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Match day thread: Exeter



  • Anyone know if we're allowed to widen the pitch once the season has started?

  • Exeter pre season lost 4 1 to our old friends at Torquay

  • @drcongo they played Weston Super Mare, Coventry and Bristol City. So not that dissimilar to ours.

  • My big fear with young Premier League loanees is they don’t know intensity. They’ve probably never played a real game before as all U23 games by their nature are friendlies.

  • They've got to start somewhere... And the ones who come straight into the PL fare alright (look at Cole Palmer for City right now).

  • Widen the pitch, no chips. We need somewhere to grow the potatoes.

  • Some silly words and some sensible words written about yesterday's game. They are a new squad compared to previous season starts, they will take time to get to know each other. Boyes and Vincent-Young were excellent, both will be great assets once the squad settles. Potts and Leahy both played well and showed desire. Hanlan is, in my mind, a good winger but no striker. We'd be better off with Mellor or D'Bar in that striker position.

    Onwards and upwards

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    This new squad is true, but Exeter had a large number of new players too. So it's not a total get out.

  • Regarding the 1887, as I’ve said elsewhere on social media - That was my first visit to AP for quite a while and whilst there is still a long way to go, I thought they made a decent bit of noise in the corner (until Exeter started battering us!). Today was definitely a step towards a better atmosphere. The terrace has been silent on my last few visits, so anything being done to improve on that is worth getting behind in my opinion.

    Fair enough if some people don’t want to get involved, but it’s quite sad seeing some people knocking it and apparently willing it to fail. Probably the same people booing 45 minutes into the new season. To say they didn’t make any noise is simply not true, but the awful start inevitably sucked the life out of the home support.

    Good luck to The 1887. I look forward to seeing/hearing it progress.

  • Anyone from The 1887 on the Gasroom?

  • Not the reason we lost yesterday but the incompetence of the officials was very evident From inconsistent yellow cards to the Scowen “penalty” but perhaps more concerning to me was that the 23/24 “added on” time script clearly had not reached these guys. With other games across the weekend seeing double digit added minutes at the end of halves out first half saw two early goals with significant celebration, a penalty that took an age to take (good to see it saved 👍) as well as a substitution. If we add to that Exeter’s understandable lack of desire to do anything quickly as a result of their 2-0 lead I was therefore stunned to see only 3 minutes added time at the end of the first half.

  • And just 7 minutes at the end of the second half. There was 22 minutes added at Northampton yesterday, 13 minutes at Sunderland today - just two examples.

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    This extra stoppage time won't do anything to stop time-wasting - teams will still do it to disrupt the flow of the game, which is the main point anyway. Only way to really make a difference is for refs to book players in the first instance, no overly lenient warnings. But I agree Breakspear didn't seem to be following the new directive.

  • I'd love to know how the drummer was chosen yesterday ? How many people have offered to do it etc. I was genuinely shocked in the Caledonian afterwards when a friend told me we had a drummer yesterday, as I had not heard a single beat of the drum all game (apart from Exeter's) also never heard any chanting from the 1887 (who I totally support btw, so don't think I dont) after the 2nd goal went in

  • Only two EFL games this weekend finished within 100 minutes

  • Have to say quite a lot of the booing seemed to be coming from the right hand side of the goal. I really hope that wasn’t anything to do with 1887. If it wasn’t, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t ,then I hope they are trying to discourage that sort of thing.

  • There's an old conspiracy theory that FIFA wants 100 minute games so that they can be split into four quarters to boost advertising and make the USA happier.

  • I wonder if it will hurt attendance, especially on weeknights?

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    Another good point someone just made to me: it works against the underdog, ie a team parking the bus will have to do it for longer and are less likely to hang on for a shock result. It's well-intended but will only make the game worse imo.

  • It definitely didn’t come from them, I was stood with them. It seemed to me to come from the centre. I believe Paul McCloud called a few of them out on it.

  • I can't see why football can't do what other sports do, and have the referee signal to stop the game clock when there's a stoppage - goal celebration, penalty award, substitutions, etc. - and signal to restart it when play resumes.

    That way, there's no need for any arbitrary estimate of added minutes, everyone knows time is up when the clock hits 45:00 or 90:00.

  • What bothers me is that on average the ball is actually only in play for roughly 2/3rd of the game, yet we pay for a full 90 minutes...

    @bargepole thats fine where the ref blows the whistle to stop the game e.g. goal or foul as well as things like injuries requiring treatment, corners or goal kicks as the clock could be stopped & started when he blows for the restart; but what about when it goes for a throw in?

  • I can't see why we don't stick with what has worked for well over a century and made football the most popular sport in the world.

    No one wants 10 minutes plus added to the end of each half.

  • I think stopping the clock would just make breaking up the flow of the game more tolerated - teams would just fartarse around even more knowing they weren't eating into the 90.

  • Also, I'm not sure about over a longer period, but the average ball-in-play time has only gone down by 90 seconds in the past decade or so.

  • I went to the golf the other day (not really) and could't believe how much time was spent with players walking around and not hitting the balls. Golf should either be 10 minutes long or all the walking around should't be included and the four hour game should last around two months.

  • Time wasting is hated by all fans and yet officials are incapable of shutting it down. Keeper hurry up. No keeper really hurry up. Keeper you are trying my patience now. Keeper do you want to see me miffed. Book the @@@@ on the second warning.

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