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Lyle Taylor Signs



  • Should work for you too...

    Fuck the tories

  • Champagne socialism is a stupid phrase though and only ever really used as a putdown when other arguments are failing, it's nearly as stupid as using woke as an insult.

    While social media and it's limited space encourages snap judgement rather than conversation it's pretty obvious we aren't a serious country with a serious government that has any real interest in making things better for the majority.

    Some might have a view that as you get a few more quid you want to keep it and as you rely less on central bodies for health and job security you might even take more of an interest in waste but picking your party or stance on any subject as if it was some kind of old club is inherently a bit childish.

  • Nice, btw do you have any idea how I stop my phone slapping the "copy, cut, select all" options right over your context menus? Posting links is a pain.

  • Double standards at play here? I have often seen posters being admonished for ‘railroading’ threads by going off topic which is exactly what happened here.

  • Some people take moron to the top level

  • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

  • Not by me. Which makes it bizarre to call it double standards.

    I take it all back, it seems you do have self-awareness.

  • Says the man who had a hissy fit when people wanted to talk about not getting information about injuries and how frustrating it was. YCMIU

  • AGAIN. Says the man who had a hissy fit when people wanted to talk about not getting information about injuries and how frustrating it was. YCMIU

  • That was about it being in every thread instead of just one. Fuckwit.

  • Well that's a whole lot of comments about politics and only 3, I think, about football.

    I'm hopeful that come 5:05pm, a week on Saturday, we'll all be discussing what a great game Lyle Taylor has had as he walks off with the match ball.

  • You really have got an answer for everything haven’t you. Everybody else shows ‘hypocrisy’ but never you. You come across as a self righteous, sanctimonious, opinionated (about everything) know it all and, as shown here, quite a rude and nasty individual at times. Quite frankly, I don’t want to be involved in a website you’ve created. So long all, enjoy the echo chamber.

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    Wow, can’t believe how nasty this thread turned. Get a grip people 😡

  • I'd forgotten we'd played this trident before. What a fantastically classy front three. I thought letting CMS go early was one of the biggest disappointments of that period under Gareth.

  • If I remember, Alex Samuel came in and seemed like a younger version of CMS, who could not get his place back. CMS was certainly the better scorer, though - only JJ has scored a hattrick for us since CMS did so against Crawley.

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    Isn't it lovely to see how his signing has brought everyone together?

    Less than 24 hours after the announcement and the infighting among supporters (on the Gasroom at least) has reached new heights (or should that be depths?)

    I suspect he will have a similar effect within the dressing room too. He seems to enjoy being a divisive and disruptive figure. I'm not sure how that's going help, given the situation the team currently faces.

    He is of course well known for refusing to play, leaving his team-mates to lose their battle against relegation, because he didn't want to miss out on a financially lucrative move. Greed and selfishness are hardly attractive qualities in a person. It doesn't exactly scream 'team player' does it?

    Perhaps there might be non-football reasons why he hasn't kicked a ball professionally since May 2022?

    It's interesting to note how many are quite happy to overlook all of this. It's not really surprising though, the morals of football fans have long since dropped into the gutter, the example of Manchester United fans celebrating the case against Mason Greenwood being dropped being one of the more recent.

    If a player can stick the ball in the net then it doesn't matter how they behave, what they say or do, legal or otherwise. Winning football matches is everything and nothing else matters.

    Some of the recent vocal critics of Joey Barton and Steve Evans would soon volte-face if they were appointed as Matt Bloomfield's successor. I wonder how many would actually make a stand? There is quite a whiff of hypocrisy around here.

    Speaking of Bloomfield, it raises some rather worrying questions about his judgement and leadership. Bringing in such a divisive player is a huge gamble, especially one who hasn't played for 18 months and took three months to agree to sign. It smacks of desperation. I don't have any right to feel let down, but that is exactly how I feel.

    As for bringing politics into this, Lyle Taylor did that. The reason why we don't know most of the players political leanings is because they have chosen to keep it private. He brought politics into it. In doing so he showed himself up as thick and ill-educated, as well as greedy and selfish. He's beneath contempt and as such unworthy of my support. The sooner he leaves the better.

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    And we say other clubs have some rabid fans. What a bizarrely angry couple of pages from all manner of people, not just the usuals.

  • Remember when CMS was playing really well, there was even talk of a new style with him through the middle.

    Then he was rested, Samuel came in and pretty much did for CMS.

  • I assume Mr Taylor is unlikely to get your Player of the Season vote then!

  • @glasshalfempty "It smacks of desperation" - that is pretty much our situation though, isn't it? Already missing Vokes and then our 1st and (joint) 2nd goal scorers and 1st and 2nd assist contributors become long term injuries in the same game. We needed someone who might score goals in quickly from what must be quite a small pool of available players.

  • True

    But at least we can do spoilers now

  • A little OTT no?

    I'll put you down as a maybe.

    He is a young lad and a player he's not an MP.

  • I'm not overly fussed by the political side of the chat, but hes been bombed out of clubs after refusing to play, or being a iffy influence.

    Maybe it's just a culture shock to see us signing after so many years of Gaz's character tests

  • Never understood this argument.

    If you manage to make it into a well paid line of work , you should abandon all your previous morals and principles, and suddenly support conservative, small government principles?

    You know its possible to earn good money, and support having a socialist government that properly taxes the rich and corporations, and builds a large welfare state infrastructure to support those in need?

  • He's played professionally on the international stage on 5 occasions since May 2022, scoring 5 goals in the process.

    We would all have been disappointed if a Wycombe player had refused to play on in his circumstances in 2020 if we had been in the Championship. From his point of view he was 30 at the time and 4 months previously had missed out on a big money move to Brentford that Charlton had stopped on January deadline day. He had already missed three months that season with a serious knee injury and would have been reluctant to risk everything for 3 games at the end of June 2020 when his contract ended. Incidentally Charlton picked up 7 points in those three games but then lost the last three games when Lyle was no longer contracted to them.

    A tough call for him but the right one for securing his and his families future. That call gave him security in the form of £3M in total over three seasons when he had been on 2k a week at AFC just 2 years previously.

    He's a Wycombe player now so will get my full support and hopefully he proves a shrewd signing. A great bit of business by Matt and the club.

    We had the Max comments from you and now this. Lets hope your form is permanent.

  • He's got what? 5 weeks until both parties decide? Not the biggest gamble.

    The video with Bayo was pretty nice and was as far away from "don't go near him he's a wrongun" as you could get.

    Character and acceptance aren't all about having a clean past, thinking like everyone else and never having made a mistake.

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