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The definitive ex-player news thread



  • @Gary said:

    LON in the League One team of the season.

    Good for him. Haven't followed his season at all, really, so very pleased to see it's evidently been a good one.

  • That's very interesting to see when he's played in defence most of the season, and fans on their forum seem to think he tried hard but isn't good there!
    Vocal minority on a forum not representing the overall view maybe.

  • @Gary said:

    Dennis has been released by Everton.

    What’s the postcode for the Esso petrol station at Cressex. I think Dennis needs it.

  • 246 New Rd, High Wycombe HP12 4RG

  • I'll pick him up from Merseyside if needs be.....

  • He’s probably happily back in London. I’ll pick him up, provided he signs a two year contract. Would be great if he could be persuaded to sign. My only slight concern would be his apparent vulnerability to what seemed like a painful back problem. Sincerely hope I’m wrong.

  • Steve Arnold released by Northampton.

  • @robin said:
    Scott Brown has been released by Port Vale.

    @DevC said:
    Port Vale released all 16 of the players out of contract this summer. Brown has apparently been critical of some elements of the management. It seems the manager, Darryl Clarke - ex Bristol - has been clear in the press that he cant wait to get rid of the "dead wood". In truth it doesn't sound a very happy ship. Brownie incidentally won a community engagement award at their player of the season awards. If he decides he wants to carry on, I hope he finds a new (better) club in the area.

    @mooneyman said:

    @Forest_Blue said:
    I thought Brownie had done well at Port Vale...shame to be released

    Think it's because he publicly criticised the hierarchy at the club.

    Misinformed. Brown (rightly) criticised the recruitment under the previous manager John Askey, because it was an utter shower of toss.

    It's a very happy ship, new owners are phenomenal, fans happy with Clarke and DOF Flitcroft, at the end of the season we won 8 in 9 drawing the spare.

    Clearout is what all the fans wanted.

    Brown is gone because he's 36 and clearly slowing down. Cost us quite a few points with his hesitancy, he had an absolute howler against Cheltenham this season that will be on comedy error compilations forever. Shame but he had to be replaced at some point.

  • Randell Williams leaving Exeter on a free...rumours we might be interested (though hope not)...
    Jake Taylor also leaving Exeter as wants to move back to the Reading area...

  • edited May 13

    I'd have Randell back in a heartbeat. He's played wing-back for Exeter and if we continue to take such a cross-heavy approach (although I'm not saying we should) then it would be nice to have someone with consistently good delivery. He's a good age as well.

  • He was fine for us - significant goal at Yeovil, etc. - a skilful player and honest servant, but I'd think we might be setting our sights a little higher.

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    I would certainly make a big effort to get Randell back. Ideal utility player, very quick, can play wide or in midfield.

  • Agree with @HCblue there. He was decent amongst a number of options at the time.
    But not someone I'd strive to get back. Not with the options we have these days.

  • If we carry on playing wing backs and he's now an experienced young player I would not be sad to see him back. Considering what Wycombe have done for Thompson I am sure we are an attractive prospect. But as usual in Gareth most of us trust😁

  • Randell also has a phenomenal way of celebrating when he scores. A series of backward somersaults. Or have I got the wrong guy?

  • @micra said:
    Randell also has a phenomenal way of celebrating when he scores. A series of backward somersaults. Or have I got the wrong guy?

    You’re thinking of Ballroom Bill Turnball. That’s how he celebrated after scoring his penalty at the Sergio Torres kickabout.

  • I’m pretty sure I’m right (as usual) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

  • And it’s TurnbUll if you don’t mind.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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  • Right wing-back is one of the key positions we need to strengthen over the summer as we'll need more than just Jason McCarthy able to play in the position if we are to stick with with 3-5-2 wunderformation. Rendell Williams is exactly the sort of player Gareth goes for - right position, right attitude, formerly at the club, had a disappointing season so has a point to prove. If we get him it will show a real statement of intent as he was linked with Hull and Peterborough last season but was holding out for a Championship club. Of course, they might not be interested now they're promoted / he had a bad season...

  • It wasn't his best season, although spending a chunk out injured in the middle can hardly have helped. Definitely need to strengthen at RWB - I guess Fred could play there, but he's been such a revelation on the left that you want to keep him there as far as possible. And Randell has played well in a variety of systems anyway, which is always useful.

  • I think Jason McCarthy has been excellent, a revelation in fact, as a right wingback.

  • @micra said:
    I think Jason McCarthy has been excellent, a revelation in fact, as a right wingback.

    Yeah, he has. Maybe 'strengthen' is the wrong word. We need to deepen at RWB.

  • Or add depth, as a normal person would say...

  • Are we forgetting the existence of Jack Grimmer?

  • My thought too @drcongo but unexpressed. Is he now too important as a right sided member of a back there? Surely not.

  • Three not there.

  • Grimmer is perhaps more naturally a RB or possibly a RCB in a three than a RWB. One of our best players though. Given squad limits and budget limitations, it does feel unlikely that we would sign a third right sided defender (apart possibly from a "B" kid.)

  • @Chris said:

    Thanks @Chris. I remember watching that very moment. I think I was sitting in the Beechdean. If so, it couldn’t have been a League game.

  • @drcongo said:
    Are we forgetting the existence of Jack Grimmer?

    Lacks the final ball a WB needs in that system - plus he's been immense as the right-sided CB.

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