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Andrew Howard + Shirt Speculation

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The club have announced Beechdean will no longer sponsor the shirt. After standing down as chairman last summer, it does seem like Andrew Howard is gradually reducing his ties. Let's hope he doesn't quit as sporting director any time soon though, he's secured us some top players in the last few years.

Also, another goalkeeping kit? Seriously?!



  • And there’s me thinking it’s been GA who’s secured us the players - good, bad and indifferent. Presumably identification and initial persuasion has been down to GA and dealing with players and/or their agents over the money side Andrew Howard’s domain? The perfect fit. Long may it continue. Any dissenters? Thought not.

  • Perhaps the ice cream business is experiencing hard times! Would have thought Beachdean might have benefited from the slightly higher profile in League 1.

  • I did have similar thoughts @mooneyman but my post a couple of years ago about the loss of the Swan Theatre contract provoked a certain amount of derision and one Gasroomer (can’t recall who but @DevC odds on favourite) produced sets of figures (annual turnover etc) which suggested that the loss of business from our local theatre mattered not a jot.

  • @micra statistics, figures and derision? That does not sound like the Gasroom at all!

  • My thoughts were that it had worked for Beechdean but most campaigns have a limited time benefit. The commercial department have ,hopefully,found a more beneficial sponsor for our shirt fronts. Beechdean will continue to support in the other areas already mentioned in the press release.

  • Hopefully a new sponsor has approached with a far superior offer and AH has done the right thing by accepting it.

  • Don't remember the conversation, Micra but given that beechdean has a turnover well in excess of £30m, the loss of a contract in a small regional theatre wouldn't be financially particularly important.

  • Bit of a shame RE Beechdean - local company with a non-offensive and discreet logo on the shirt. Hopefully the new sponsor doesnt have a bright and bold logo, and isnt a betting or loan company.....

  • I think it's a mint idea to look elsewhere for sponsorship. Particularly if the owner see's a Rocky Road ahead.

  • I'm with you @Wheresthechips if AH gets a ripple of interest from elsewhere.

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    Maybe the WWFC shirt deal wasn't the cream on the top we all thought & Beechdean have gone cold & flakey on the idea? Perhaps we could have sweetened the path for a new & bigger sponsor and AH is being frozen out, after all it's rumoured that AH is minted & possibly doesn't mind?

  • Profit margins wafer thin?

  • Perhaps we’ll get a sponsor who is a bit less vanilla.

  • sponsorship from an ice cream company was always an udderly stupid idea. They were always pushing us to play on Sundaes.

  • Don't remember the conversation, Micra but given that beechdean has a turnover well in excess of £30m, the loss of a contract in a small regional theatre wouldn't be financially particularly important.

    That’s it @DevC - pretty much verbatim. After sales service was allegedly not up to scratch. That, as I’m sure you’d acknowledge, could have wider implications.
    The small regional theatre sells tens of thousands of poundsworth of ice cream annually.

  • I'm sure Howard is a smart enough Cookie to ensure there is plenty of Dough in the deal.

  • A choccie chip off the old block @Wheresthechips ?

  • Getting new money in to the club has to be a good thing. Maybe the new sponsor will be a pun on something?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle Maybe we should all club together under a pun-named shell company and sponsor the shirt?

  • @Wheresthechips you really do take the biscuit sometimes

  • At the risk of derailing a promising pun thread, and going back to Micra's business issue.

    Mate, I am sure you would like the Wycombe Swan contract to be vital to Beachdean's business but on a purely financial basis it simply will not be. It will be marginally annoying from a PR perspective as a high profile local outlet but little impact from a financial basis. I am not sure what "after sales" you get from an ice cream manufacturer anyway!

    I believe you worked there and sold the ice cream so you will have a better feel for the numbers than I, so can help me refine them. As a first stab, I believe the main venue has say 300 events per annum with capacity of 1000. So 300,000 seats. Assume 75% occupancy and that gives 225000 potential customers. Say 10% buy an ice cream and that gives sales of 22500 cartons. I presume those cartons are the little ones and while they probably sell for say £3 in the theatre, the sales price excl VAT that Beachdean sell to the theatre will be much less, say 50p per carton. 22500 cartons at 50p = revenue to beachdean of around £11250. Lets say I am out significantly and actual sales volume is double that at £22500 still comfortably less than 0.1% of turnover. Its not important.

  • I think I prefer the puns.

  • Indeed Mr Middle, me too, but micra asked the question, so only polite to answer it.

    I think my explanation above has the problem licked.

  • Seems profits are melting away

  • @DevC I feel your view of the Wycombe Swan ice cream contract is rather simplistic, which is unusual for you!

    It is not just a loss of a relatively small contract. If I am a visitor to a theatre or other public event and buy an ice cream and enjoy it, I am likely to take a mental note of the manufacturer and perhaps look to regularly buy the product in future. On your calculations that is a potential 22,500 customers that might buy the ice cream when at home and then serve it to their friends and families, who may similarly enjoy it and buy it, and so on.

  • You are absolutely right Mooney. Personally I think it was the loss of the absolutely crucial Swan contract that persuaded Howard to step down from WWFC chair in order to spend more time on his business.

    After all, surely it is self evident that the Swan was beachdean's cygneture customer.

  • Whichever way you look it at, the Swan was a tiny income stream for Beechdean. If they lost the ATG contract (who operate 10 theatres in London and many more around the country), then that would have more of an impact but it still wouldn’t be backbreaking for them as a company.

  • Who now has the Swan ice cream contract as I never go there now?

  • The Swan Theartre are part of a big group, hence the loss of the contract, was not just High Wycombe.

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