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Bus Service

Someone just posted this on the Facebook group, do we know if we are changing providers or just killing off the service? Would seem a little short sighted if we are.



  • That’s absolutely bizarre, as the club just advertised a 20% discount to all STH at Flint Cottage “and you can get the shuttle bus from the train station”

  • Having some sort of official match bus service should be an absolute critical offering, so this would be a massive blow if it's not simply an end of 1 contract and news of another starting soon.

    While we'll never hit those amazing days of having 6 or 7 separate routes, something from the train station is a must have.

  • I don't drive so if my lift isn't going to the game I rely on that bus to get there. With the terrible access to the ground they should be putting those extra routes on again and encourage people to use them rather than cutting it completely.

  • Cutting the bus service would make me question coming from London to Adams Park a lot more than at present. I know the club are happy for me to pay £10 for VPN access thanks to the many nudge-nudge-wink-wink references of theirs to that service. But it's strange that they'd want to cut £15 minimum off their matchday revenue, not to mention the money I could (though to be fair, probably wouldn't) spend on refreshments in the ground.

  • If the bus service isn’t attracting enough passengers then start it from Holmer Green & Hazlemere then pick up at the railway station & bus station en route to Adams Park. Sometimes a bit of imagination is called for.

  • Makes midweeks impossible now. The waste of space buses stop at 8.30 around here. The club should be in PUBLIC transport - sadly it is run purely on a profit basis now.

  • How many people get on this bus? I’m guessing not many if the contract’s not being renewed.

  • I travel from south east London and always get the shuttle bus from and to the station. Away fans often use it too. Train and bus travel (as opposed to driving my car) reduces my carbon footprint and the pressure on car parking around AP. If the club is genuinely wanting to be more sustainable it must be maintained.

  • Is this a real link?

    If so appalling and a matter for the Trust.

  • Presumably the contract is just going to another provider

  • This is really bad news not just for regular passengers who live in Wycombe, or those who come from nearby towns and London, but also away fans.

    The buses are regularly crammed with visiting support, who having already travelled hours and hours. They are now met with another 45 mins of walking up and down the hilly streets of Wycombe, or a private taxi.

    Is this really the first experience the club, and by extension the town, wants to treat its visitors to? When will Wycombe council realise the football is actually one of, if not the single biggest asset of the town, and help better support their efforts? So many towns of Wycombe’s size and and stature would kill to have a team that plays tier 2/3 football and would lay on all sorts of services for it.

    For the more adventurous who are thinking of using the Zipp E-scooters, there is a parking bay at the train station regularly stocked with vehicles, and another at the stadium to park up, near the away fans beer tent.

    They are quite enjoyable in good weather on a balmy Saturday afternoon, although miserable / downright dangerous in bad weather at night I’d imagine.

    But beware, the council has cheaped out with the E-scooter provider and the app regularly bugs out, as do the scooters. This forced my brother to abandon a scooter he couldn’t end the ride for, and get on a train to London as it racked up additional costs by the minute. A quick google shows he’s not the only one either with an article in the BFP about a similar case.

    The company‘a phone support lines also close at night so it wasn’t resolved until several hours later with the help of his credit card provider.

  • I know it's not the main point, but the walk from station to ground is about as pan flat as it gets in Wycombe!

  • I walked from the train station to AP for the first time ever last year. It didn't seem as far as I thought it would be, although it was a nice day.

    I guess there will be a new provider once Arriva have gone.

    I still think there should be more of a push on getting people to cycle.

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    This is pretty bad news, as I know people who use this.

    I seriously hope its nothing to do with the club that has stopped it ! Does the club have to pay for the service ?

  • I believe it was subsidised. Difficult to put a value on it as if people decide to swerve games that's more lost than just the bus fee and if it helps perpetuate the idea that it's just a pain to get here it would be multiples.

  • I hope Carousel pick up the route.

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    Two comments on the “High Wycombe (HW)” Facebook page suggest that our club hasn’t yet paid Arriva for the last year of service.

    When you also consider the constant drive to shift 10 x £95 first team shirts on social media, you do wonder if we have cash flow issues…

    Is £950 revenue really so integral? We are using the time and expertise of: professional photographer, social media manager, players time at training etc. knock off the VAT and the cost of production and it all seems very desperate

    And the Couhigs are clearly doing everything to shift the club… you do wonder how worrying the next few years could be.

  • I dreamt about this last night. I may be unwell.

  • No real hills, but West Wycombe road actually has a deceptive elevation

  • This was what I was referring to, perhaps with a bit of artistic license.

  • Some of that is a reach. The staff and players are there anyway and the specials / offers are to get people in to the shop although they clearly think most people are richer than I do.

    If we actually aren't paying bills though that is concerning. The reality is last time we were trusted with any information on this we were running at a big loss each year and that's not sustainable.

  • A shade under 50 minutes. Not the most picturesque to be fair, but as I’d been sat on a train for over 2 hours, it was a nice leg stretch.

    Wouldn’t have fancied it if it’d been raining or icy though. A ground as far out as ours does need some sort of bus service.

  • Surely this means we've got planning permission for the chairlift?

  • they move more games to mid week, which makes it harder for people to get there. Then they clobber the stadium bus service.

    add in the high prices they really are falling over themselves, to dissuade people from going to the games.

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