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  • In a time where we can’t serve decent food, sell a shirt, or arrange any kind of bus service, the pie in the sky road plans should be put on ice.

    As a few have said, it’s likely that any club sale would be bolstered by having planning granted, but the path to that is fraught with hurdles and additional costs, which the club seems ill positioned to meet.

  • I think that's got to be pretty unlikely, it makes a lot of sense but then if you were choosing the "cut cloth accordingly" model over the "build it and they will come" model you wouldn't have lost £3.5m a year for the last few.

    What says our new Georgian friend? Will we ever know?

  • That is the question. Or would be if a question mark was added.

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    Although not a user of public transport to get to the game myself, I fully sympathise with those who want/need to use that form of transport.

    I’m stating the obvious, it is essential, given the location of the ground ,that we have at least some special bus provision to ferry those supporters who require transportation. This of course includes away supporters.

    The cessation of such public transport during the season is ridiculous and is then compounded by absolutely lousy public relations ,telling us all is not what is seems (but we can’t tell you why !) Treating customers or potential customers with a degree of contempt.

    apparently the club say the lack of a service is not their fault, but do not have the courtesy to keep their paying supporters (some of whom are not paying at the moment because they can’t get there because there’s no buses) in the loop as to why it is not their fault

    this is negotiating a transport link to a football ground, not discussing an intercontinental nuclear arms, disarmament deal. To treat us like children and say they can’t tell us ,is to me ,is treating us with disdain .

  • Thanks Doc. Just thought, isn't the man in question from Kazakhstan in anycase?!

  • I think he's Georgian but the money is in Kazakhstan

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    Comes to something when your money is safer in Kazakhstan!

    I assume investment in Wycombe means he can slip over here and get his hands on some of that empty Moscow on the Thames oligarch real estate?

  • Should be "put on ice?"

    They're hardly in a feverish state of imminence are they?

    The only thing that should be asked with this road, is whether it's more or less likely than the equally fanciful nonsense about buying a massive site in Little Marlow and creating some epic best in class facility.

  • It was Aviva who announced the cessation of the service and the last official statement by the club was on September 26 when they said the situation was being reviewed and an update would be issued ‘before the next home game’ which was on Tuesday against Bolton. Admittedly no update was forthcoming but at no stage did the club say ‘all is not what it seems but we can’t tell you why’. Perhaps you are referring to my post saying that people should be cautious about blaming the club, but that was not an official statement by the club and it is not true to say that they treat fans ‘like children and say they can’t tell us’.

  • Be interested to know what is wrong or factually incorrect about the above post.

  • Aviva are an insurance company (once better known as Norwich Union).

    Arriva are the bus company - apparently operating in 10 countries across Europe. Originally started in Sunderland under the name T Cowie Ltd.

  • Apologies as I had just received an email from Aviva and the name was on my mind….an all to frequent senior moment as Mooneyman might discover when he reaches my age!

  • “too frequent” Alan, with no sub editors, attention to detail required from all 😉

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    A little bird told me that a deal has been struck with a new company who are just waiting for the paperwork to go through, authorising it as a commercial route (not something I’m an expert on, but I hope that makes sense to someone)

    if that is the case, then that is a perfectly understandable reason for the delay in getting a new provider in place again, if that is the case why the secrecy ?

    we can only hope that any new deal is sensibly drafted to expire on the 31st of May of a particular year

    just passing on what I was told. I’m happy to have the shot Down In Flames if somebody knows better

  • I heard last night that a local private company were pitching for it. I wonder if it is the same company? 🤔

  • PickMeUp? They’re all over Bucks at the moment. Has to be them or Carousel, surely?

  • Someone said the other day you "could" use them. But i assumed he just meant book them as per their usual approach, rather than the whole bus being used for it?

    Not quite sure how their MO works, as surely everyone has a slightly different pick up and choice of route?

  • I believe that the 'Pick me up' buses are part of the Carousel operation.

  • With Stevenage at home tomorrow, I assume there still isn't a bus service from the railway station?

  • From the club site:

    "Bus service

    Supporters are advised to make use of Arriva’s regular number 4 service which departs High Wycombe Bus Station at 10 minutes past each hour (up to 18:10), dropping off at the end of Hillbottom Road at 20 minutes past each hour (up to 18:20).

    The number 2 bus runs between High Wycombe Bus Station and the Hour Glass pub, within walking distance of Adams Park, with a service approximately every 20 minutes, with the last service for midweek fixtures departing the Hour Glass at 22:13."

    Not great.

  • "Within walking distance" without any further qualification is a little light. Considering many of those who chose to take it might be older.

  • True. But amusing that this comes from someone whose definition of "walking distance" is apparently 26.2 miles.

    NB - not mocking. Indeed, I am somewhat in awe

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    Very good, you will have appreciated the bit towards the end of the walk where we were being brought literally all round the houses from the rye, behind the university and up to the ground avoiding the centre of town and busy roads, it was taking quite a while when everyone thought we were almost done and were thoroughly knackered, some non-Wycombe fans kept asking where this bloody roundabout they'd been told about (Sands) was as apparently as soon they got there the ground it was a left turn and they were at the ground. Luckily me clearing this up lead to someone sharing out some beers for the final stretch.

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    WW1 launches tomorrow, run by Carousel, and is free of charge. Well done to all involved in arranging this.

    It sounds like a one-off agreement for now, but I suspect it will operate going forward for the same fare as the previous operator.

  • Didn’t realise you could get 20% off in the Flint on matchdays. Decent.

  • I haven’t checked the official website but do we know whether WW1 (bit scary to someone born a year before the start of WW2) will depart from Wycombe train station at the same times as the defunct service?

    Asking for a friend.

  • Departing the rail station at 12.40pm, 1.30pm and 2.20pm, the service will arrive at the bus station five minutes later, and drop off at Hillbottom Road at 12.57pm, 1.47pm and 2.37pm.

    The return journeys will leave Adams Park at 5.25pm, 6.05pm and 6.45pm, giving fans the chance to stay behind for a post-match drink before heading back to the town.

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