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What if moments, supporting WWFC



  • JHGS was sold as a 'technical school' in my day, RGS 'academic'. As a 14 year old I was on Chelsea's books and it seemed to cause great controversy that I didn't play for a school team.

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    In the mid 60's my brother went to the RGS and studied French & Latin. I went to the "Tech" and studied Woodwork, Metalwork and smoking behind the science block. The PE/Games master was one Basher Bisset, his teaching methods gave me a lifelong hatred of playing any team sport.

  • LX1LX1
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    Latin was a compulsory subject in year 8 int nineties. Ridiculous waste of time and resources

  • Caecelius in atrium wankum

  • Ah @HomerLone , Rocky Bisset was one tough little Welshman with a fine line in punishments , the most creative : break time in the gym stand on tip toes facing but not touching the wall for the full 15 minutes!

  • French was greater. The songs we got to sing in junior school. Who honestly can't say they haven't belted out out 'quelle EST le date de ton anniversaire during their morning shower?

    Or 'je vais a la banque. Je vais a la gare, je vais au syndicate d'intiative'

    (Trumpet noise)

    I challenge anybody that has been to France on holiday and asked where the syndicate d'intiative' is

  • My son was still using the same Caecelius book up until last year!

  • “Le singe est dans l’arbre” great Eddie Issard skit

  • The sexual scandal between those Romans..I'm surprised it hasn't been banned

  • Poor Cerberus though. Caecelius should have done better maintenance on his wall.

  • We didn't get that far. Who is cerebus and what happened?

  • The punishment I most vividly recall involved a size 10 plimsoll 😫

  • Cerberus was Caecelius’s dog. In a tragic accident, Caecelius’s wall fell and killed the poor beast.

    Matella didn't seem too bothered. I always suspected she had eyes for coquus. I think she had a hand in it.

  • It was all so tragic. I don’t want to live through those days leading up to the eruption of Vesuvius again.

    ”Tiene usted un plano de Cuenca?”

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    Caecilius est pater.

    Metella est mater.

    Golden days…

    that’s terrible news about Cerberus, I literally had no idea.

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    Honi soit qui mal y pense.

    Google that and press the speaker symbol. Beautiful.

  • I believe it was the more straightforward "voici", meaning "here is", as opposed to "je vais a la". So "voici le camping, voici le chateau, voici le college... et le syndicat d'initiative." Not sure why you would need the tourist information when you'd already made it to the campsite and the castle though. Like you, this song has stayed somewhere in the depths of my brain for over 30 years.

  • I started out at Aylesbury Grammar before moving to Wycombe halfway through the second year (1972/73). I seem to remember objecting to going to RGS because of the maroon blazers they had then (still have?). Probably my only ever 'fashion' statement (and I can't believe that my parents supported me, particularly as I lived up the top of Totteridge so was easily walkable to RGS) and I ended up at JHS (being incredibly useless at 'double' metalwork and woodwork, which we seemed to have every other day).

    One consequence of being at Aylesbury Grammar was that I had 3 1/2 terms of top quality Rugby Union coaching (and was tall), so was naturally gravitated towards the rugby team when I went to John Hampden.

  • Although a football school we also played rugby and hockey at John Hampden.

    In the 75/76 season we won some big schools cup comp, can’t remember what or against whom but the final was at Chesham Utd an evening game and there was ‘trouble’ on the terraces between fans (pupils) - very ‘70’s! Anyone know Adi Gillet, star player should have made it as a pro.

    Same season we also had a brilliant First XV rugby team, unbeaten all season, then RGS condescendingly invited us to play their 2nd XV, big mistake by the geeks, we whopped them, I remember they laid on a lovely tea, plenty to go round as our hosts failed to show after the game.

  • POTD @perfidious_albion. Great story.

  • Sounds like we were contemporaries at JHS @perfidious_albion

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    👍Indeed. ‘69 through to the long hot summer of ‘76 for me.

  • O levels in the summer of 76 but was having to travel back from Bletchley to do them.

  • Seeing this post reminded me of when I played tennis for Widmer End Tennis Club. Being one of the smaller clubs, we often used to struggle to raise a full team of 6, (3 x 2 set matches), for most games. Never had any problem raising the numbers for Stoke Park away, as they did the best teas ever. Crustless sarnies very varied and full cream & jam scones to follow. Never really cared much for the result, though we often used to win as their teams were very transient in due to their work being International in nature. 😛

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