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January Transfer Window (realistic suggestions only)



  • Unfortunately, for Horgan at least, his performance against Plymouth gave the manager no choice but to drop him. Until that game his form was ok/good, since that game - he has struggled to get back in the side with Scowen and Wheeler back in the mix.

    Even more depressing for him, is that will be an even tougher challenge with Thompson coming back into the mix (assuming he comes back firing as he was).

  • True - Tyla was gained a lot of Man of the Match votes early doors, and it was explained as a kind of tribute to him stepping in rather than him actually being the best player on the team that day, which ran counter to what I had thought about why people voted.

    Another weakness is that one really good game will help the average a lot, so it is harder to judge consistency.

  • Interesting to also add Vokes to the conversation. Arguably has played his best football when Horgs was in the team. Signs for another year now out of the team.

    With Gape returning and Thompson too, it will be interesting to see where the likes of Wheeler,Wing and Freeman fit in going forward.

  • In my opinion Wheeler, Wing and Freeman should all be starting over Gape and Thompson

  • Mondays 18 with potentially the whole first team squad, as it stands, available for selection will be interesting. Can’t wait. COYB

  • That was a sliding door game. He scores we are up and running with our first Championship game, we don’t concede in injury time and lose. Who knows.

  • Thompson at his best is better than all of them and slots right in alongside Josh Scowen.

  • Does seem extraordinary to compare Thompson with the likes of Wing and Freeman. He is virtually indistinguishable from Josh Scowen in his style and approach. Both cover pretty well every blade of grass and snap into tackles. One of the best midfield pairings last season, albeit only for a few games, was Wing + Gape. Wing or Freeman alongside any one of the three midfield terriers would probably work as well.

  • Yep that game was a killer. Losing to the on paper next weakest team in the division at home was about as confidence killer as it gets.

  • Thompson arguably also better going forward than some of those too, think some have forgotten him taking the ball off of opponents then hitting great passes or dribbling around people in tight spaces. It has been a while to be fair.

  • I cannot wait to see Thompson back on the pitch.

  • I don't want to get into an argument, but do you seriously think that Thompson is better going forward and has more of a goal threat than Wheeler, Wing and Freeman ?

    To me, one scrapper in the team is enough, and Scowen is head and shoulders above.

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    I was baffled by that too.

    Think the poster is mixing up Thompson's skill in holding the ball and evading people, to having a lot of attacking prowess. Which he doesn't at all.

    Some games and a lot of situations require more than Scowen in there. He's an absolute beast of a player but he can't always cover all the ground a Gape or Thompson can help out with.

  • No agro meant at all, we all see it differently, I think Curtis on form probably offers a more regular forward thinking option if that's not too specific, his passing is good and he carries the ball forward turning opposition attacks into our own. I don't expect him to be getting many goals and assists as he won't be forward as often but he's more consistent than any of them. He did seem to be perfecting a decent shot from the edge of the box before he got injured too.

    Wing doesn't do enough for me, I love Wheels and Freeman but I wouldn't have either of them ahead of Thompson. Not sure how many goals and assists either have tbh, that does seem to be mostly Anis and GMac.

  • If Thompson is fit and gets back to last years form he has to start in my opinion.

  • What I was trying to say about Thompson’s return, or Gape, is that it releases Wing and the likes to play further forward. That’s 8 or 9 players into 4 places.

    I thought Horgan played the 10 position superbly in the final third of last season. However, despite my love for him I feel Wing, Freeman, Wheeler or Anis pose a far greater goal threat in that position.

    Obviously depends on whether Anis leaves and if Gaz has a plan without him. If they all stay fit then 2 or 3 of those excellent players are going to become regular bench warmers.

    Finally Forino is now fit again. We still haven’t seen 3 at the back with him, Alfie and Taf.

    Interesting and exciting times ahead

  • Scowen and either Thommo or Gape in front of the first choice back 4 and goalie does give a solid platform, just shows you need luck with injuries or a massive squad, no disrespect to some of those who slot in when asked.

  • I’m very much with you, @StrongestTeam, regarding Thompson. I think, because it’s been so long since he played, we sometimes forget just how good he was. If he can recapture that kind of form, wow……..

    Or should it be wowsers ?!

  • Despite both being disruptive midfielders Scowen and Thompson are quite different. Scowen is ahem a Declan Rice figure capable of winning the ball and making a pass that allows us to counter. Thompson is a more anchored midfielder imho better suited to play just in front of the central 2 defenders. I think they compliment each other. Whether that makes us more defensive is subjective. Nice problems to have

  • Scowen, Gape, Thompson, Wing, Freeman, Wheeler, Horgan ...

    Assuming Mehmeti & GMac are playing wide in a front 3 we just don't have many options for midfield do we?

  • Add to that Kai Kai and Hanlan as well as Vokes of course.

    Monday potentially our strongest ever bench. I think JJ back too

  • Gapes been fantastic since he came in last season for Thompson, imagine what a player he'd be without the injuries! He's been a massive miss recently

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    I agree with the comment that Curtis was improving in an attacking sense before his injury. I used to feel he was an amazing destroyer and harrier, but would often dribble backwards into trouble and do nothing of note around the box. But then last season he was coming on in leaps and bounds, not just with the two outstanding goals from outside the box, but in his passing and linking play in general compared to previous seasons. So, with that trajectory, and given that Gape has also improved going forward, I could live with two of them for every game, whereas before last season I would have felt like we only potentially need two away from home.

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    Love Thomo but been out for a v long time. When fit an absolute machine but it takes him a notoriously long time to get fully up to speed (as per most early season games). I hope he is given that time and not dismissed as ‘not the player he was’.

  • Looks like Peterborough are trying to move Jack Marriott, Joe Tomlinson and David Ajiboye on to try and free up some money (according to you know who in the local rag).

    Not sure about Marriott personally as not sure there’s much value to be had as he’ll be on a good wage, but the other two could be more interesting.

    Tomlinson, whose still only young, had a really good spell at Hungerford, having started at the Southampton academy, before impressing at Eastleigh and moving on to the Posh. He’s a kind of Chris Palmer type player who’s equally good with left and right foot and takes set pieces with both. Generally plays left back but can also play right back or further forward either flank. It might just be time to start integrating a new left back into the squad with an eye on next season.

    Ajiboye has had a disappointing time at Peterborough after signing in the summer from Sutton, where he was outstanding in their first season in the league. Doesn’t look like he’s been given much of a chance really - plenty of competition in the Posh squad. Tended to play wide right at Sutton but can play on the left. Quick and direct but also works hard defensively and a good presser. A player I could see Gareth liking. Maybe an option if Anis does move on.

  • Do we think Gaz should dip into the loan market this January?

    I think we’ve all seen the pros and cons of the loan market and MK Dons this season (and possibly Plymouth next) are an example of how not to use it. But do we think we should be looking at 1 or 2 loan signings to just give us that extra strength in depth.

  • I’m pretty sure the policy is now loans out but none in. And I’d agree with that.

  • Ajiboye has already gone and should feature in the South London derby today.

  • Reality is before that yellow gif hits Twitter is we need some out. We need some squad spaces and we need some payroll relief.

    Five games during this window. I always see this as how much pressure we are under to do business early. I don’t think there is too much with a fit again squad and unless we get a big cash influx summer will be a far busier time. Cue 7 new signings

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