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Match day thread: Doncaster



  • Don't forget - nice, shiny, mostly-proof-read copies of the new Wanderer available for your literary satisfaction for just ยฃ1.50. Pick up your copy today, before one of 16 countries blows us to smithereens.

  • There's no way we should win this - so I predict a 2-1 and us in the playoff spots tonight after an amazing set of other match results. Leaving open the inevitable soul sucking slide out again over the last two games.

  • Live commentary will be on BBC3CR DAB and on Chairboys Player


  • Coyb.......we seem to perform better against the better teams..... fingers, toes and nuts crossed Coyb!!!

  • @Manboobs Can I have some of whatever you're drinking?

  • Blooms in for Hayes the only change from last week.

  • 442 then a bit of a shock although no wingers just 4 centre mids glad to see kashket though the middle with bayo but would have been nice to see Weston and freeman on the flanks

  • That line up (and the narrow pitch) would suggest 4-1-2-1-2/diamond or even 4-3-1-2 rather than 4-4-2.

    Well I say that, if it were me I'd try and have Saunders in a more attacking role behind the front two, but I'm not the manager!

  • Decent first half performance and atmosphere, for a change. Doncaster have created a number of half chances, including hitting the post, but the goal was slightly fortunately as a deflection took the ball over Blackman and in from a tight angle.
    There's more goals in this game, hopefully we can win.

  • Just woke up, slept late and stuck the player on having missed the first half.......
    .......and we're 2-1 up! Bargain! COYB

  • Blow the flaming whistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bloody hell we win at home!!

  • Excellent, just excellent

  • @Manboobs Got tonight's lottery numbers?

  • A win next week and who knows.....

    ...just might have to come back for the last home game.

  • Superb keeps it all alive, lets get a big following up to Morecambe next week so they open the terrace for us. But far better today.

  • my nerves are all over the place what a win!!!

  • Still in it with two games to go! Palpable excitement to silence the naysayers. All to play for, great stuff. This is why we follow, we follow...

  • Why was the game finished so late? KO delay or loads of injury time?

  • I think that was the best game Bean has played in a Wycombe shirt. Covered the defenders superbly and allowed O'Nien to get further forward. Also impressed with the cameo performance from Thompson.

  • Totally agree about Bean, was saying the same at the match. Bean covered every blade of grass and smothered every attack, my MOM.

  • @bill_stickers said:
    Why was the game finished so late? KO delay or loads of injury time?

    6 minutes of stoppage time and a half time farce when bodger didn't appear for the kids penalty competition. So it started late and both teams were out ready to start whilst kids took shots at a mascot. A new take on family friendly club. But who cares, I'm off to the seaside next weekend!

  • Best home game for ages. Good overall team performance. Still in the hunt.

  • Great performance sido looked great again Harriman quality as was bean we also didn't kick off until 5 past 3 standard home game the teams came out at 1 min to 3!

  • Great game! Doncaster were absolute class: head and shoulders the best team I've seen us play this season. Their little centre forward going off injured in the first half was massive, I thought - he was brilliant - though they could still easily have had four at half time, even without the freakish fluke that they did score.

    Second half, we battled our socks off. With half an hour to go, I thought we'd struggle to keep them out, but we managed to force them into slightly more league-standard hit-and-hope stuff and nearly caught them on the break a number of times in the last fifteen.

    Everyone did a job. Bean has been great the past three games. Sido had another cracker and Pierre was up to his usual high standards. Blooms and Luke worked themselves into the ground. Even Bayo tracked back a few times.

    As a side note, I quite liked the ref's performance. He tried to be consistent and allowed a fair amount to go much of the time (which, frankly, suited us rather well, as it generally does). He reached the rarely achieved benchmark of refereeing Bayo as a player entitled to the same protection of the laws as everyone else. Recall him getting four free kicks today: probably the same as the sum of the past eight matches.

  • Also, did anyone else get the feeling that Blackman may be nursing an injury? He just didn't seem right today to me - so tentative coming for crosses and (even more than usually) inaccurate with his kicks.

  • Couldn't agree more about Bean - a superb performance doing everything he needed to do to shut them down time and time again. And yet another excellent show for Sido in the centre.

    Thought Donnie were an excellent passing team in the first half but seemed to lose their shape in the second as they chased the game more desperately. The injury to May so early on was fortuitous for us, he looked liked the sort of annoying niggly player who always nabs a winner or wins a penalty.

    Just goes to show what we can do when we play it on the grass. And great to see how pumped up Ainsworth was at the end. Let's hope Morecambe isn't a case of after the Lord Mayor's show.

  • Last three games we have really got that work rate back. The defensive tracking and commitment to breaking up play has been superb. Typified by Kashkett, who again did a terrific job of hassling defenders, holding up play and winning attacking set pieces.

    I'm pleasantly surprised that we have been able to get ourselves back into the chase. Couldn't see it three or four weeks ago but the team deserve credit for dig giving in to give us a chance of making top 7.

    As others have said, a special mention for Bean. Certainly today's MOM.

    Donny were good, although not as impressive as Burton and Northampton have been the last two seasons. Looked less effective once their forward went off injured after half an hr.

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