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What if moments, supporting WWFC



  • As a prefect one of my 'duties' was to run litter pick detentions for those on the naughty list. I had much better things to do with my time so I asked each offender who they supported. If they didn't answer correctly they were picking litter.

    After a couple of weeks I was free to go down the bookies in my lunch break, and all the kids supported Wycombe. I hope you were one of those @floyd, although I reckon you never got into trouble

  • Oh god, I had forgotten about prefects and their little power trips. What a load of twats.

    Never went to the bookies (was there one near the school?) but did find that signing up for tennis as a sixth form games choice gave you an off site pass to a tennis court in Penn with considerably more Space Invaders in the local pub in Hazlemere being played than tennis......

  • I used to drive down to the betting shop in the dip Widmer End way. Past a bastard speed camera which gave my first 3 points of the driving season.

    I remember anyone answering 'Watford' received draconian treatment ;)

  • You're not on your own @arnos_grove .. another one for Wellesbourne here

  • Any other ex Challoner types here? Extra points if you were ever taught (terrorised) by Derek Harris.

  • Derek Harris was one of my first favourite players.

    Taught at school by ex Wanderer Bob Davies, coached at Junior football by Dave Bullock.

  • IIRC my rap sheet runs to a couple of after school detentions. I don't remember much about being a prefect, but i do remember being glad to have avoided litter duty.

  • I've known you at Adams Park..but not rgs. How old are you

  • Okay, if I can't get this thread back on track then I may as well join in...

    I was RGS back in the 1970's, in the S stream. Dated the daughter of one of the teachers for about a year too!

    I know of at least one person I was at school with who is a WWFC supporter but to my knowledge they don't post on the gasroom.

    (Unless you're reading this Paul H?)

  • Cheers Manchester United..bye

  • Plenty of litter being picked up tonight. Wonderful

  • I've always wondered what happened to the 'green and yellow' campaign. seems

  • LX1LX1
    edited January 2023

    Me or @floyd?

    I was still glowing after you called me 'young man' young man.

    But yeah..42

    Does it get any better? Can't see any point right now tbh

    Cold, can't afford to eat, cancelled my season ticket. You have won the lottery Micra sir

    Except for the Badgers on your patio on April 1st obvs

  • 38 next month. I was in year 9 when Levin left and Dingle arrived, so our paths wouldn't have crossed much.

  • @LX1 Mate, the world can be a tough place at times and many of us will have periods in our life where things are not going well. Does seem to me that at those times it is easier to cope when you talk it out a bit - whether that is with friends or family or even using the Samaritans - who we help to fund on this forum. If you finding it hard to see the point at the moment, maybe give them a call on 116123 - no call or other charges - and see if it helps a little for you. Its what they are there for.

  • @DevC thank you for those kind words. I got frustrated last night and took to drink and gasroom nonsense and feel a bit embarrassed now. I know there are many who are worse off than me. Samaritans is a great charity which I still donate a small amount to monthly. It's great what you have done on here for them

  • Good stuff mate.

    A couple of general points - not necessarily applicable to yourself

    1) While it is nearly always undoubtedly true that there are many worse off than ourselves, that is never a reason not to reach out for a bit of support or even just having a bit of a rant when needed

    2) No one should ever feel embarrassed about doing so

  • I was at the RGS late sixties to early 70s. As has been said a grammar school that wanted to be a public school. Some brutal teachers. Hated the place.

  • I was there 2005-2012 and had an English teacher who bemoaned the fact he couldn't use his cane anymore and made us do all homework by hand because typing was "a woman's job". Maybe it's got a bit better since then...

  • So, theoretically, your boy passes his 11+, where do you send him (given free choice) in south Bucks and why?

  • When I was a kid in Wycombe, it was John Hampden if you liked football and RGS if you didn’t. Recent friends with children doing the 11+ have said it’s pretty much still like that if you live in Wycombe.

  • Passed my 11+ in London, but we were just about to move to this area so we were offered a set of schools that we really had no knowledge of. Chose the RGS, basically because it was a 10 minute walk from my house.

    if I had more knowledge, probably would’ve given it a swerve

    football wise, in fairness to them, or at least some of the teachers. There was quite a lot of football related activity going on in the school during my time. When we got to the fifth form, we used to have properly arranged games against the masters. No Astroturf In those days, it involved hiring good old fashioned grass pitch on the rye. In one of those games, I got to play against Julian Lailey a superb player for both Wycombe and the England Amateur Team. He contented himself playing a Franz Beckenbauer type sweeper role. Needless to say relieving him of the football, was an impossible task.

    he was a geography teacher there for awhile nice bloke

  • @Mr67 If I'm not mistaken that Howard Jones chap was there from approx '68-'72. Did your paths cross?

  • edited January 2023

    Had a quick look on wiki he’s around a year older than me so would’ve been in the year above

    so yes, we would’ve been there at the same time, but I don’t remember him

  • Point of note & not defending the general point: not all the attendees of Wycombe Abbey are from the super rich. Some are there because the employer of one of the parents are paying.

  • The teachers at RGS organised a 'social' in the canteen with girls from Wycombe Abbey when I was in sixth form. We had just won a rugby semi final up in Wolverhampton drinking crates of lager on the coach back.

    I don't think the teachers organised this again.

  • In my day both JHGS and RGS were seen as strong choices, with a perception that the latter was seen as a bit more hardcore with how they'd push you.

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