to be a major relief and with the future still uncertain I am absolutely sure that they will give everything.

    We are right to start favourites, but this is football and we all (most of us anyway) have the mental scars from losing games we really should have won at a canter.

  • And I also fear that @Jonny_King's post on another thread may prove somewhat prescient with the referee giving a free kick anytime one of their 'kids' bounces off of Bayo, and we may have to revert to a Plan B earlier than we would like.

  • Ridiculous to be so disrespectful to Bolton that people are predicting a record score. We’re not playing a pub team, they will have young players who a Championship club (at the time) thought good enough to sign on professional contracts. Thank goodness the manager and our players will be taking a more realistic approach.

  • So you won't be embarrassed if they're not put away?

  • I’m more embarrassed with people treating our opponents disrespectfully before a ball has been kicked.

  • Looking forward to what could be a strange day. Will the crowd be large or disappointingly small as such early starts have been in the past. Will Bolton's kids roll over and gift us 6 or will they surprise us and take us to the cleaners...? It's why we love footie and I'm so happy the season is finally here.

    Time to cut the grass and then head down to sample more than a few rebellions! COYB! (to confirm the "B" stands for Blues not Bolton!)

  • I honestly think this is the strangest i’ve ever felt before a football game. It somehow just doesn’t feel real. We are playing one of the historical greats of the game for the first time and yet we start as massive favourites. We have no actual idea of how Bolton will line up and if rumours are to be believed they will have a goalkeeper playing up front. I’m scratching my head trying to think if their has ever been such a scratch side put out by a professional football team before (maybe Doncaster Rovers around the time the owner burnt the main stand down). Just surreal.

    As an aside, what on earth are a club with no money doing travelling down the day before and staying overnight in a hotel rather than set off at around 10.00 this morning and have a relatively easy drive down the M6 -M40 for 2 or 3 hours?

    As a further aside I was a little amused by the tale that Parkinson arrived at the motorway services to be picked up by the coach at the planned time and then had to wait for six hours whilst the wages were (partly) sorted out and the coach actually left.

  • Relatively easy drive on our motorway system? I can only assume that you don’t do much driving around this country! Seriously, the risk of being delayed and incurring a fine, not to mention the unsettling affect on players, would far outweigh the cost of an overnight stay even in their situation.

  • Fair enough @glasshalffull. And you are correct. I am currently running an hour later than planned due to our wonderful railway system falling apart at the seams so I really should know better.

    Out of curiosity though do we travel and stay overnight for trips like Bolton away? No implied criticism just curious

  • Yes, we do. Common practice with even the most cash strapped clubs, you just can’t take the risk. Hope your train speeds up.

  • Thanks. How times change but I guess it makes sense and it must be better for the players.

    Just hoping that @Ozzie_the_Relaxed doesn’t drink all the Rebellion before I get there...

  • Bolton to Wycombe by coach would be a 4-5 hour stint including a "comfort break" at the best of times. August Saturdays, (change over holiday days), are even worse.

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