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January Transfer Window (realistic suggestions only)



  • I am bemused that any Wycombe Wanderers fan thinks we have any realistic chance of making the play-offs this season. The sooner we get to 50 points the better.

  • Back soon is definitely the new "buzzing" amongst players isn't it.

  • Yes two strange ones, in both examples you can ‘win’ more points but still loose.

  • Of course we have a realistic chance of making the play-offs.

    It's right up there with the realistic chance of getting another road, a new roof, decent toilets, cheap burgers. Oh and the chance to listen in to and vote on proposals to dilute/remove our rights as trust members.

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    All the gloom aside, on a football note we are only a couple of wins away from being right in the mixer.

    Things can turn very quickly. It's just that because they've quickly turned crap morale has temporarily disappeared.

    But I think some fans secretly love the gloom.

    One poster is very notable for only emerging when there's a chance to have a slash at the owners.

  • "One poster is very notable for only emerging when there's a chance to have a slash at the owners."

    I know the toilets aren't great, but come on.

  • One thing that does seem to be changing is that we are potentially becoming more of an away side, much like 17/18. AP does not seem like a fortress any more.

    I agree with @Malone - we could be right back in this, especially if either Curtis, Scowen or Gape really is back soon.

  • I agree the sooner we get to 50 points the better, this is no different to any other season we have in League One.

    We are only 5 points below the playoff’s but 8 points above the relegation zone and we have an experienced and good squad, not quite as good as last year but still a squad that could easily bridge that 5 point gap.

    I have faith in that squad and Ainsworth to pull us up the table, even if they are all concerned for their jobs come June.

    Hopefully 3 points on Saturday will lift the gloom.

  • Managing a team through this financial uncertainty is something GA has done before but it is going to be tough and I will be happy with a top half finish under the current circumstances.

  • Whilst we are not playing well currently, there is absolutely more than enough talent to keep us well above relegation this season. Let’s not exaggerate too much.

  • I think that we'll need to look at our midfield. While I don't think that we don't need to ADD players, I think we'll need to start thinning it out instead. We have at least 6 CM's and they are all prob taking a good wage, moving 2 of them on will def help with our current situation.

    Also, I think that we'll need to start looking for a GMc replacement. Not because we are getting rid but because I'm not sure how many miles he has left in the tank and I'd rather have someone to fill that whole straight away than a void that is left for several months

  • Let's wait til we have at least one of the missing defensive mids back though first eh?

  • Surely we can't shift players on to balance the books and sign an adequate GMac replacement in the same sentence?

    Next year without Horgan, Vokes and Mawson will balance the books itself. As well as any money generated from sales of Forino and Mehmeti.

    Bad PR though to make our debts so public - people will offer pittance for the above too knowing our desperation.

  • It's not been confirmed as a debt though has it.

    It's a "shortfall".

    We don't know whether it's factors like not hitting budgeted cup rounds / making sales, or whether it is as simple as wadding tonnes on salaries.

  • I'd, at the very least, expect to sign Declan Rice and Harry Kane. However else will we make the Championship, where we rightly deserve to be?

  • I confess to knowing nothing about this, but if we are spending that much above our income are we guilty of breaching financial fair play rules?

  • That'll happen next season I believe as we made a 'profit' of £3 million in the championship

  • I would really like someone to do a proper drill down into the accounts. Reported championship benefit quoted as between 5 and 7million. Sale of Uche and Fred. Derby payoff. Covid insurance payout. Wembley appearance and playoffs. And yet we are pot less. I can see we spent on the squad. New floodlights. New WiFi. Improved training ground. But does that still represent such a deficit? The FFP exposure will for sure come in soon but if Anis and Forino go then it papers over for a little while longer.

  • A couple of loan signings to see us through, if possible, would be great.

    Macauley Bonne from QPR would be great for us...

  • First we'd have to free up space in the registered squad assuming Curtis gets added.

    So the question really is, "Who goes?"

  • Assuming Mehmeti and maybe Taff?

    Bonne and Hause on loans would be dreamy.

  • As much as I really like both of them, and would love them to start a lot more games than they do, maybe it's time to move Horgan and Kaikai along ? They might even be happy to go themselves rather than sitting getting splinters in their backsides !

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    Horgan and Kaikai have to go, if not for our payroll but for their sanity. But it's hard to shift players who arguably have not been performing / given the opportunity to perform and are also highly paid.

  • Surely that's the message they are getting, isn't it?

  • All a bit chicken and egg, if upgrades are available and affordable then others need to go out on loan or by mutual consent, and again if someone wants any of the registered players who aren't playing much then we'd need to be sure we could replace them.

    With form turning around a bit it's probably likely we won't do too much business, quite a few players I would have thought we'd want out have played better recently helped by everyone else playing better and no square pegs being needed in round holes.

    If there's a chance of upgrading a Wakely or Mellor to someone who can have an impact that might be interesting as well as freeing KaiKai and Horgan to not waste their lives.

    Anis could be a catalyst if we get a big bid and have some extra £, otherwise no real need to lose any of the first team regulars. Would expect some of the kids to go out on loan too although would be nice to see some get minutes.

  • Also a decision (or possibly a gamble) to be made about cover in central mid, may be ok if Curtis can come back and make an impact or if Young is ready to make an impact, if that is not looking certain we might need something. Same probably goes for CB tbh.

    Tricky as they could all be fine for January and then get injured in February.

  • Goal scorers are a rare and therefore premium commodity. Not sure we have that position sorted yet.

    Mustard gets on the team sheet currently and Saturdays goal was a cracker but is he the consistent solution?

    Big Sam isn’t earning his wages right now, for whatever reason.

    The young lads clearly aren’t ready for league football.

    So, we could do with a goal poacher.

    Charlie Austin?

    Mighy not pass the character test, so will probably end up with his mate Barton at the horse punchers.

    And yes Horgs and Sully need to be off the wage bill, sale or loan, whatever.

  • I'm just keen that there's some succession plan in place for Mehmeti. We kind of lucked out with how good he has turned out to be, and if we are to sell him for £1m+ and DO believe we can make the playoffs, it's vital to make up the goals he's given when he eventually goes.

  • I had completely forgotten about Mellor. TJ seems to have slipped off the radar too. AAH is now the preferred bench warming striker. If we are sensible with the budget we can't have all of them just hanging around. Either loan them somewhere where they might play a decent standard or cut our losses if it is clear they are not going to make it. Out of the three AAH has shown the most promise to me. Mellor looks to be struggling to make that massive leap between the U23 set up and real football and TJ is an enthusiastic striker who will give everything but won't necessarily get any end result.

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