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What if moments, supporting WWFC

We each carry our own version of really after a "what if" moment.

What yours?



  • Easy one: that Bristol Rovers shot near the end of their game v Mansfield doesn't hit the bar/post and rebound to safety but instead nestles in the back of the net

  • I catch the ball that Bloomfield punts into row Z at Wembley.

    I DON'T make the trip to Torquay.

    As Alan Philips rises to head the ball home against Middlesbrough...

  • Jamal Blackman doesn't punt the ball straight to Spurs (was it Dele Alli?) and we hold on for an historic win at White Hart Lane...

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    Horgs offside v Derby.

  • Two recent ones for me

    Blooms right in front of me at Wembley. I’m screaming ‘kick it out kick it out’


    Horgan v Rotherham. New signing. Pedigree. International. Misses. We don’t score for 5 more games. Or was it 7. Either way, we draw that we stay up no doubt.

  • Fairly sure we won a corner at Villa Park in the semi final but the ref blew up for full time a few seconds early instead of letting us take it. Obviously we would have equalised from said corner and won in stoppage time if not extra time or replay. Wembley (/Cardiff?) Final, European qualification, no doubt winning the final and the cup winners cup....

  • What if Stocko hadn’t made that howler against West Ham in pre-season. Possibly would have claimed the number one shirt a bit earlier than he did!

    What if *that* Luton game wasn’t shown on TV. Probably would have started the following season with Mawson as a new signing.

  • Very sad to hear that Gianluca Vialli has died aged 58, a great player and a true gentleman.

    Had we managed to persuade him to come out of retirement, and sign during our striker injury crisis in the 2000-01 FA Cup run, who knows what would have happened. Instead we signed Roy Essendoh.

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    What if Stockdale had got his body behind the shot he let in for the Play-Off Final last summer?

    What if we had actually made it to the FA Cup Final and played the following season in Europe?! (Do you reckon the FA would have changed the rules and we would have been denied the opportunity?)

    What if we'd managed to keep a clean sheet at Chelsea in the League Cup Semi Final

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    Horgan v Rotherham

    Horgan v Derby

    Stocko in the play off final (that was a draining moment)

    Blooms at Wembley…but did they have to score from that? There was a missed tackle at right back as Myles Weston beats Beany and no dive from the keeper, caught flat footed as the ball goes through several defenders’ legs, as well I think?

  • For a long time - Bodger not scoring against Middlesbrough the first time we played them.

    Now, Horgan against Derby still rankles with me.

    I hope, in years to come, we remember Stockdale in the Play-Off final in the same sort of way I remember Bodger against Middlesbrough.

  • The two Horgan moments stand out, but I think in ten years the biggest one will be ‘what if we’d won against Sunderland in 2022?’

  • I don't think their fans would have been so genial afterwards, for starters.

  • Would have passed the time waiting for the train at least!

  • A few more:

    What if we ended up moving to Booker?

    What if we had voted against the Couhigs?

    What if we didn’t sign Bayo!

  • What if we'd bee able to afford to sack Ainsworth at the end of 13/14?


  • Going back a bit but what if we'd kept the momentum up against Dagenham that magical night when we were 5-0 up after about 50 minutes. Another 2 or 3 goals that evening and I reckon we'd have gone up ahead of our friends from Col U. Would easily have got promoted the following season and been in the play-off positions (when 6th place was still enough!) and gone up in the play-offs to the Championship (or whatever it was called). Saint Martin would have stayed with us and in those days when money wasn't quite as loud-talking as it is now, well....

  • They're as friendly a bunch of supporters as you could hope to meet.

  • Hard to understate just how close we were to be relegated from the FL

  • What if Steve Hayes had managed to build his sporting pleasure dome at Booker? Pests still buzzing around. An atmosphere like Stadium MK.

  • What if Alan Parry drinks less tea and doesn't need to visit the WC, so never meeting St. Martin and persuading him to apply for the job of manager.

  • Easier to imagine with the real life example at the former Ricoh

  • What if someone sitting in on Alan Sm*th's interview had spoken up and said "Don't you think he's a bit up himself, we're doing really well here and probably don't need to start again from scratch"

  • What if the Wycombe player hadn’t eaten an apple before the Colchester game.

  • What if Graham Pearce had played the ball forward, instead of turning round and lobbing Gary Lester from 35 yards, we would not have been relegated, and probably trundled on, but we would not have signed Noel Ashford, and the rebirth and renaissance of the Wanderers may not have happened ??

  • What if 'Datchet' Webb hadn't managed to find a ball from somewhere in 1884?

  • What if we managed to get Paul Smyth back to us after his initial loan spell?

  • What if we had beaten AFC Wimbledon on our 125th anniversary, Gary Waddock had stayed and put a decent run of results together, and Gareth had left the club after retiring as a player?

  • What if we still played in the town centre?

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