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Match day thread: play-off Final



  • That would be the dour tactics that got us 83 points and 77 goals. Why don’t you sod off and ‘support’ another club?

  • Never too high, never too low.

    I think it’s a different game if we don’t concede that early soft goal. I’m not one to doubt GA or Dobbo, but I wonder if starting Hanlan might have given us a faster start in the first half, as the way we set up never really seemed to able to deal with going a goal behind.

    Frustrating that I can’t remember their keeper having to make a save, and some of our stars throughout the season weren’t at the races today, but you can hardly blame them given the scale of the occasion.

    If we can keep the majority of the squad together, and GA doesn’t get tempted with any of the Championship roles, then I’d back us to bounce back next year.

  • There’s no bullying. People genuinely wonder where you are when we win.

    The answer is you just come here to troll when we lose 🤷‍♂️

  • The better team won , Sunderland deserve to be in the Championship. It’s a shame that Vokes chance to make it 1-1 didn’t happen, but I thought 2nd half we gave it a go but didn’t have the quality to break down their defence and a solid GK.

    Really was hoping Bayo would score at least a consolation goal.

  • Fair play to Sunderland and there fans.. massive achievement for us to be there. Coyb

  • We played better second half, but the second goal when we were pressing for an equaliser really made our task nigh on impossible.

    But the important thing is we get to play again tomorrow and this should only make us stronger.

  • I am gutted, but I LOVE THIS CLUB!!!

    Congratulations to Sunderland - they deserved it on the day.

  • Good to see the queue for trains home is as disorganised as ever

  • At least we get to rattle Derby and Peterborough next year

  • I have to tell myself its only a game... horrendous things happening around the world. Great day out!

  • We didn't play badly at all btw, talk of not turning up is nonsense

  • Underground doing a fairly good job, almost home, should say I was impressed with the stadium setup, staff, food etc today as it tends to get a bad rap.

    One last comment for now on our team and gaffa : If you're blaming anyone - Stocko, Ainsworth, Stewart, Anyone - You don't get this club , or people and you'll never replicate it or achieve what they have.

  • most fans hate us because of our style of play i know a win is a win but i suppose yoiu dont care about football style just a win .

  • not really i could post all the time it wouldnt change a thing .

  • Disagree, thought we were poor tbh.

    Not read through all the messages but even our end was subdued.

    Just a disappointing day overall but hopefully we can keep most of the squad and go again next year.

  • I’m not too down. Feel for Stocko as he is so far in credit with us over the season and then that happens. If it wasn’t for him today wouldn’t have happened.

    Theres a difference between playing badly and not being allowed to play well. It was the latter today in the first half.

    If if if…..

    see you next week when transfer fun and games begin.

  • I’m over the moon with our season as a whole, but that did seem a very un-Gaz performance today.

    Roll on Derby and Peterborough next season.

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    Indeed. Saying our players didn’t turn up is a lazy way of not recognising the opponents did a good good in nullifying our threat in the first half. After that, they were able to do what we like to do and hold the opposition at arms length. Which they did very well.

  • On the day they were better than us, not by a huge margin but enough. We did not deserve to win.

    I wish them well next season. They will need to spend big to stand any hope of staying up but they have a better opportunity than most.

    We will go again next season with a similar strength squad and an extra million in the bank from the three playoff games.

  • I agree. The team played as well as they were allowed to but they made a fight of it and no one should be too downhearted, least of all the players.

  • Well, what a disappointing afternoon.

    Feel sorry for Stocko - that can happen but a great season for him.

    The writing was on the wall already, they could/should have been 2 nil up in the 1st 5 minutes.

    Thought they outplayed us in every single aspect.

    Men against boys sadly.

    Thought Bayo had a great cameo.

    No plan B. And a plan A much like the 2nd leg against Mk Dons is a little underwhelming.

    I think we are much better than just trying to "hang on for grim life then lump it upfield and hope for a foul on Vokes to get a free kick 25 yards out".

    Just left with a feeling that we didn't do the things well that we normally do well and let ourselves down but very proud of what we've achieved over the season.

  • Completely gutted and slightly heart broken by our game today but as someone said, worse things are happening around the world.

    A few points that I noticed:

    1) Sunderland appeared to be a very well organised team who were able to double mark Vokes and read his flicks very well.

    2) GMc seemed off in my eyes, it just looked like everytime he was given the ball, he seemed to stop which then took away our opportunity.

    3) I thought they had an excellent way of putting JJ off his game by putting the quickest player against him which caused him to drop deeper and deeper.

    4) Then the obv issue with the first goal. It seems to be a Sunderland curse for Stockdale but he seems off when we play against them. He made a few errors in our home match against Sunderland.

    Anyways, time to rest, recharge and go again next season. We have an excellent squad to build around for next year!

  • This isn't a reaction to today, but I personally wouldn't renew Stocko - I sense his head has been elsewhere for a little while, mistakes have crept in during the second half of the season

  • But the squad is too old on the whole, recruitment needs to be U25 as far as possible this summer

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    Disagree to a point. He seems the natural successor to Bayo for me. Massive personality, might have other off field interests but has a wealth and depth of experience, knowledge and a wise head to pass onto younger players we should probably have incoming in the next few months for the season ahead.

    if he wants to continue, he absolutely should.

  • I think he’ll stay, a few mistakes aside I’m not sure we would find a better replacement.

    My big worry is Tafazolli. Believe he signed a 2 year initially so that puts him out of contract this summer, and he’s one of our players who is too good for this level and could see a Championship team offer him a deal

  • For later in the week certainly but all those choices depend on someone better being available. He might not be young but I'd have faith in him coming back just as good after a decent rest and would have no issues with him renewing. It's not an accident that we have older players, we don't genuinely have first pick, those that prolong their career tend to be excellent pro's and they don't get pinched.

    Stocko has been great this year and an excellent signing.

  • Fair point, but experience should never take precedence over quality

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