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Q&A with RC

Rather clever to hold a Q&A event at event where there won’t be many there. A good way to avoid the difficult questions.

I cant be there myself but I’d love some one to ask.

A. do you regret giving Matt a contract extension

B. Do you think Matt is doing a good job

c. Is the club headed in the right direction

D. How much money did you borrow from the Georgian oligarch



  • E. What would you have done with the £68,000 if we had won on Saturday?

  • The Trust were pressured into relinquishing 15% of their ownership as various projects required immediate cash investment. What progress has been made on each of them since the restructuring: new road, new terrace, FA roof, pitch relaying etc?

  • Given lower than anticipated gates, does the club have cash flow to operate as a going concern without further external loans from the Trust or elsewhere?

  • For me. the top two questions are unnecessarily harsh...shame you're not there to ask them yourself rather than asking someone else to @TrueBlu

  • How soon are you selling the club

  • Three men are in the desert. A, B and C. A and B decide (without telling each other) to kill C. A poisons C's water bottle and B drills a hole in the bottle so all the water escapes. C dies.

    A and B are arrested and go on trial. A tells the court 'I poisoned the water but C never drank it, so I didn't kill him'. B tells the court 'I stopped C drinking poisoned water. I'm not the killer'.

    So, Mister fancy pants New Orleans lawyer, who killed C?

  • Being a family man, I’m committed to taking my daughter to swimming training

  • Is pineapple on pizza acceptable?

  • Did you unnecessarily extend the contract because Gaz had been sacked a week before and you wanted to make a statement?

    Course not. Obviously.

    We'll win on Saturday (and tomorrow obviously), get key players back and surge up the table I tells ye.


  • In fairness, he doesn't have to do the Q&A thing at all.

    I'm not saying we should bow and scrape to our lord and master, but it does feel sometimes like the club is damned if they do and damned if they don't in terms of communication.

    Certainly a good thing to be held to account with questions over Mr. Lomtadze though, so let's see if anyone asks those.

  • Not being a lawyer I wouldn't know, but I would point out that since neither A nor B told each other of their plans, both are guilty of attempted murder at the very least. B may have prevented the drinking of the poisoned water, but he didn't know that it was poisoned at the material time. 'A' 'fessing up as part of a shadowy plea bargain sees him getting off lighter than a Midlands football club whereas C cops it for the whole lot à la Bury.

  • It's difficult. If only Bargepole could help us but he's currently in the West Indies telling random strangers

    I say, I don't like cricket, oh no, I love it

    I don't like cricket, no, no, I love it

  • edited December 2023

    The answer is that B’s actions lead to C’s death and hence he is guilty of murder ( or at least manslaughter). A attempted murder but as his actions did not lead to C’s death , he cannot be convicted of murder or manslaughter. They acted independently of each other so cannot both be guilty of murder under shared enterprise.

    A’s sentence for attempted murder is likely to be higher than it would otherwise have been as there appears to be a fair degree of pre-meditation given that he bought poison into the desert.

    Horses for courses applies here as in so much in life. While that is the law affecting the death of C and the responsibility of A and B for his demise, I am afraid I can’t help resolve the matter of the parking ticket issued to C for overstaying his allotted time in the car park adjoining the desert. Anyone know a wannabe lawyer who can help here??

  • Would be interesting to know why the Q n A is being held for this game when we'll have had 3 consecutive Saturdays.

    Can only assume it's specifically been picked to be a more "initimate" affair with a hundred or so staying on max.

  • “Who do I represent? If it’s A then it’s B, If it’s B then it’s A, If it’s the state then it’s both of them and if it’s the Chinese water bottle manufacturer it was a unfortunate accident brought about by an unauthorised modification to an otherwise totally safe lead lined design.

  • Still surprised about the amount of calls for Bloomfield’s sacking. He’s one of us. He’s a calm intelligent man. He’s done an apprenticeship under some very decent and very diverse managers. I have every faith that he has all the qualities to be a huge managerial talent like Russell Martin.

    So my questions to Rob are more about the medium term ownership of the club. He’s backed the manager in the transfer department. He’s backed the manager with squad resources. The off field experience is better. What are we missing apart from a few results?

  • A should be charged with attempted murder…B with murder because C died of thirst as a result of B’s actions.

  • Here’s a question.

    Player development ambitions. The development squad is smaller and Sam Grace has expanded on that. Do we have ambitions to build youth development. Watching AFC Wimbledon v Ramsgate and they are discussing the laters youth development program. Something we don’t have.

  • Youth development programmes are expensive things. In this context do we have the resources to invest in a group of say 6 year olds knowing that we will get no financial return on the youth system until at least 2035. Its one thing to run a youth system funding todays 6yos hopefully by selling on today's 18 yo that have come through the system, hopefully with a bit of profit on top. It is a different thing to set up a scheme from scratch knowing it will be a decade before any chance of an end product.

  • I agree a full academy set up is well beyond our means. But there are plenty of soccer schools in the area. There is demand. And lots of far smaller clubs than us run development programs. It just seems we have no local/regional pipeline.

  • No need to start with 10 different age groups either, you could expand the "finishing school" approach out with a 16-18 year old group and build on that.

    It's only really expensive if it doesn't work btw. I don't see how any of other initiatives announced have done even nearly as well in terms of return on investment than what we got from Anis, or from Ibe, Phillips etc last time.

  • Effectively the "finishing school" for 16-18 year olds is what we now have surely.

  • According to @micra's "inside information" the budget has actually been CUT by 40%

  • Really? who are all these players under the age of 18 we've signed?

    Lots of 18-22s who have been spat out by academies and considering dropping into non-league

  • My mistake. You want to focus on attracting kids that have yet to be spat out by their academies and are not ready to play mens football.......

  • You can be quite silly when trying to back up a failed argument.

    The overwhelming majority of people in all youth systems aren't ready for men's football yet. Otherwise they wouldn't need to be there. If you back yourself to find, develope and then sell players it's natural to expand on that.

  • Having younger kids in a some form of development program not only can breed players of the football but fans of the future. Who have parents and relatives. There are kids out there for sure.

  • With respect Strongest I don't understand where you think these kids are going to come from.

    Our current model is to recruit kids released at say 18 from say Premier League academies and find a rough diamond or two to polish up i the hope that a few will be ready to go quickly into the team and eventually be sold on.

    Your model seems to be to try to persuade 16 year olds currently in Premier League academies to leave those academies early to instead be trained in a lg1 set up knowing that they still will not be ready to play for the first team for a few years. I don't understand why you think they would do that.

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