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We must sign Dave Tarpey now!

Another 4 goals tonight for Maidenhead. What a difference he would make to our team. Andrew Howard and GA should make an immediate approach before he is signed by another club. We would no doubt have to make him a substantial offer to Maidenhead for him to sign for us.



  • Lucky we've got that substantial money tree isn't it!

    Tarpey isn't coming to Wycombe. It sounds like he genuinely isn't too bothered about playing for any football league club on a pro basis, but even if he was not sure we'd be anywhere near his first option.

  • Tarpey is on record saying he wants to play in the Football League and I'm sure he'll achieve his ambition.

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    As far as I can make out, pretty much every non-Premier League professional team has looked at him. I mean, just Googling him now, I see that he's been discussed on the Grimsby and Lincoln fan sites since tonight's game.

    And that's without discussing the fact that he signed a new contract this off-season after turning down some offers from other clubs. We'd need to offer a decent fee to Maidenhead and, by the sounds of it, a decent salary to him. Unless he has some special reason to want to come here, I can't see it happening. I would like to be wrong, though - he looks like just the sort of player we could do with.

  • Reading were at a lot of games last year but apparantly saying he is too old, even though the lad is only 29......! Someone will take a punt on him I'm sure - in fact I dont even think its a punt judging by his record.

  • Mr Howard has this new position concentrating on team development so it's in his court

  • can't see Maidenhead selling the only chance they have of staying up.

  • We could sack you from the club shop and use your wages to pay Tarpey!

  • Dayle Southwell had an exceptional non league record and although he is showing some really decent promise he has not managed to trouble the scoring charts so far. Signing Tarpey would represent a risk in terms of finance and I don't think its one we are in a position to take such a risk. Also GA seems pretty set on his formation and using Bayo as a target with 2 men feeding off him. I don't know what Tarpey's game is and whether this would fit with us. Would he be happy making the jump up to be a back up striker? We also don't know the situation with Kashket. If he is coming back then thats another barrier to signing Tarpey.
    Simply put picking a player from non league is no longer a cheap option and its one that has failed more times than succeeded.

  • I feel a bit sorry for Southwell. It seems to me as though he is not at all suited to playing as a wide man in a front 3

  • Southwell is close to completely redundant out wide.
    Tarpey would probably have a bit more to offer a wide position, but it'd still be fairly pointless the way we play, not to mention too costly.

  • Southwell scored goals in Conference North there is a moutain of difference between that and the National League, Tarpey also scored those 4 goals (2pens) against a promoted team from that same league so hard to judge him just yet really.

  • Southwell played very well as one of the front three on Saturday - he's never impressed me before but I can see the potential for a future for him in that position for the first time. Now it's a matter of becoming more consistent and starting to score goals.

  • that's good to hear. He was dreadful playing there against Lincoln

  • @Chris said:
    Southwell played very well as one of the front three on Saturday - he's never impressed me before but I can see the potential for a future for him in that position for the first time. Now it's a matter of becoming more consistent and starting to score goals.

    He looks good until he gets in front of goal. Again on Saturday he had a 1 on 1 to wrap up the game (admittedly having done well to carry the ball into the box) but failed to convert. No power in the shot and straight at the keeper. Seems to lack confidence in front of goal but his industry and general play are good.

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    Everyone looked good on Saturday largely, I thought, because of the great amount of time and space we had to play in thanks to Port Vale. Southwell did fine - I agree it was probably his most effective game - but I felt we lost a bit of penetration when he came on in place of Paris whose extra pace seemed a big factor.

    That said, when one looks at the highlights on the club site, his last minute chance was not as bad as @Glenactico suggests. One can see that he angled it toward the bottom far corner quite respectably and the keeper made a good save. It was, however, the sort of chance I rather thought a goalscorer should nail, especially when he was ushered through onto goal by the most accommodating defending ever. I agree that he looks a bit short of confidence in front of goal which is understandable given the paucity of chances he has had in the past year.

  • It wasn't a spectacular save by Hornby but it was very good indeed. I'd expect that to go in 4 times out of 5.

  • Young lad desperate to make it in league football. Needed a goal to back up an encouraging start at the beginning of last season. As I recall when his first goal finally came he immediately got injured killing his momentum. Needs a goal pretty quickly now to kickstart his professional career. If/Once he gets one, who knows perhaps he will start scoring regularly. If he doesn't score soon, perhaps his league chance will be over fairly soon.

  • Lot of words used there to say nothing Dev. The point is, does the system he is employed in give him the best chance of being a success at Wycombe?

    I don't think it does.

  • System is presumably designed to give WWFC (in the managers opinion) the best chance of gaining points rather than around an individual player. Its not done too bad in last couple of seasons (or indeed in the very early days of this)

  • Where did I say it isn't, or it hasn't?

  • Funnily enough, Saturday was a good example of how 4-3-3 can trump 4-4-2. With Port Vale playing two wingers with a Barnesian level of defensive commitment, there was a tonne of space in midfield which we were able to exploit with our superior numbers. It's the first time I've seen a clear benefit to the system. Interesting to observe.

  • Sad fact is we are built around Akinfenwa for obvious reasons and players have to fit in if they want to play. It might be better if once the big man comes off the system was changed to favour Southwell...but it hasn't happened so far.

  • Weird conversation time. lets leave it there.

    bottom line. Lad probably needs a goal to boost his confidence and was unlucky to get injured last season just as he scored his first one.

    if system doesn't suit him, he needs to show manager enough in training and on the pitch to make manager believe that more points will accrue from changed system than from the current one.

    Who knows if/once he gets his first goal, he may do just that.

  • "let's leave it there"

    followed by three paragraphs! Classic Dev

  • He missed a pretty good chance right at the end on Saturday, that wasn't the system's fault.

  • @floyd said:
    He missed a pretty good chance right at the end on Saturday, that wasn't the system's fault.

    I refer my honourable friend to Chris's post of 12:18PM

  • How much of a chance will he get now we've signed CM-S? My 'firstnameontheteamsheet-ometer' has him 6th choice striker (out of 7) when all are fit.

  • Tarpey will never sign for us... this post is a waste of time @LeedsBlue

  • I was referring to Southwell, as this was the discussion the thread had taken. Which, to be honest, seemed pretty self-evident from the context of the previous few posts. Maybe you didn't read them, and just 'dived in'?

  • @LeedsBlue ...... a bit harsh!!?
    But yes.... seems I just dived in looking back at previous posts. Apologies

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