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January Transfer Window (realistic suggestions only)



  • Need to have some patience with the younger players but they also need to play. A Kaikai or Horgan offers a bit more if we need to change things from the bench but for 5/10 minute cameos when the game is effectively over I'd much rather see a pattenden or parsons getting a run out.

  • I think Mellor has real potential. We don't play the passing style that he will have been used to previously and that will take a fair bit of transition. Mehmeti, for example got some non-league experience under his belt before joining.

  • I’d like to see Mellor sent out on loan in L2 or the top end of the National League. I feel like time might be up for TJ, as others have mentioned. Maybe for Parsons too, who seems to be struggling to get a game at Solihull.

    As for Horgan and Kaikai, surely they become much more important if/when Anis leaves. It would be a shame to see them both leave.

    Whether we sign another CM or CD will tell us a lot about the potential of players like Pattenden, Young and Wakely.

  • I’m working on the assumption that the coaches don’t rate them enough to give them minutes or for them to feature on the bench. Forino and Anis were pretty much on the bench from day 1. And let’s face it the players we have sent out on loan should be tearing it up at least 2 leagues down to be considered contenders for match day squads. They are not. Not saying never for these players but certainly not now in which case we need some players to add to our push.

  • I seem to remember Nic Freeman having a less than successful loan spell in league 2 but is now a first team regular. Loan spells are not always straight forward as will probably depend on what the recipient club needs / is looking for. I think I read somewhere that Adam Leathers is playing central defender during his current loan spell.

  • Totally forgot about Freeman's Orient spell until you said this

  • That's a fair point. Josh Scowen too (at Eastbourne Boro?) unless my memory has completely failed me.

  • If we are heading for a 3 million loss this season then I would like to see as many high earners off the books in January as possible.

    Anis and Forino sold to mitigate the losses.

    We have a big enough squad to cover the sale of players and players leaving.

    I suspect in August 2023 we will see a completely new squad with only 4/5 of the senior players still on the books and our wage budget cut from about 5M to 2.5M. Worrying times indeed.

  • I would certainly like to see wages dropped with the future of the club at stake. If you are a senior high earner and you are not getting minutes we can’t afford you. We are not in a position to have high value double cover. Our cover should be up and coming players not ones on Championship wages sadly.

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    Maybe a little unfair a little early on players brought in specifically for development. Anis and Chris took people by surprise I think but might be outliers who we probably would have signed on first sight anyway. The others are here to learn but I agree players who aren't currently being trusted with as much as 20 mins here and there might struggle to ever contribute.

    The finances point is anyone's guess, as I read it we are spending at a certain level (be that gambling or investing) by choice at the moment rather than losing money at an alarming rate so looking to cut the wage bill asap. Not my choice but how I believe it has been explained.

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    It's probably this reason why we probably shouldn't be too hasty with Horgan and Kaikai, as if Mehmeti does go, there's an opportunity there straight away

  • It's hard to see what sort of player Mellor is at the moment, whereas the other 2 you can see what they're about instantly.

    Whether they have the quality is a totally different question, but with Mellor, he's usually thrown on for a few mins with the game at an awkward period, and it's really hard to make any impact.

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    It is likely that Mehmeti will leave in January. Then, we’ll need one of Kai Kai or Horgan to play regularly. It’s unlikely that either of those two could receive a comparable salary at another club (given their form). They’re also “Wycombe-ised.” It would be asking a lot for a player of suitable calibre and wage demand to come in January and hit the ground running in a playoff battle. Therefore, I think it’s likely that both Horgan and Kai Kai stay.

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    I still think there's a reasonably strong chance we keep hold of Anis until the summer. Of course, if something too good to turn down comes in, he's off, but I wouldn't say it's a foregone conclusion by any means.

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    I apologize for not remembering who mentioned the Fulham scouts watching Anis, but does that person have an update on that (as far as whether Fulham may make a January move)? Was it you, @frequentstander?

  • "Kaikai"

  • Yep, certainly no sort of given.

    Much more likely in the summer when they know we'll have to sell with just a year left.

  • Where is that former owner of Sunderland, (think he lived in the Oxfordshire area), when you need him? You might remember, he paid about x4 the value of Will Grigg, against the advice of those around him and look what a flop Grigg turned out to be!! 😂

  • Think that was the gut. He appeared in the Netflix "Sunderland till I die" documentary. Donald was desperate to sign a striker that would propel the club in to the Championship, Wigan I think were the sellers & couldn't believe their luck when Donald kept coming back with higher & higher offers, much to the disbelief of his advisors on transfer deadline day. 🙄

  • Ex Wycombe assistant manager Richard Hill was practically begging him not to offer any more money

    An absolutely wonderful piece of television

  • Not sure how anyone can judge Mellor on what we have seen. Anyone that was at Man United and scoring goals for the reserves has to have something about them. Actually, hang on, just remembered George Clegg.

    I have hope for Mellor, but like Kaikai, just doesn't fit our system. Is Mellor a CF, winger, number 10?

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    It was me. I don’t have an update on that unfortunately. I do know that Anis has a release clause and I know what the amount is, but Gaz’s “5/6/7 million” quote has thrown me off. By my (limited) understanding, once a bid exceeds the amount in the clause, an offer has to be accepted. I don’t want to give away much further detail in case any opposition clubs trawl these forums! Haha

  • Not sure what the situation is with Jack Young. He was clearly highly rated when he joined in January as I believe he was immediately offered a three year contract. He’s not been on the bench for some time, has he ? Is he out on loan somewhere ? I don’t think so.

    Another player who may break into the first team squad next year is the remarkable 20-year-old co-commentator, Jasper Cornelius Pattenden. He is very much in the Ainsworth mould and, if it weren’t for the presence of Jack Grimmer and Jason McCarthy, he might well have already featured occasionally (from the bench at least) as an attacking right sided midfielder. He went on loan a few weeks ago to Dorking Wanderers. Definitely one for the future.

  • The Young situation perplexes me. He was announced dissimilarly to the other younger players. If I remember correctly, only him and Hanlan have received three year deals in recent history. Maybe he’ll head out on loan once Thompson gets fully fit.

  • Cheers for the response! January is going to be mighty interesting.

  • Young, like a lot of our development players, will struggle whist we are under the 'no subs before minute 70' rule. They come into games too late, don't get a chance, chase the ball a lot, don't get to show what they know they can do, lose confidence. It's a shame but when you only have a first team and a squad of 26 players it is not surprising.

    Mellor's first appearance he made a wonderful cut in, took a couple of players on and unleashed a shot that went well wide. A sliding door moment for me. That hits the back of the net he's the new wonder kid. It hits the corner flag and he gets injured shortly afterwards and we are looking to see if we can loan him to a National League club.

  • Young might be injured, but we don't want to give our opponents an advantage by letting them know

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