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Nick Freeman, Lewis Wing leaving

Matt holds contract talks - Wycombe Wanderers (

Nick on the way out with Lewis and Curtis (as mentioned on another thread).



  • Contract decisions revealed

    Over the past few weeks we've been letting you - our season ticket holders - know which players have signed up for the new season, and today it's time to reveal the outcome of contract talks held between Matt Bloomfield and his players.

    Curtis Thompson departs Adams Park this summer following the expiration of his contract, while Lewis Wing and Nick Freeman have both taken the decision to pursue new opportunities elsewhere.

    Also leaving the club are goalkeepers Tyla Dickinson and Josh Blunkell, defenders Jordan Willis and Ben Kaninda, midfielders Daryl Horgan and Adam Leathers, and forwards Charles Hagan and Arnold Matshazi.

    Talks are ongoing with Dominic Gape, Jack Wakely and Jordan Obita, while Tjay De Barr recently signed a new deal with the club and remains at Adams Park for the new campaign.

    Loan players Chem Campbell and Harvey Cartwright return to their parent clubs - Wolverhampton Wanderers and Hull City respectively.

    The club thanks those players who are leaving Wycombe Wanderers for their efforts throughout their time at Adams Park and wishes them every success for the future.

    Players under contract for 2023/24

    Max Stryjek

    Jack Grimmer

    Joe Jacobson

    Chris Forino

    Ryan Tafazolli

    David Wheeler

    Sam Vokes

    Garath McCleary

    Jack Young

    Brandon Hanlan

    D’Mani Mellor

    Jason McCarthy

    Josh Scowen

    Tjay De Barr

    Jasper Pattenden

    Luca Woodhouse

    Christie Ward

    Antoine Makoli

    Declan Skura

    Talks are ongoing with

    Dominic Gape

    Jack Wakely

    Jordan Obita

    Players leaving the club at the end of their contracts

    Curtis Thompson

    Lewis Wing

    Tyla Dickinson

    Jordan Willis

    Daryl Horgan

    Nick Freeman

    Adam Leathers

    Josh Blunkell

    Charles Hagan

    Arnold Matshazi

    Ben Kaninda

    Players returning to parent clubs following loan spells

    Chem Campbell

    Harvey Cartwright

  • Did we know Taffs was under contract? I thought it was expected he was moving on, but I could not remember if it was an assumed transfer or contract expiration.

  • Well some sad ones there. But shocked to see Tafazoli on the staying list. Didn’t think for a minute he would be here next year

  • I’m quite surprised we’re still talking to Wakely, pleased GMac is still here, i‘ll miss Nick Freeman.

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    Gutted Wing is going but I’ve said since his first few games that he’s too good for us.

    I assume Freeman is worried about his career because he’s made very few starts for a player of his age. Nobody should begrudge him for that .

    Interesting that Tafa and McCleary are under contract. I assume neither have sufficient interest (yet).

    Quite surprised we are in talks with Wakeley. Makes me wonder if Tafa wants out and will see how the interest develops over summer. They’re similar in attributes, but obviously not level or experience.

  • Gutted about Wing but he could get a decent 2 year deal in the Championship.

    Freeman has been here 5 years and hopefully he finds a club and position to call his own

  • I thought Wing was under contract for 23/24 and Taf wasn’t.

    Why would we renew Wakely?

    Wingy will be a very big loss.

  • Got to be honest, the only one I'm really gutted about is Wing. Looks like we were all wrong about Taff then, was under contract all along !

  • Wakeley is nowhere near the standard of Taf and if we are thinking that he will play on a regular basis, then we will be a lot weaker than last season.

  • What are the odds for Wingy to QPR ?

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    Mellor still under contract next season!

    I hope Obita stays and Gape. Wakeley is a surprise but maybe wage cost comes in to it.

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    Amazing, we've spent half the season certain Wing and Gape were in contract, whilst assuming Taf and McCleary weren't.

    Wing is a huge blow. Probably one of the few who'd have raised a decent fee.

    Wakeley seems very surprising, looks well off 1st team level, and too old to count as a development player.

    Lot of room in the squad for a rebuild though which is great. Whilst it's lovely to sign on the known quantities, the fact is we have missed the playoffs by a comfy margin and need to improve, not just re-sign the usuals.

  • Not surprised about these. I’ll miss Wing. On his day, championship quality for sure. QPR?

  • If only the club would let the paying fans that love their club know... there would be no speculation or gossip about it all season

  • Wing will be a big loss. Brilliant to see McCleary here next season.

  • Dodgy source, 3rd or 4th hand - but someone on fb reckons they know someone who overheard his partner talking of a move back north.

    So no, not QPR!

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    An even dodgier source to the one I mentioned above, reckons Wing would have triggered another year if we'd gone back up to the championship. So we didn't, and thus he's gone.

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    Wing is cashing in on his highlight reel, if he can't get a move based on that when can anyone. Great pings. Doesn't matter how good your team have played or how well you are controlling midfield when you can score from the half way line.

    Hope Nick gets a club where they get him and he gets lots of games, always had class and ability, needs to play regularly and dominate a division.

    Horgan and Curtis similar and fairly obvious with recent appearances or lack of. Potential also to be very good elsewhere, wish them well.

    Wakely I don't really get but there's space for defensive cover.

    Of the youngsters Leathers looked good but sometimes that nice pass isn't enough.

    Over to Matty and his contacts, suspect one or two of those under contract may also be available for transfer if someone shows interest.

  • But I thought it was super obvious he was going to Bolton because of Revs, the Teeth boys and all that? 😋

  • Little bit worrying we haven’t signed any replacements yet. Lack of ambition.

  • “Similar in attributes, but *not level or experience*”

    From what I’ve seen so far, I think Wakely’s level is Vanarama South.

    Hope I’m proven wrong!

  • I have a feeling some of those players under contract for next season will be leaving before it kicks off on August 5.

  • Agreed - the lack of written comms on Tafazolli and McCleary comes across as a bit ominous to me.

  • I hear some clubs actually tell fans how long players have extended their contracts for. Can anyone confirm?

  • Attention also turns to the significant number of additions we'll need to bring in

    1 GK, assume young back up to Max.

    1 left back (assuming Obita stays)

    2 CBs?

    1 CDM or 2 if Gape goes


    2 x wingers

    2 x strikers

    Did GA take any of his scouting team with him?

    Having spent all of his career with us I wonder how vast Bloomfield's contact book is and how it compares to Ainsworth who clearly had a huge amount of contacts at several levels. Hopefully he has the required off field support. Is it still Andrew Howard running recruitment/player contract negotiations?

    Interesting times ahead.

  • I get transfer fees, I get injury updates, but not saying how long a player has signed on for seems the daftest.

    All of the recent signees with the carefully worded "i'm here next year" scripting was very odd.

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